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> SNEAK PEEK, What's to come in a future GJA story
 Posted: Sep 2 2016, 02:03 PM
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-SNEAK PEEK (Saving Kat and Ana's sensei at Diamond Dojo)-

[Fight BGM: In the Forest (Midnight Resistance (Genesis/MegaDrive version))]

"Something's chopping down the trees!" shouted Cheerful White. "Look!"

As the trees around Diamond Dojo fell, a giant, metallic cockroach-like robot crawled through with buzzsaw blades for arms. Then it stood up on two legs, ready to prevent everyone not affiliated with the Space Pirates from taking back the dojo, let alone rescue Kat, Ana and their sensei.

"Ew, ew, EW, EW, EWWW!" cried Cute Pink, stamping her feet in disgust. "Why'd the Space Pirates HAVE to build something like that?! Roaches are dirty, and disgusting!"

"Calm down, Pink," assured 5-Volt. "We'll find a way to bring it down somehow."

"I have an idea," said Mona, pulling out a large, shiny ball from her bag with a mixture of pink and silver, its three finger holes not too big nor too small for her. Wario took note of this and grinned slyly as he eyed a red, cylinder-shaped core located between the robot's two legs.

"Oooh, you gonna knock it down with your DV8 Diva Pearl I got you for Christmas just last month!"

"The finest bowling ball with great hook potential you ever got for me! Now everybody watch Diamond City's finest Bowling Queen in action..." She winked at Wario, prompting him to provide a distraction for her by gulping down one a Super Garlic. With a flash, his WarioWare uniform transformed into what appeared to be a pair of purple pajamas with a cape.

"Dun, da-da-DA! WAAAAARIO-MAAAN!" He jumped up high and spammed his kicks and punches on the robot's head, despite not doing any damage other than keeping it at bay. 9-Volt, Phoebe, White and Pink watched beside 5-Volt as Mona took her bowler's stance, aimed carefully and walked four steps forward. Then she swung her bowling ball backwards and forward like a pendulum, releasing it as she went! The roach mech was, fortunately, distracted long enough for the DV8 Diva Pearl to strike its red core in curve fashion, as though it were among a triangular set of bowling pins. An electrical surge went off all over the mech, causing it to fall over backwards so the shell on its back could not provide any protection against physical damage. Remembering what Ashley taught her, Mona got out her cheerleader's baton and swung it around, magically teleporting her tenpin ball back into her possession in a few seconds time.

While the mech was down on its back, Wario tore the buzzsaw blade arms off its body, going straight for the head as he slowly but surely chopped the entire robot in two. Luckily, his Final Smash form provided temporary invincibility as long as it lasted; the roach mech detonated in a large explosion but did not inflict any harm on him at all. As soon as the aforementioned Final Smash wore off, he returned to his normal clothes and gave a thumbs up. Still, he had to admit: Mona may not be as physically strong as him, but she could fight pretty well on her own, let alone handle a heavy ball like her 14-lb. DV8 Diva Pearl. Or her black Shot Put ball, in some other cases.

[End BGM]

"No wonder you and Phosphora consider each other friendly rivals when it comes right down to bowling," 5-Volt complimented on Mona's success at stunning the enemy robot.

"They sure do, mom," said 9-Volt. "But I hope she and Pit are holding out fine with Keyla, Patricia, Maya, Cherry, Tekki, Dark Pit, Cool Black, Acrobat Aqua and even Samus to pitch in."

"Not to mention Ralph, Vanellope, Felix and Calhoun of Team Wreck-Its," added Phoebe. "C'mon, we gotta save Kat, Ana and their sensei while there's still time!"

"It's a good thing Black and Aqua brought Lover Bomber along to help Blaze Bomber, Dr. Crygor and Penny heal Aaron, Ami, Bill, Lance and Arctic," mentioned White. "Whatever weakened them is really out of this world, and not in a good way!"

[A/N: Lover Bomber is actually my DA friend DakWater's Bomberman OC.]


[Interlude BGM: Level 6 - Shadow Boss Showdown (Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team (NES version))]

Meanwhile, inside the overtaken Diamond Dojo, the Space Pirates were celebrating their victory by firing random stray shots all over the place, damaging its pristine image more than ever as they awaited Ridley's arrival. A muscular war criminal, having led the assault on the dojo, called out to Colonel Bahamut on the communicator. He bore a thick Russian accent as he spoke, "Deathbringer conquer stupid dojo, just like you planned! We nukinate sensei now?"

Do with him whatever you wish, Major. Just make sure he suffers right in front of his two little pupils...

"He who fights without honor...dies without honor..." groaned the weakened sensei.

"Silence, old man! Let's see how you and your ninny students like this!" Suddenly, the heroes busted on in, knocking over the evil major's troops in the process. ", you are Contras' tiny baby pets, da? Drop your weapons on floor right now, or I nukinate hostages. I am BBQ, you are meat!"

Cheerful White was confused, albeit momentarily. "Nukinate? What kinda word is that?"

Cute Pink shrugged. "Beats me."

Deathbringer took a few steps forward, with each one giving out a booming sound. "Your heroes make me look stupid! Now they are out of way, I make YOU look stupid too!"

"Don't listen to him, guys!" shouted Kat.

"KICK HIS BUTT!" screamed Ana.

9-Volt nodded in response. "We'll have you and your sensei out in a jiffy!"

But Deathbringer was quick to eye 9-Volt, Phoebe, White and Pink. "Ohhh, goodie! Target practice for me and my Negevs, and RPGs! Deathbringer good at dual-wielding action, and you tiny baby cowards not stand a chance against me!"

Mona stunned the large thug momentarily by hurling her Shot Put ball on his head, and - just like Yuffie taught her - rushed forward to kick him in-between his legs, causing him to wince in pain as he fell to his knees.

"GUH!...owie...urk...kill those cheating cowards...!"

"9-Volt, you and Phoebe untie Kat, Ana and the sensei! Wario and I will keep this overfed psycho busy, while the rest of us get the Space Pirates out of the dojo!"

The little Nintendo fanboy nodded as he went for the ninja kindergartners. "We're on it, sis!"

The young Bomberman fangirl agreed with her best friend, following suit. "You can count on us!"

White and Pink, on the other hand, were all set to pelt the Space Pirates with their bombs, in addition to a barrage of charged shots from their Wolf Claws and Aquarius Blade. As for Wario, he stared daggers at Deathbringer for even thinking of threatening his WarioWare associates, let alone in Diamond City. "Never...NEVER!...make Wario mad, creepo!"

Deathbringer managed to stand up on his two feet in spite of the pain on his groin. "I am full of macho, and I am coming for you and red biker lady!"

[End BGM]


"Faster than a donut! Stronger than cardboard! I am Wario-Man!!" ~Wario (from WarioWare: Touched!)

"What is Bill Rizer? It is just the name of a single entity who has been gone for centuries." ~Master Contra (from Neo Contra)

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