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Aug 12 2011, 09:29 PM
I got my own Youtube account, an account devoted to video game playthroughs & cutscenes!
MechaPlatypus channel
Jun 2 2010, 03:24 PM
Hey everybody, I've noticed a lot of review topics & thought that I would make one as well. I'll start with the show that brought us all together... That's right. I'm reviewing...


I originally thought this show seemed like a stupid girly show. But one fateful day, I was SO bored. Seriously, there was NOTHING to do. (Must be divine intervention) I flipped through the channels & saw this show on. I thought nothing more then "mabye I'll make fun of this for a while." I was very surprised. This show was actually good. Very good in fact. So good, I kept coming back whenever it came on, wanting to see more & more of it, till I got hooked in. Then I found the HHPAY fourms & the rest is history.

This show is based on two real musicians Ami & Yumi... Okay, I'm at SHHPAYD, do I honestly need to explain it? The animation style was quite unique, I usually don't care if something is CGI or 2-D. I either like a show or not, regardless of HOW it's animated. This may be the only time I ever point out the animation in a show. Now THAT'S saying something.

What really makes this show appealing are the characters. Ami is just simply adorable & is always upbeat & positive. What makes Ami special though, is that despite her character trait as the "happy lala" type, Ami never gets annoying. She's always just adorable, regardless of situation.

And Yumi is a perfect contrast to Ami, although they still have enough in common to get along. Yumi's the sarcastic member of this dynamic duo & maintains a cool attitude throughout the series. What I like most about Yumi is how much of a tomboy she is, but not enough so to get annoying. I've always liked the ladies with attitude, (Yumi & Renamon also have blue eyes, coincidence?) so that played a big factor as to why I like Yumi so much. She's often the funny one of the group, not to say that Ami dosen't have her moments either. I don't have Yumi in my username for nothing.

And Kaz, the manager of the band, is a cheapskate. But despite that, even Kaz is pretty likeable. I think he's SOOO much better then Mr.Krabs of recent Spongebob episodes, because despite dragging Ami & Yumi into things, he does appreciate them. When even the "selfish" character is likeable, you know you have goo characters.

The episode plots are actually pretty interesting. Even if ideas like secret agents or doing something for somebody who gets hurt were done already, HHPAY has a unique style to it that makes it funny & entertaining & the episodes starring their cats & Kaz remind me so much of Tom & Jerry cartoons.

But tragedy struck... In Julie AmiYumi, after Julie's evil plan is foiled, she swears vengence... CANCELLED! Cartoon Network had the stupid idea to cancel this show. Cancelling this show spelled the end for CN's ratings as they have never put on a good show since.

When it is all said & done, HHPAY was one of the best shows I've ever seen & easily gets a perfect 5 out of 5. Even when CN's other shows sucked, HHPAY was there to keep me from noticing. Now that it's gone, CN's terrible shows have been exposed & their ratings are down the toilet. But HHPAY will live on in all our hearts & our fanfics.

- Fantastic characters, all were likeable
- A unique animation style
- Interesting stories with unique twists

-Was stuck on an incompotent channel.

Hope you all enjoyed this review.
Oct 15 2008, 03:02 PM
#32 ST.LOUIS RAMS [W 19-17 vs. WAS] 1-4
Not only did the blow the chance to be winless but they only gave up 17 points. This hurts their chances of breaking the 81 Colts record for inept defense.

81 Colts= 513 points allowed
08 Rams= 164 points allowed

The 81 Colts gave up 28 points every game. The Rams need to give up a ton of points to make up for last Sunday!

Bye week.

#30 DETROIT LIONS [L 12-10 vs. MIN] 0-5
Lions quarterback Dan Orlovsky ran behind his own end zone for a safety, giving Minnesota the 2 points needed to win. That's the glorification of the Lions ineptitude this season.

81 Colts= 513 points allowed
08 Rams= 164 points allowed
08 Lions= 159 points allowed.

#29 CINNCINATTI BENGALS [L 26-14 vs. NYJ] 0-6
When your backup quarterback has more rushing yards then your running backs, you know you have a serious problem.

#28 OAKLAND RAIDERS [L 34-3 vs. NO] 1-4
And the 1st game of the post-Kiffin era... Is total dismantling at the hands of the Saints. Congratulations owner Al Davis, you just ruined your own team's season.

#27 HOUSTON TEXANS [W 29-28 vs. MIA] 1-4
An emotional victory for the city of Houston after Hurricane Ike & the offense does look better with Matt Scahub at QB.

#26 SEATTLE SEAHAWKS [L 27-17 vs. GB] 1-4
In my preseason predictions at the old Puffy Shrine, I said the Seahawks can make the playoffs with an excellent defense... Toss that theory out the window.

#25 SAN FRANSISCO 49ERS [L 40-26 vs. PHI] 2-4
The 49ers could not finish off the Eagles as the opponents rallied & came back to win.

#24 CLEVELAND BROWNS [W 35-14 vs. NYG] 2-3
A key victory on monday night that saved their season, beating the Giants wih great excution & flawess quarterback protection.

#23 NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS [L 30-10 vs. SD] 3-2
No Brady, no hope seems to be the atmosphere in Boston & after this week, I'm starting to beleive it.

#22 ATLANTA FALCONS [W 22-20 vs. CHI] 4-2
As great a kicker as Jason Elam has been over the years, beating your opponent on a last-second kick does not scream greatness.

Bye week.

#20 JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS [W 24-17 vs. DEN] 3-3
The Jags did well to beat Denver's bad defense & limit their explosive offense but their real challenge will come against their fellow division rivals, Houston, Indiannapolis & Tennessee.

#19 NEW YORK JETS [W 26-14 vs. CIN] 3-2
They got what they paid for when they traded for Brett Farve. Occasional bad throws, but occasionaly brilliant plays. Coach Eric Mangini seems to be getting more aggressive on offense too.

#18 MINNESOTA VIKINGS [W 12-10 vs. DET] 3-3
The Vikings were fortunate. Fans would have been calling for coach Childress's head if they lost to the inept Lions.

#17 DENVER BRONCOS [L 24-17 vs. JAC] 4-2
Their bad defense is limiting their great offensive potential.

#16 CAROLINA PANTHERS [L 27-3 vs. TB] 4-2
Their early schedule has been full of bad teams. If this week shows anything, what will they do when the schedule gets tougher?

#15 MIAMI DOLPHINS [L 29-28 vs. HOU] 2-3
Now everyone is imitating their wildcat offense. Pretty soon, we won't be able to tell who the quarterback is anymore.

#14 DALLAS COWBOYS [L 30-24 in OT vs. ARZ] 4-2
Injuries to their secondary, the suspension of Adam Jones & the lightning rod of controversy that is Terrell Owens & Romo's broken pinky finger... It's not always sunny in Dallas.

#13 CHICAGO BEARS [L 22-20 vs. ATL] 3-3
The defense is returning to form & Kyle Orton is not losing games at QB. Are the monsters of the midway back?

Bye week.

#11 NEW ORLEANS SAINTS [W 34-3 vs. OAK] 3-3
Yes, the Raiders are a mess of an organazation, but good teams can exploit that & the Saints did.

#10 INDIANNAPOLIS COLTS [W 31-3 vs. BAL] 3-2
It always seems like the Colts have big games against the Ravens.
[Last season: A blowout win on Monday night]
[06 playoffs: Colts won & proceeded to win the Super Bowl]
Coincidence much?

#9 SAN DIEGO CHARGERS [W 30-10 vs. NE] 3-3
New England's flaws or San Diego's resurgeance? Hmm...

A terrable for the Ravens & Joe Flacco as the rookie quarterback hre 3 INTS. The Colts capatilized on all of them.

#7 ARIZONA CARDINALS [W 30-24 in OT vs. DAL] 4-2
The Cardinals are finally for real & exposed the Cowboys. They can make the playoffs for the first time since the late 90's.

#6 GREEN BAY PACKERS [W 27-17 vs. SEA] 3-3
Aaron Rodgers is NOT a problem with Green Bay. They still could use a veteran backup though.

#5 WASHINGTON REDSKINS [L 19-17 vs. STL] 4-2
They probably wern't focused last week. That's the only excuse I have for thier loss to St.Louis.

Bye week.

#3 TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS [W 27-3 vs. CAR] 4-2
The defense is capable of suffocating performances & Jeff Garcia is an efficent passer for the west coast offense.

#2 NEW YORK GIANTS [L 35-14 vs. CLE] 4-1
They may have lost more then a game... Eli Manning bruised his chest.

#1 PHILLIDELPHIA EAGLES [W 40-26 vs. SF] 3-3
A big comback against San Fransisco shows what Donovan McNabb & their defense is capable of.

The Eagles are #1. Will they keep it?
Oct 10 2008, 12:20 PM
I learned about this new fourm a few days ago but I was hesitant to join till I learned it was in the very capable hands of Yumifan & WarioMan.
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