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> Game-Jumping Adventures #2, Natural Dreams
 Posted: Feb 2 2015, 10:50 PM
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-Natural Dreams-


In the year 20XX AD, the Earth was at peace thanks to the heroic efforts of the Contras - Aaron, Ami, Bill Rizer, Lance Bean, Blaze Bomber and most recently, Arctic Bomber, the only member to have reformed herself from the past misdeeds she'd committed against the Contras back when she worked for the Hate Bombers. Red Falcon's fourth attempt at world domination, if not its complete destruction, has failed and he, along with his Hate Bombers and the reprogrammed Five Dastardly Bombers were utterly destroyed once and for all, bringing an end to World War III or what the survivors of our planet dubbed as the second-half of the Alien Wars. Countless lives from all over the world had perished just as bad as what had happened a long time ago during World War II, and had it not been for the Contras and their friends and allies alike, the fate of mankind would have been a lot worse.

As for ex-First Lieutenant Purple Basilisk, the purple-skinned humanoid snake in a military uniform, he had been banished to the underworld for abusing the power of the dreaded Crimson Stone, thought to have been destroyed long ago by the Belmont clan in their final struggle against Dracula, and was thus stripped of its power forevermore, the source being Red Falcon himself due to the infusion (though much to the Contras' surprise). Two months after the end of World War III, he revived the Chaotic Bombers and attempted to conquer the Game Central Station within the recently-opened Blaze Bomber's Diamond Arcade World on November 2, but they weren't prepared enough to deal with the likes of Blaze and Arctic, and their new friends: Wreck-It Ralph, Vanellope von Schweetz, Fix-It Felix Jr. and Sergeant Tamora Jean "T.J." Calhoun. The Basilisk Dynasty would attempt again to conquer Game Central Station the following week after, only this time with the help of Vaati the Wind Sorcerer and countless video game boss characters. Their first order of business was to kidnap the first six Disney Princesses by turning them into stereotypical damsels-in-distress in order to draw their foes out...


But in the end, the combined efforts of Diamond City's heroes and friends alike, along with the Core Four of Game Central Station, returned the Disney Princesses back to normal and ended Vaati's tyranny on the virtual Disneyland (a hub said to connect the digital realm to the real Disney World). Purple Basilisk and his co-workers had since been punished with hours of serving as the bowling pins at Sugar Bowl-O-Rama via Sugar Rush. Whether Blaze Bomber's Diamond Arcade World building was open or not, the kids in the digital realm would get a shot at bowling over the transformed baddies with encouragement from Princess Sofia of Enchancia and the Disney Princesses as well. The idea was to encourage the innocent children with the fact that there's nothing to be afraid of even when times are tough. In Rancis Fluggerbutter's case, whenever Sofia came to visit Sugar Rush, he'd always feel safe to have her around...though Candlehead tried her hardest not to be jealous of the young princess's Enchancian magic.

The other reason for that special event was to discourage the video game villains from attempting to pull off the same stunt Wild Dog did when he deliberately sold out to the Basilisk Dynasty in order to "pay tribute to Turbo." He was lucky Ralph knew him as a fellow bad guy, otherwise he would have been sentenced to serving as yet another magic bowling pin instantly. However, he was given one chance to reform himself on one condition: that he never attack the player(s) at all during the boss fight against him in Time Crisis 4. Should he ever do so, much less increase his AI difficulty in the slightest, then off to Sugar Rush's bowling alley on the other end of the lane he goes. Ralph passed on the message to his fellow members of Bad-Anon despite mixed opinions from few other bad guys, mostly M. Bison and his three cohorts from Street Fighter II: The World Warrior.


Yes, peace had indeed returned to both the real world and its digital realm, with the six Contras (Aaron, cartoon Ami Onuki, Bill Rizer, Lance Bean, Blaze Bomber and Arctic Bomber) having made a vow they'd keep an eye out for any suspicious activities across the planet Earth, be it an attempt by Sniper Bomber, Axe Bomber, Volcano Bomber, Yellow Cobra and Swampster the Terrible to rebuild the Red Falcon Empire or otherwise. Currently they are stuck in limbo when the Contras banished them in the underworld through an existing "Polybius" cabinet in the forbidden "Nethertainment" center, but the heroes knew there may be another banned game cabinet to serve as an interdimensional portal. For right now, life in Diamond City prospered as normal...

...But meanwhile, up in the far reaches of the sky existed Skyworld, home to the famed angel hero Pit and his girlfriend, Phosphora the Lightning Flash. They rule over a kingdom of their own, completely separate from Palutena's Army and the Forces of Nature, known as New Angel Land. It came into existence back in 1595 when they visited Earth to see William Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet; thus they declared a treaty to live peacefully with no interference from Palutena and/or Viridi whatsoever:


We of Palutena's Army and Viridi's Forces of Nature, do hereby agree to live in peace, and to let Pit and Phosphora, the star-cross'd lovers of Skyworld, to live together even when they're only dating at this very moment.

If they want to protect the innocent humans on planet Earth side by side from dark forces, let them do so.

If they want to rule Skyworld through love, care and respect, let them do so.

And if they want to get married later on, let them do so.

Henceforth, we seal the deal of our own accord with the one-of-a-kind truce we won't tinker.

For she who does so is a STINKER.


Palutena, Goddess of Light
Viridi, Goddess of Nature

Unsurprisingly, Viridi detested the treaty with a vengeance as it forbade her from building anymore Reset Bomb Factories to replace the one that Pit blew up during the so-called nature war. Watching from over a crystal ball in her Temple of Nature, she looked onwards to see 9-Volt attending all sorts of fun adventures alongside Phoebe, Cheerful White and Cute Pink, be it watching the Lower Birth's non-lethal performances at Patricia's Electric Ball Castle or riding rollercoasters at Wario Park. The childlike goddess had a pillow tied to her rear end as a reminder of the time she got spanked for attempting to ruin 9-Volt, Phoebe, Pit and Phosphora's visit to Princess Cherry's Fruit Kingdom in Chi World two months back. Oh, how she hated it when someone who used to work for her, even though that someone was brainwashed by a Chaos Kin larva at the time to begin with, administered a spanking in the same fashion a strict mother would do to her naughty child!

"9-Volt, 9-Volt, 9-Volt...UGH! Just why does everybody like that kid besides Pit? He doesn't even do diddly-squat to preserve nature like I always do! And being all brave and smart like his friends doesn't excuse him from being a potential tree-killer like all those other stupid humans, but I know just the thing to teach this Diamond City a lesson! Isn't that right, Cragalanche?"

The spherical rock monster, ever the silent type with no ability to speak, nodded slowly.

"From my trusty, not to mention environmentally-friendly, crystal ball in my natural palace, Diamond City has always been filled with too much greed for money and jewels and hoo-ha, especially that big fat manchild of a 'president' running his WarioWare Inc...All the trees gone just to make way for that building! Ugh! People always dream about being rich...hah! I think it's high-time I gave them nightmares with my Nightmare Bomb! Unlike my Reset Bombs, these'll knock them out to sleep, trapping them in a nightmarish realm based on what they've been doing to the environment, and the only way to get out is to start begging me for forgiveness and worship me, and most of all, respect nature 24/7!" Viridi gestured a bomber plane dropping bombs on a target whilst making noises, and imitated a few explosions.

"'Nooooo! Not the Reset Bombs! We're super-duper SORRY!' Well, too bad, stupid humans! You mess with nature, you get the horns! Spoiled brat, am I? Hmph! I'll show Pit and Phosphora, not to mention 9-Volt and Phoebe and their other mortal friends..." She glanced over to the Skyworld Truce and threatened to destroy it, but then she'd be labeled forevermore as a stinker, and she wouldn't have it. Using her eco staff, she opened a portal to Diamond City...but rather than jump in, she picked up some meatball-looking Nightmare Bombs to throw in one at a time. "You brats WILL respect me AND nature, and I'm gonna see to it that you do even if I have to give you nightmares! OH, YOU MAKE ME SO MAD!" Grunting and yelling like a tantrummy child, she hurled her beach ball-sized bombs through the portal directly into Diamond City with reckless abandon.


"Faster than a donut! Stronger than cardboard! I am Wario-Man!!" ~Wario (from WarioWare: Touched!)

"What is Bill Rizer? It is just the name of a single entity who has been gone for centuries." ~Master Contra (from Neo Contra)

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 Posted: Feb 27 2015, 03:14 AM
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Chapter 1: A new gift and a new adventure

[Opening BGM: Main Theme (Kid Icarus: Uprising)]


"Jiminy jaminy, look at the high-definition of this place, Tammy! It''s..."

"Beautiful? Sure looks like it, Felix. I'm already loving this New Angel Land place."

"Pretty impressive, huh?" 9-Volt asked Felix and Calhoun, who along with Ralph and Vanellope game-jumped into the real world to tag along for their very first visit in Skyworld. "It all started in 1595 when Pit and Phosphora saw that play on Earth, called Romeo & Juliet."

Pit nodded in agreement. "Yeah, you might say it's pretty ironic a tragic story like that would play an important role in bringing me and Phosphy a lot closer to each other and away from our opposing factions! And that was about 2000 years after she started teaching me how to read."

"Wait, you were an illiterate hero back in your days?" wondered Ralph.

"As much as I hate to admit...yes. I never really learned how to read, but when I got to know Phosphora a bit more, that's when it happened. We even tried to start our own kingdom called Angel Land, but then La--excuse me, Palutena and Viridi took it out and punished us with drudgery."

Phosphora sighed painfully, but agreed with her boyfriend regardless. "All because they thought us being together would stain their factions' reputations. I mean, so what? Let us live in peace for cryin' out loud! Pit defeated Hades by a close shave, and this is the thanks he gets? How is that fair?"

"And yet Palutena says that we humans are supposedly 'selfish little creatures driven by greed'..." muttered Phoebe. "Hmph, she's one to talk about selfish!"

"And to think I believed her to be an innocent damsel-in-distress when I played through the first two Kid Icarus games," said 9-Volt.

Vanellope knew how Pit must have felt when he was the butt of nearly every joke throughout the "Uprising" incident, even in the 3DS game it was based upon. She, too, was the butt of Taffyta's mean jokes and pranks alike, though at the time it was only because Turbo took his King Candy persona in order to reprogram everyone in Sugar Rush to hate her. "Well, look on the bright side: you and Phosphora are living together now in New Angel Land, and I'm sure lots more people in the real and video game worlds believe she would have made a great companion to you for the rest of the game after chapter 14."

"Yeah... Turned out she was brainwashed by that Chaos Kin larva Viridi put on the back of her neck. Even then, Phosphora seemed a little nice to me during my trip inside Thunder Cloud Temple, as if she were reaching out to me and wanted to be best pals...Ahh, nevermind. It's complicated, but after the entire uprising was over we patched things up and got together."

"In spite of our undeserved punishment," added Phosphora, "we swore never to give up on each other no matter what, even if it meant faking battles with each other or sneaking off to go on dates or passing ourselves off as ordinary citizens on Earth to hide from that stupid feud. Crazy, I know, but we finally got our ultimate wish with the help of Shakespeare's play. Which reminds me, 9-Volt...I'd like for me and Pit to give White and Pink something useful. That way, you and Phoebe aren't the only ones using Skyworld weaponry for good. Don't worry, we've enchanted them with our magic just like your Phosphora Bow and Twinbellows Cannon, and Phoebe's Ball Cannon."

"That's good," chirped Cheerful White. "Don't want my and Pink's stuff to accidentally hurt innocent people nor nature anyhoo."

The two young Bomber-heroes of planet Bomber were thus bestowed upon themselves the Wolf Claws, known to set foes they strike on fire to deal additional damage. In spite of the short range, these claws have something very rare amongst others when it comes to a charged dash attack: the homing ability. White took it with pride and swore to always give great care as long as he lives. As for Pink, she was given the Aquarius Blade, bearing the sign of the eleventh astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation Aquarius. She could relate to that, due to her love for oceans and sea creatures alike, let alone mermaids. This blade uses extreme pressure to change water into an impossibly sharp edge, its charged shot pushing enemies back as it damages them, and its melee attack can even freeze them too.

Aaron, Ami, Bill, Lance, Blaze and Arctic of the six heroic Contras looked onwards in happiness, proud to know that even the youngest of innocent souls like 9-Volt, Phoebe, White and Pink aren't afraid to stand up to the evil that continues to plague the galaxy this day. Yuffie agreed with them despite being a professionally-trained ninja rather than a "Contra." But that was fine, as she didn't mind being called an honorary member. Even Wario, Mona, 5-Volt, Kat, Ana, Keyla, Patricia and Cherry felt the same...even though they were also fixated on touring New Angel Land with the Chi Princess of the Fruit Kingdom as one of their tour guides alongside Pit and Phosphora.

New Angel Land's palace had just about everything 9-Volt and Phoebe could only imagine in their Nintendo-themed dreams: a beauteous garden that rivaled the famed Palace of Versailles's own garden on planet Earth via Paris, France. The palace also had a variety of recreation centers for those who want to have fun or keep themselves in tip-top shape, let alone Pit and Phosphora. It had a fitness gym with a swimming pool inside, as well as an outdoor tennis court, a boxing ring themed after the Skyworld battle stage from Super Smash Bros. Brawl for sparring sessions, an outdoor hot spring for rest and relaxation, a game room inside the palace itself, and last but not least, a ten-pin bowling alley themed after Thunder Cloud Temple - only the electricity therein served as its special effects just for show. And within the alley did the stone-wrought lanes bear a variety of decorations aside from electricity, such as the astral images of the angel boy and lightning girl posing together with a big red heart between them to showcase its "Lightning Love" theme.

Ralph could relate to them, going so far as to say, "Two factions both alike in dignity, in fair Skyworld where we lay our scene. Kinda makes sense, doesn't it?"

"You might say that," Pit said sheepishly. "But at least our relationship didn't end up in a tragic fate like Romeo and Juliet's did..."

"I don't blame them for ending their own lives in that play," agreed Phosphora. "It was those selfish parents of theirs that caused it to happen!"

Meanwhile, Patricia looked down on the floor as though she had something in mind, with 9-Volt and Keyla being the first to take notice. "What's wrong?" asked 9-Volt.

"Nothing, it's just..." The Mistress of Bouncing Balls paused in mid-sentence to let out a sigh. "Well, I really like this place and our two Skyworld friends, even that you have Phosphora as your lightning-themed guardian angel, dunno what to say."

"Patricia, it's just us," said Keyla. "You can talk to me and 9-Volt about it."

"...I'm not sure if I wanna be your guardian angel anymore, 9-Volt. Don't take it personally, I love being able to protect you, but...Just look at me and her for comparison. She's older, more powerful, and gave you special gifts. Me, I feel unimportant..."

"Oh, don't say that, Patricia," assured 9-Volt. "She gave me these gifts to express her gratitude for me, for being a great friend to both her and Pit, and always giving them support out of love, care and respect no matter what. Plus, you also gave me special gifts."

"I...I have?"

"Yeah. You taught me and Keyla lots of stuff about big bouncy balls and how to do all kinds of ball-balancing abilities. You even shared Heaven's Light with us ever since Ms. Perivelle gave it to you for one good reason."

"But I never understood--"

"I know, I know," interrupted Keyla, "but I'm sure she has a good reason. We just need to be patient, and all will be revealed by your angel-white ball when the time is right. She could be referring to you, me and 9-Volt..."

"'re probably right. I'm sorry."

"No, no, it's okay," 9-Volt said to Patricia with a reassuring smile. "You don't need to apologize. You're not unimportant nor are you useless at all. I mean, think about it: who showed up at that chessboard-looking room in the overtaken castle in Disneyland in the nick of time to save me and our friends? You and Keyla, because you taught each other all about ball-walking and bowling."

"Mm-hmm," smiled Keyla. "And we combined those two by zooming across the room on cannonballs to protect our pals, Pat."

Phoebe walked by, having overheard the conversation. "Yeah. Us Bouncing Ball Buddies gotta look out for each other. I'm learning about ball-walking with you guys, but I don't feel unimportant. What matters is we're always there for each other as friends. You, Keyla, Pit, Phosphora, Cherry, Yuffie, even Cute Pink are like King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table, only you as 9-Volt's guardian angels have different powers but are equally appreciative of each other. No signs of jealousy or anyone being more powerful than the other, in a figurative sense."

Patricia, feeling touched by those words, couldn't help but let out a few tears from her eyes. She thanked all of her friends, old and new, by hugging 9-Volt tightly. "Thank you...everyone. I'm glad to know you think of me as an important, caring person. I just kept my insecurity bottled up because I didn't want you to feel guilty and upset for having me around. I'm sorry, 9-Volt..." She kissed his cheek a few times.

"Patricia, it's okay. We're all best pals just the same."

[End BGM]



On a peaceful morning now turned noisy, not to mention chaotic, Viridi's Nightmare Bombs were falling all over Diamond City like an occasional meteor shower. People were screaming and running for their lives, some of them blurting out in an exaggerated manner about doomsday arriving to feed on greed or whatever nonsense they claimed. It wasn't long before everyone was knocked out to sleep, the magic from the "eco-friendly" explosions whisking them off into a dream world based on Viridi's interests, blanketed under a pink sky. Unfortunately, 9-Volt and his friends were not so lucky either...

[Overworld BGM: Clouds over Flower Fields (Paper Mario)]

"Where are we?" he asked. "The first minute we were playing Mario Party 9, and then the next minute we're not in my house anymore."

Phoebe thought about it. "Something must have warped us here, but who? Who could've done such a thing and why?"

"Well, we're not gonna get our answers just by standing around," shrugged Cheerful White. "I hope there's a village nearby in this whacked-out dream world."

"More importantly, we stick close to each other," said Cute Pink. "Speaking of which, wasn't your mom here too?"

"She was, just not in my room at the time," answered 9-Volt.

Phoebe took another minute to analyze the situation at hand. "It's a safe bet that our friends in the city were also affected like us, including Mona, Yuffie, Kat, Ana, maybe even the Core Four of the GCS within Diamond Arcade World. I dunno about Pit and Phosphora, though, given that they're from Skyworld."

White became confused but for a moment. "Wait, how's that possible? I mean, people in the digital realm can't be affected by whatever's happening in the real world."

Pink shrugged. "These days, White, anything is possible. Wait a minute...I see a sign up ahead. It says 'Welcome to Viridi's Dream World, where all humans are being punished for their sins, until they start respecting our beloved heroine along with nature itself right here in Naturopolis.'"

1. Be one with nature
2. Always respect the environment in any shape, size or form
3. Always worship and pay all respects to our benevolent savior and Goddess of Nature, Viridi
4. Absolutely NO decimating trees! PERIOD!
5. And don't even think about dumping TRASH on the ground either!
6. Above all, NO POLLUTING! That includes starting wars in any shape, size or form!
7. Did I mention no decimating trees?
8. Any human caught violating the above rules, even just a teeny bit, will face dire consequences up to, and including a Bumpety Bomb to the face, a ground-pounding from Cragalanche the Mighty, and/or a divine beating from Viridi's environmentally-friendly staff.

"What in the name of Mihaele possessed her to send us here?"

"She's a spoiled brat with a biased hate for humans, White; what did you expect?" answered Phoebe rhetorically.

Then 9-Volt turned over to Keyla and Patricia, who were also at his house when the eco bombs went off. "I guess it's just the six of us now."

"At least Heaven's Light wasn't affected," said Patricia, noting a backpack Keyla carried just now. "Thanks for storing it and my five cherished bouncy balls in your backpack with that Bottomless Pit spell."

"No worries, Pat," responded the little vampire. "I won't let anything bad destroy our bouncy balls!"

With little choice but to march on, the youngsters hoped they would find someone to talk to in this dream world, or perhaps their friends if they're lucky.

[End BGM]


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 Posted: Apr 7 2015, 04:43 PM
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Chapter 2: Finding their friends

Meanwhile, back in Viridi's temple up in Skyworld, the childlike goddess was celebrating her "victory" over the people of Diamond City by hugging her Reset Bomb plushie, going so far as to bust out a song dedicated to herself.

I'm so pure and you're so not!
There's no human I haven't mopped!
Throw a tantrum, they get bombed!
Viridi is my name!

The one and only Goddess of Nature!
Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah, nyah!
They may call me a spoiled brat,
but I don't really care!

Save all of Earth's trees, big and small!
Brainwash those stupid humans as my dolls!
Make things into okay times for all!
Viridi is my name!

"Oh, I just can't believe I FINALLY did what I couldn't do centuries ago!" squealed Viridi, having stopped her song to kiss her plushie. "Now they can finally start obeying me 24/7 and respecting nature my way!"

Just then, Ghrid "Brutus" Ironiklas, the very same football player who once joined the Basilisk Dynasty just to spite the NFL for banning him "unfairly", walked by with a cup of tea. But instead of wearing his usual football uniform, he was now dressed up like a butler, presumably as part of a test to convince Viridi not to eliminate him and his girlfriend, Cheereena "Hail Mary" Vainella, with her Reset Bombs - given her biased hate towards humans in general.

"More tea, ma'am?" he asked.


"Oh, right..." Ghrid grinned nervously before putting on a British accent as best as he could. "More tea, madam?"

"Much better. And sooner or later, I'll prove to 9-Volt and his bratty friends, along with Pit and Phosphora, that I'm a better hero than they'll ever be! In fact, I'll show them my way of dealing with all the meanies living in the underworld, including that dumb ol' Basilisk Dynasty and...who were those witches again?"

"Icy, Darcy and Stormy," Ghrid answered in his normal accent. "They're these airheaded jerks who tossed me and Cheereena aside for no reason, and didn't even wanna bother recognizing our talents at all!"

"Hmph, of all the nerve! I'm willing to bet they use their powers to destroy nature! Now fluff my pillow so I'm all comfy once more; my butt STILL hurts from all the spanking that Pit, Phosphora, and even Cherry gave me in succession! Alright, I'm leaving you and Cheereena in charge while I go take care of business. And acknowledge with a British accent like my former butler used to do before Pit defeated him!"

Ghrid gulped, and did just that so as to not invoke his new master's wrath. "Of course, madam. Not a problem at all..."


Back in the pinkish dream world, 9-Volt and his friends came to a nearby village in an attempt to search for their missing friends, albeit not before coming across an angry mob led by a man whom Patricia recognized as the same guy who threw a rotten tomato at her one time while she was showing 9-Volt her ball-balancing act.

"THERE HE IS!" yelled the man. "Wait, I know you; you're that kid who was watching a terrible excuse for an act at a toy store one time, but never in my life did I even think YOU would be responsible for our being here!"

"What're you talking about?"

"YOU KNOW WHO I'M TALKING ABOUT! That...that lightning witch from the recent Kid Icarus game or whatever my two kids called it, whom you've apparently been hanging out with!"

"Hey, knock it off!" snapped Cute Pink. "Phosphora's a good person now, just like Pit!"

"Oh really? Then perhaps you kids would like to explain why we're brought here by Viridi of all gods?! It's so obvious that Phosphora, according to Sakurai, is one of the commanders--"

"Was one of the commanders--"

"Don't you interrupt me while I'm talking to you, young man!" shouted the man at Cheerful White. "She is one of the commanders of the Forces of Nature, which automatically makes her the enemy - and your friend in a yellow helmet a traitor for hanging out with her! This is all HIS fault, and now we have to start obeying Viridi 24/7 or else she pounds us big time!"

Just then, a wooden rolling pin was thrown at the man's head, stunning him momentarily in front of his group, the projectile being enough to shut them up. "OW! What did I do, Debbie?!"

Debbie, presumed by 9-Volt's group to be the balding man's overweight wife, scolded him with a Scottish accent, "You leave these poor children alone this instant, Thomas! They're not the ones at fault here, and neither is that boy's guardian angel!"

"But she--"


"Yes, dear..." sighed Thomas.

"At least someone knows the difference like we do," said Keyla.

"As do my kids, thankfully," added Debbie. "Though I would appreciate it if you could help us out here."

"We're doing our best, starting off by searching for our pals. 9-Volt's mom, Mona, Yuffie, Kat, Ana..."

Surprisingly, the woman happened to know where they are, just outside the crowd in Naturopolis, and pointed 9-Volt's group in the right direction. After thanking her, they went on their way and reunited with 5-Volt, Mona, Yuffie, Kat and Ana in a group hug. 9-Volt, on the other hand, still felt Thomas's words stinging him mentally, leading Patricia to cuddle and kiss him warmly.

"Don't listen to that man, 9-Volt. Shhh...there there. It's gonna be okay..."

"We're all here for you," added Mona. "Phosphora's a good person and we all know it. We'll find a way to get help from her and Pit, and yes, Cherry too...That's a promise."

Keyla pulled out Heaven's Light from her backpack and kindly asked 9-Volt to hold it with her, Patricia and Phoebe, so as to cheer him up. Both the Vampire Princess and the Mistress of Bouncing Balls believed it might be the time the angel-white ball's powers are unlocked...though for now it kept them safe and warm on the inside.


"Tree zombies...why, oh why did there have to be tree zombies?!" panicked Felix. "Unless the pies I've been eating were laced with something funny, but then again, they've always been normal..."

"I don't think it's the pies, Felix," replied Calhoun. "Something really weird is going on, and we're gonna find out what."

As 9-Volt's group surmised, even the denizens of Game Central Station were affected by Viridi's Nightmare Bombs. Ralph, Vanellope, Felix and Calhoun, accompanied by Rancis Fluggerbutter and Candlehead, were also lost. "What're we gonna do? What're we gonna do? What're we gonna do?" panicked the green-haired racer. "I don't like this dream at all!" She hugged her pet Bob-omb warmly so as to calm herself down. "Aww, it's okay, Candle Ball. I won't let that mean lady Viridi near you."

"Maybe our best buds from outside Game Central Station know what's all the hoopla around here," said Vanellope. "The sooner we find them, the sooner we can give that spoiled brat a spanking while we're at it!"


"Faster than a donut! Stronger than cardboard! I am Wario-Man!!" ~Wario (from WarioWare: Touched!)

"What is Bill Rizer? It is just the name of a single entity who has been gone for centuries." ~Master Contra (from Neo Contra)

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 Posted: Jun 20 2015, 02:15 AM
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Chapter 3: Breakouts and Pokemon battles

[Overworld BGM: Clouds over Flower Fields (Paper Mario)]

Around the time that everybody in the whole city ended up in such a spaced-out world based upon Viridi's viewpoint of nature, even Sugar Rush was affected. It seemed as though the kid racers, along with Vanellope's royal subjects, were struggling to keep what Felix came to call the "tree zombies" away from their fair kingdom. With the castle's defenses down, Purple Basilisk and his surviving cohorts - including the Mad Gears from Final Fight - saw it all as their chance to escape. Not one of them planned on spending another day getting bowled over by energetic kids and peppy princesses at the Sugar Bowl-O-Rama.

"FINALLY!" called Purple Basilisk. "And to think I was gonna go completely bonkers before our three-month sentence was up! Now to find those Contras and Wreck-Its...yes, even their hyperactive little pals...and make 'em cry to their mommies for thinking it's fun to turn us into bowling pins for children's games and all that hoo-hah!"

"It's already bad enough that pesky Princess Sofia's Amulet of Avalor put a curse on me by disabling my ability to use Black Magic," exclaimed Warlock Bomber, "right after Vaati was ultimately defeated! The world of Disney was supposed to be defenseless against our combined forces! But let me tell you this right now: I can concentrate better on my chess games as long as I'm not cursed."

"Save your complaints, Warlock," hissed Icy. "Our first job's to get outta this silly dump of a kingdom!"

"Hate to sound like a worrywart, but..." interrupted Mosquito Bomber. "Why are there lots of tree monsters and what looks to be a bunch of animated plant creatures?"

Without warning, a group of Bumpety Bombs came charging in with their fuses alight, exploding on Purple Basilisk's group as soon as they got close. "...AAAUGH! I'm beginning to think I know..."

Trigger Bomber added, "Another bit of smashing and crashing like that, and my interchangeable gun arms might fall off!"

"Aw, forget this!" cried Rolento. "We'd rather get beaten up by Haggar and his buddies than spend forever in a pinkish world where everything's all crazy underneath that sweetness! Sorry, Bassy, but me and the boys are outta here! I don't care if Ralph or Calhoun orders us to go ultra-easy on the players in our own game for the next three months like with Wild Dog from Time Crisis 4!" Thus did the Mad Gear gang depart post-haste, having severed their ties with the Basilisk Dynasty.

"Hmph, so much for the cavalry," stated Darcy. "Any other ideas on how we're gonna get back to our underworld hideout, boss?"

"Oh, will you just relax for a teensy moment?!" whined Purple Basilisk. "I'm already working on the next part of our escape plan. See, the people in this kingdom are stuck fending off what I think might be Viridi's Forces of Nature, obviously giving us the time we need to vamoose without anyone finding out."

"The Forces of what now?" asked Stormy.

"Let's just say I heard a bit about Her Tantrummyness and the plant army from the Underworld God, Hades, while I was watching American football at a tavern. Hey, even petty dictators can take their minds off of things, can't they?"


Viridi had just teleported her way into Naturopolis through Diamond City in time to take on 9-Volt's group, surprised they'd even manage to survive an attack or two from her Forces of Nature. "With all those nature-killing glory hogs in Diamond City asleep, I'll show them the right way to fight the bozos of that so-called Basilisk Dynasty and all the other underworlders! They're sooo gonna be laughed outta town for sleeping on the job, alright! Ahem..." She pulled out a pink cotton candy and continued, "By the power of cotton candy!" It magically transformed both her dress and hair into a pink color, while her staff remained normal.

"Viridi 5000 ready! Remember, kids: always wash your hands after washing your hands. I love that silly moral...Now onto business: teach 9-Volt and his pals a lesson so they'll stay asleep forever! Good thing I already have Cragalanche making sure Pit, Phosphora and Cherry can't come to 9-Volt's rescue on time, but I STILL wish he'd get his weak spot fixed!"

The childlike goddess flew over to where 9-Volt and his companions were located, intent on retaliating for the spanking she had been given a while back. "Hold it right there, dumbos! You're not leaving my dream world anytime soon!"

"Who are you calling dumbos?!" shouted Patricia.

Viridi huffed in response. "Says a kid who, along with these 'Freakshow' characters I've been hearing about, contributed to nature's destruction by--"

"I don't do that kind of stuff anymore, and neither do my friends of the Lower Birth. 9-Volt showed me the way out..." She peered into her white bouncy ball. "...and now I see why Heaven's Light is so important."

9-Volt added, "Our ball won't touch you, Viridi, because you blindly hate humans for all the dumb reasons."

"You tell her, 9-Volt!" agreed Keyla.

"Ugh," scoffed Viridi. "What kinda kid worships a dumb child's toy? Alright, you asked for it...I challenge you to a Pokemon battle!"

"W-wait! We won't have any Pokemon!" panicked Cheerful White.

Keyla stepped in, getting out a Poke Ball from her backpack. "But I do." At that point, even her friends were surprised.

"Wow! You're a Pokemon Trainer too, Keyla?" asked 9-Volt. "You never told me that!"

"Guess it's safe to assume Cherry's not your only guardian angel who happens to be a Pokemon Trainer after all," stated Phoebe.

"The little Vampire Princess, a Pokemon Trainer?" Viridi interrupted mockingly. "HA HA HA HA HA! But seriously, my Pokemon are gonna beat yours!"

Keyla hated it whenever someone addressed her as "little" on purpose. She stepped in front of 9-Volt and Patricia, intent on sending out one of her Pokemon to do battle. "Three of my six Pokemon I have with me, against yours. If I win, you'd better promise not to hurt anymore innocent people! Not all humans are bad!"

[End BGM]

"You think she'll make it, Patricia?" asked 9-Volt.

"I'm sure she will, 9-Volt." The Mistress of Bouncing Balls cuddled him warmly. "Maybe if we hold Heaven's Light while sitting next to each other, its powers will be unlocked. We just need to believe in Keyla...Okay, deep breaths now...there we go. I think I know what we can do."

"What is it?"

"Close your eyes, and imagine all the fun things we, the Best Bouncing Ball Buddies, can do together with my big bouncy balls! Imagine Keyla bowling lots of strikes for our bowling team...But the first thing we gotta do is overcome your fear of thunderstorms. I can feel it in my heart that it may be our first step in unlocking the angelic powers within Heaven's Light. If Keyla and I are really destined to receive those powers as Ms. Perivelle once prophesied...nothing could make me any happier. Luckily, I know a song that can help out; Valerie taught it to me. Let Heaven's Light be your guide, repeat the lyrics after me...and most of all, think of the whole thing like...a concert! Yeah, that's it. Thunderstorms are just a bunch of lights and flashes. You've helped me turn good again, and now I'm gonna help you overcome your fear of thunderstorms."

"Hmm...I think Phosphora told me something like that before when I admitted my fear," said 9-Volt. "So how does your song go?"

"It goes like this. Listen carefully..."

Pitter Patter...What is that?
Pitter Patter...Just relax.
Pitter Patter...Falling rain.
All around, enveloping me.

Wet, cold, oh so fun.
Thunder, lightning, all in one!
Pitter Patter, crash, boom, don't be afraid, it's only a show.

As the lyrics sank into 9-Volt's mind, he followed after Patricia and eventually started singing with her in a duet, standing up to dance together as they took turns balancing Heaven's Light on their heads and tossing it to each other. In the end, they took a bow and hugged each other. "See? It's not so bad watching a thunderstorm from a safe place," smiled the Mistress of Bouncing Balls. "I know we can unlock the hidden powers within Heaven's Light to fulfill Ms. Perivelle's prophecy."

"Are you finished with your dumb show yet? Let's go already!" interrupted Viridi.

"Be quiet, you spoiled brat!" berated Keyla. "Patricia and I may be different, but we've matured as 9-Volt's guardian angels by not being jealous of each other over him."


[Fight BGM: Poke Floats (Super Smash Bros. Melee)]

Elsewhere in New Angel Land, Cragalanche led some of Viridi's minions in the onslaught, followed by Ghrid and Cheereena attempting but failing miserably to pound Pit and Phosphora into submission. When that didn't work, the bungling duo challenged the heroes of Skyworld to a 2-on-2 Pokemon battle by sending out two of Viridi's Pokemon: Venusaur and Blastoise. "Okay, you two, try this on for size! Viridi's Pokemon are really gonna getcha!" boasted Ghrid.

Venusaur was a squat, quadruped Pokémon with bumpy, bluish green skin. It had small, circular red eyes, a short, blunt snout, and a wide mouth with two pointed teeth in the upper jaw, and four pointed teeth in the lower jaw. On top of its head were small, pointed ears with reddish pink insides. It also had three clawed toes on each foot. The bud on its back had bloomed in a large pink, white-spotted flower, having evolved from Ivysaur. The flower was supported by a thick, brown trunk surrounded by green fronds.

Blastoise was a large, bipedal tortoise-like Pokémon, its body being dark blue and mostly hidden by its tough, brown shell. This shell had a pale yellow underside and a white ridge between the upper and lower halves, which also encircles the arms. Two powerful water cannons reside in the top sides of its shell, which could either be extended or withdrawn and can be used to assist in high-speed charges. Blastoise's head had triangular ears which are black on the inside, small brown eyes, and a cream-colored lower jaw. Its arms were thick and striated with three claws on each hand. Its feet had three claws on the front and one on the back; it also had a stubby tail.

"A totally wonderful sight, aren't they?" stated Cheereena. "So, what's it gonna be? Worship the great Viridi, or go bye-bye?"

"Pit, Phosphora, use my Pikachu and Charizard!" called Cherry, tossing two of her Poke Balls to her friends. "My Jigglypuff and I will take on Cragalanche!"

"No problemo!" thanked Pit. "Let's see what Charizard can do like in Super Smash Bros. Brawl! I heard he's expected to show up again in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U."

"Let's get 'em, Pit!" beamed Phosphora. "Go, Pikachu!"

"You too, Charizard!" The angel boy and lightning girl sent out Cherry's Pokemon to do battle. Charizard was a large, orange dragon-like Pokemon with turquoise wings and a flame on its tail. It also boasted sharp fangs in its mouth, and claws on its hands and feet. Pikachu, on the other hand, was a small mouse-like Pokemon, but it needed no introduction as it had always been Ash Ketchum's sidekick (and always out of its Poke Ball) in the anime series. "Let's see if I can remember what we're supposed to do like in the Pokemon games we've played before...Oh yes! Charizard, use Flamethrower on Venusaur!"

"Pikachu, give Blastoise a real good Thunder!"

Ghrid gasped in surprise. "AAAH! Venusaur, dodge! DODGE!" The grass-type Pokemon did just that, prior to Charizard following up with Flare Blitz, a very poewrful dashing tackle that caused recoil damage at the beginning of the move and again on contact, thus knocking Venusaur over. "GAH! It's not over yet! Venusaur...uh...Solar Beam!" The Venusaur took a turn in order to bring in sunlight toward its flower.

"Like, get away from the Thunder, Blastoise! GET AWAY!" panicked Cheereena. "Withdraw or something!" Viridi's Blastoise did as told, boosting its defense in the process by hiding in its shell.

Meanwhile, Cherry was battling Cragalanche alongside her Jigglypuff, who stunned him with its fully-charged Rollout, followed by lulling him to sleep with Sing. That gave Cherry the chance she needed to pound the big red spot on his butt with her StarSpeed Crimson bowling ball and a fiery hammer. Cragalanche got up to do a Rollout of his own, but Cherry and her Jigglypuff dodged swiftly and awaited the right moment to knock him over again. It didn't take much to finally blast him to gravel.

The Pokemon battle, on the other hand, took a little bit longer than expected in spite of Ghrid and Cheereena's inexperienced skills. Venusaur unleashed the fully-charged Solar Beam on Pikachu, inflicting a good amount of damage. Then Ghrid ordered Viridi's grass-type Pokemon to use Leech Seed next, which released a seed that grew vines all over Pikachu to drain its life energy. Pit, thinking quickly, told Charizard to cut the vines apart to save Pikachu.

"Okay, you totally asked for it!" yelled Cheereena. "Blastoise, give 'em both your Hydro Pump now, and knock 'em over with Strength!"

The Hydro Pump was very effective against a fire-type Pokemon like Charizard, and it would have inflicted devastating damage had Pit not instructed Charizard to Fly up high with a corkscrew effect, bashing Venusaur in the process.

"Water conducts electricity, you know," said Phosphora. "Pikachu, use Skull Bash on our Smash Ball I'm about to toss to you!" Cherry's Pikachu did just that, gathering all the power it needed in order to use Volt Tackle, which in turn inflicted such a super-effective damage on Blastoise that it fainted, forcing Cheereena to call it back into its Poke Ball. Then Pikachu did the same thing to Venusaur despite the fact that electric attacks normally don't do much damage against a grass-type.

"Okay, okay, you win! Venusaur, return!" Ghrid called it back into its Poke Ball. "Gah, this isn't working! We don't wanna conquer New Angel Land anymore! We just wanna get the heck outta here!"

"Viridi isn't gonna like this!" cried Cheereena, retreating along with the rest of the Forces of Nature.

[End BGM]
[Victory BGM: Kirby Dance (Kirby Super Star)]

"Alright, we've stopped them!" cheered Cherry. "Now all that's left is getting into this Naturopolis to free 9-Volt and his friends!"

[End BGM]


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[A/N: I know, this chapter was WAY overdue, and I mean overdue. As a result, the whole story might not have been the best I ever wrote because I'm not a huge fan of Pokemon these days, but I think I did alright on the whole Viridi encounter. Then again, the Goddess of Nature is more of a nuisance than a full-fledged villain anyway, due to her petty intentions to "protect" nature from the "evil-spirited" humans.]

Chapter 4: Viridi's comeuppance

[Interlude BGM: Bowser's Castle - Inside Bowser (Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story)]

"I never thought we'd make it out alive..." admitted Purple Basilisk, now back in the underworld with his namesake dynasty through sheer luck, "but anything's better than getting blown up left and right by these pesky Bumpety Bombs! Seriously, what is it with childlike goddesses and weaponized rocks and plants?!"

Stormy wondered, "I'm beginning to like the sound of the Forces of Nature."

"Stormy's right," agreed Icy. "The entire underworld's a huge dump and could use a makeover! Let's go, girls."

"WAIT!" cried Purple Basilisk. "I know everything that happened up to this point was all but a major fluke on our part, what with using an army of boss characters to rule Game Central Station, and making a deal with Vaati to give him the Disney Princesses in exchange for his service...C'mon, don't leave! We can think up a better plan, I swear! Better yet, if we can still get Turbo revived from being derezzed, perhaps he might hold the power to counteract that ridiculously-overpowered Amulet of Avalor, let alone remove the curse it put on Warlock Bomber!"

Icy sighed. "Fine, you big baby...but if one more plan of yours goes up in smoke, it's done. We don't need some clinking, clanking, rusting, metal losers; we have magic! We've gotten further in taking over than you ever have! In fact, we were better off alone! So what if that blonde twerp's all troublesome? Big whoop! Stormy's lightning can outdo hers any day, just you wait and see! As for the blue loser we've come to know as Arctic Bomber...pah! She's only a wannabe Ice Queen!"

Darcy leaned back against the wall, shaking her head; sometimes her sisters were so childish. Warlock Bomber, on the other hand, walked away with Mosquito Bomber to start up a chess game against each other, mainly to take his mind off the amulet's curse and the fact that the Basilisk Dynasty got their butts kicked out of Disneyland - and Game Central Station - by the Disney Princesses and their friends.

"Okay, look, just calm down already and we'll get right on with Turbo's resurrection, but right now I need to--"

"Uh-uh!" Icy interrupted Purple Basilisk. "No restoring Siren Bomber nor Boxer Bomber until we say so! They already blew it real bad anyway! And for the record, snake breath, we ARE calm except when you and your tin-can droids rile us up with your bumbling incompetence! Oh yeah, one more thing: who kisses lit bombs the size of a bowling ball everytime she's gonna throw them at someone?!"

"Who made you boss, makeup-for-brains?! I am the boss, and I make the rules around here! So Siren went bomb-happy and disrupted Warlock's Chess Kombat trap against orders just because she couldn't have Pit or Fix-It Felix or both, for herself. Big deal! At least she's still able to use her bi-polar personality to her friggin' advantage half the time!"

"That's it, we're leaving! This Skyworld may look a whole lot like Alfea for all we know, but heck, maybe--"

"No no no no no, wait!" Purple Basilisk interrupted in a panicked manner. "Wait! WAIT!...sigh...fine. You can be the boss with me as one of your servants..."

Icy simply stared at a mirror and brushed her sky blue hair. "Speak up, Bassy; I can't hear you with all the brushing!" Though she could clearly hear him, she pretended <i>not</i> to listen until he gave up and appeased the Trix witches.

"YOU can be the boss," he said louder, albeit with a forced bouncy tone of voice, "with US as YOUR servants. Happy?"

The self-proclaimed Ice Queen smirked, putting down her hairbrush. "Good! I'm glad to hear we're on the same page. Now, let's see about making the entire hideout much more befitting to us witches, shall we?"

We're gonna regret this, aren't we? thought Trigger Bomber.

[End BGM]


[Final battle BGM: Bouncing Boss Battle (Kirby: Triple Deluxe)]

Viridi was done playing around, eager to defeat the little Vampire Princess in a Pokemon battle. "Graveler, I choose you!" She threw a Poke Ball forward, bringing out a large dual-type Rock/Ground Pokemon itself. Standing at about 3 feet high and weighing over 231 lbs., this bipedal boulder had a rocky crest about its small eyes. Graveler, as Viridi called forth, had four arms each with a three-fingered hand. Its preferred locomotion was, needless to say because it was a slow walker, rolling - much like Cragalanche. "What's wrong, girly? You scared that I have the strongest Pokemon in my team?"

Just then, a familiar voice rang out from a distance, easily recognized by 9-Volt as Cherry's. "I wouldn't bad-mouth my friends if I were you, Bratridi!"

"OOOOH! I HATE it when you call me that name, especially if it's CHERRY of all spoiled brats!"

Cherry, Pit and Phosphora landed just in time on Charizard, having managed to work their way around Viridi's enchanted bombs. "You're the spoiled brat around here!"

"How'd you get in here anyway?" demanded Viridi.

"Oh, just a little something we borrowed from your silly minions," Pit answered with a grin, holding a magic tree-like staff.

"Ugh. I should have known better than to hire someone who's TERRIBLE at Pokemon battles unlike myself! Alright Cherry, if I beat you in a 3-on-3 battle, everyone must pledge their undying allegiance to the Forces of Nature! But if you beat me, then I'll leave 9-Volt's stupid city alone. Graveler, show her Charizard what I mean with Earthquake!" Graveler stamped the ground hard, releasing an earth tremor that might have knocked everyone over had Charizard not flown them off the surface in time. The fire dragon put them elsewhere away from the arena and came back at Graveler with Fly, inflicting damage. Viridi ordered her Rock/Ground Pokemon to return the favor with Double-Edge, an incredible slam that caused it to receive recoil damage equal to about 25% of the damage it gave Charizard.

"Ha, ha, HA-HA HA!" The childlike goddess stuck out her tongue. "And to think I can't beat Pit or Dark Pit in a Pokemon battle."

"Charizard's hurt!" cried Keyla.

"He'll live," assured Cherry. "Viridi has yet to see what I'm really capable of as a Pokemon Trainer. Watch me."

"But fire attacks aren't helpful against Rock-types!"

Patricia patted Keyla's back softly. "Cherry will figure something out, Keyla. Maybe you can learn lots of useful strategies!"

"Pit and I will head over to Game Central Station to give Ralph and his best pals a hand," said Phosphora, flying off with her boyfriend.

Viridi, ignoring her ex-associate's words, called out, "Now finish Charizard with an incredible Explosion! Give it a big BOOM!" Graveler did as its trainer said, leaping up to a stunned Charizard and hugged it tightly, glowing brightly prior to exploding! But as the smoke cleared, Charizard was still standing...just close to fainting like Graveler did. Viridi called her Pokemon back and sent out Weezing next. The evolved form of Koffing, this purple Poison-type consisted of two spherical heads connected by a thin tube with another sphere in the center, not to mention crater-like protrusions around its body. Charizard mustered enough strength to weaken Weezing with Flamethrower, setting off a sudden explosion that KO'ed both Pokemon at once. Be it a Koffing or Weezing, storing several kinds of toxic gases in its body made it prone to exploding without warning. Cherry may have lost one of her six Pokemon, but she couldn't resist laughing heartily at Viridi being covered in soot from Weezing's Explosion with her hair all messed up.

"Oh yeah, you mangy twerp?! She who laughs last, laughs best! Victreebel, go!" The Grass/Poison Pokemon, sent out from its Poke Ball, had a bell-shaped body with a gaping mouth that had two sharp teeth. Its semicircular eyes appeared directly under its mouth and it has several dark green spots on its body. Covering Victreebel's mouth was a leaf with a long, brown, yellow-tipped vine growing out of it. The vine is then flicked to mimic an animal in order to attract prey. But the moment Victreebel was sent out, it rushed up to bite down on Viridi, which got her thrashing her legs about in an attempt to get free. "HEY! Do I look like that blue-haired idiot from the anime to you?! GET OFFA ME!" The Goddess of Nature broke free and commanded Victreebel to increase its attack power with Swords Dance, while Cherry sent out her Volcarona, a dual-type Bug/Fire Pokemon. Resembling a large moth with four small feet, Volcarona had compound eyes that are two shades of blue, and there is a red horn-like structure on each side of its face. The fuzz on its upper body is smoky white and tangled. Its abdomen is black in the center and light blue with black dots on the outside. It has six leaf-like wings that are orange in color and have small black spots.

"Volcarona, huh? You don't look so tough. Victreebel, give it some of your Poison Powder!" The Grass-type sprayed the toxic substance, poisoning Cherry's Volcarona instantly. Then Victreebel followed up with Razor Leaf, which the large moth easily burned away with Fiery Dance. Volcarona, cloaked in flames, danced and flapped its wings for a super effective damage, weakening Victreebel quicker than Viridi realized.

"Volcarona, finish it off with Flare Blitz!" On Cherry's command, the Pokemon cloaked itself in flames again and charged forth, receiving recoil damage just as it defeated Victreebel. In the end, she gave Volcarona an antidote to cure the poison status. As for Viridi, she recalled Victreebel and stamped her feet in a temper tantrum.

[End BGM]

"I beat you fair and square, Viridi," said Cherry. "Now return Diamond City back to normal as promised in the deal!"

"Oh, alright, already! At least be thankful I'm not like that double-crossing jerk Hades. I'll erase my Nightmare Bombs from Diamond City..." Begrudgingly, the childlike goddess swung her staff around to cast a spell, setting off all of her Nightmare Bombs in a chain of non-lethal, flowery explosions, eventually returning the city back to its original shape. Naturopolis was no more.

"Finally, that crazy dream's over!" cheered Patricia.

"And have we got a deal for you, Viridi!" added Mona.

Yuffie couldn't help but stifle a giggle. "That way, everyone will be safe and won't have to worry about you exacting your petty revenge anymore, especially after you broke the Skyworld peace treaty...stinker."


[Ending BGM: Mario Bros. (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)]

The next morning, Pit and Phosphora decided Viridi's fate since her attack inadvertently set the Basilisk Dynasty free: she is to serve three months as a non-playable racer in Sugar Rush for the players to knock away occasionally for bonus time during a race. The only catch: she can only use the items in the game to fight back. As for Ghrid and Cheereena, they must serve as the bowling pins in the Sugar Bowl-O-Rama minigame.

"I'll admit, it was fun watching Purple Basilisk and his cohorts get bowled over in their pin forms while it lasted," stated Calhoun.

"So, I guess we just start over?" questioned Felix. "But then if they bring their two dead Chaotic Bombers back, Siren Bomber's--"

"Not gonna touch you while I'm around." Calhoun flexed her muscles to prove her point. "Nor is Turbo gonna screw up Sugar Rush again, if they do bring him back at all."

"I think Palutena should also be a bowling pin too!" boasted Cherry. "Wanna know why? Because she's so mean to Pit from time to time, believe me. But for now, we'll just enjoy what we got in Sugar Rush." She eyed 9-Volt, 18-Volt, Phoebe, White, Pink, Mona, Kat, Ana, Keyla and Patricia racing around the game's tracks with Vanellope's friends, flashing them a warm smile. "On the bright side, at least I helped Dark Pit get a new home in ChiWorld so he's not lonely...Nobody should have to work for that spoiled brat Viridi."


(Ending Credits)
Cheerful White - TARA STRONG
Purple Basilisk - STEVEN JAY BLUM
Warlock Bomber - JOHN DIMAGGIO
Trigger Bomber - DONALD BROWN
Mosquito Bomber - LAUREN TOM
Ghrid "Brutus" Ironiklas - DARAN NORRIS
Cheereena "Hail Mary" Vainella - KATE HIGGINS
Wreck-It Ralph - JOHN C. REILLY
Vanellope von Schweetz - SARAH SILVERMAN
Fix-It Felix Jr. - JACK MCBRAYER
Sergeant Calhoun - JANE LYNCH
Candlehead - KATIE LOWES
Rancis Fluggerbutter - JAMIE ELMAN

[End BGM]
[End Credits]


"Faster than a donut! Stronger than cardboard! I am Wario-Man!!" ~Wario (from WarioWare: Touched!)

"What is Bill Rizer? It is just the name of a single entity who has been gone for centuries." ~Master Contra (from Neo Contra)

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