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> Two Cousins, One Friendship, Dedicated to my now deceased cousin
 Posted: Nov 1 2011, 07:31 PM
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To honour my cousin, I have written this speech as a memorial to him.

Two Cousins, One Friendship

It all started back in the spring of May 1995 when a boy was brought from above to a family known as the Collin family. I first met him in the winter of the same year, it all started with an Ernie laugh. It was a sure sign of a bond alright beginning. A couple years pass and I'm at his house in Kingston for the night, at some point he begins pursuing me with a giant white balloon around the table in the living room constantly saying "Baah Booo Booom" thus both of us giving birth to the game "Baah Booo Booom". In the year of 2002, during Thanksgiving, I found Bradley upset since no one was able or wanted to play Go Fish with him. I asked him and he told me his case, in a heartbeat I came back into the room with a deck of cards and we played together to brighten up his evening.

In the summer of 2003 before we moved to British Columbia, we spent some time together at Aunt Maurine's house for most of the night. We came back to London in 2005 for the summer holiday, we spent an afternoon watching America's Funniest Videos on tape. In the December of 2006, we spent Christmas dinner together at the same table, paper crowns and all. When we moved back to Ontario in the summer of 2007, Bradley and Emma came over for a few nights, we watched Avatar The Last Airbender on DVD along with some of my recorded tapes I made starting from late 2003.

A year passes and Bradley comes to our house for August, as we spent some nights in the same room, our friendship grew even more with the help of two words. "BOB SAGET!" We would watching DVDs and videos together and I would wake him up at 4AM so we could watch America's Funniest Videos. When he went to go and spend some time with his grandmother, I volunteered to come with to spend some time with him. We swam in the pool, we hung out in the jacuzzi and had dinner together in the padio. A couple of weeks pass and I am brought to London with Aunt Mary and I spend a weekend at Bradley's home. Another year passes and we meet again at the Christmas party of 2009 at the grocery store near Uncle Robert's gas station.

When we moved in February 2010 on my 20th birthday, Bradley arrives and we spend some time together during my party. Throughout the year, Bradley visits and our friendship continues. On the first day of the New Year of 2011, Bradley spends Christmas dinner with us and we spend time together upstairs, a few days later, Bradley returns and spends a night with us. The last time I saw him was during my grandfather's birthday party. He expressed his artistic style and demonstrated his knowledge of the graffiti arts. May these memories shine on throughout the ages as a sign showing not only the world but also the universe that the bond between two cousins can prove to be more than just family.

Thank you.

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