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> Game-Jumping Adventures #1, Video Game Boss Insanity
 Posted: Aug 19 2014, 10:49 PM
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-Video Game Boss Insanity-


In the year 20XX AD, the Earth was at peace thanks to the heroic efforts of the Contras - Aaron, Ami, Bill Rizer, Lance Bean, Blaze Bomber and most recently, Arctic Bomber, the only member to have reformed herself from the past misdeeds she'd committed against the Contras back when she worked for the Hate Bombers. Red Falcon's fourth attempt at world domination, if not its complete destruction, has failed and he, along with his Hate Bombers and the reprogrammed Five Dastardly Bombers were utterly destroyed once and for all, bringing an end to World War III or what the survivors of our planet dubbed as the second-half of the Alien Wars. Countless lives from all over the world had perished just as bad as what had happened a long time ago during World War II, and had it not been for the Contras and their friends and allies alike, the fate of mankind would have been a lot worse.

As for ex-First Lieutenant Purple Basilisk, the purple-skinned humanoid snake in a military uniform, he had been banished to the underworld for abusing the power of the dreaded Crimson Stone, thought to have been destroyed long ago by the Belmont clan in their final struggle against Dracula, and was thus stripped of its power forevermore, the source being Red Falcon himself due to the infusion (though much to the Contras' surprise). Two months after the end of World War III, he revived the Chaotic Bombers and attempted to conquer the Game Central Station within the recently-opened Blaze Bomber's Diamond Arcade World on November 2, but they weren't prepared enough to deal with the likes of Blaze and Arctic, and their new friends: Wreck-It Ralph, Vanellope von Schweetz, Fix-It Felix Jr. and Sergeant Tamora Jean "T.J." Calhoun. Only Siren Bomber was obliterated in her monstrous Scylla form at the time, but the rest of the Basilisk Dynasty had been sentenced to prison time back in the underworld. Much like the rest of our world, the digital realm within Diamond City was at peace.


Approximately one week later...

"Ahhh...out of prison at last! Start a new game plan and make my day..."

"What're you talking about, master?" asked Warlock Bomber. "All I did was brainwash the guards with my Black Magic when the time was right so we'd make our escape undetected."

"Yes, yes, that's true..." Purple Basilisk paused momentarily to gather his thoughts. "But enough with the chit-chat. We're to return to our underworld hideout to resurrect Siren Bomber and...well...remind her that insubordination is NOT to be tolerated in the Basilisk Dynasty. And that goes double for mutiny!"

The following week after, the ex-First Lieutenant of the now-dead Red Falcon Empire gathered his Chaotic Bombers and the underworld monsters for a press conference. He needed to address the issues that had been going on lately before he could even plot another attempt at dominating Game Central Station.

"My loyal associates, it is a great honor that we are back together again, even after those wretched fools in Diamond City up on the surface got us incarcerated. But alas, I didn't gather all of you here for a mere pity party. What I want to address is the fact that...ugh...there's a certain Earth child named 9-Volt who's got like a bunch of girls he knows not just as his friends, but his guardian angels as well. Actually, Pit's the only boy in that group, but the problem with our schemes is that everytime 9-Volt's around the Contras and their friends when we're wreaking havoc, he calls his guardian angels to help spoil our fun and finish us off just when things are getting good! Especially that blonde airhead he apparently looks up to as though she were his big sister, the so-called Lightning Flash Phosphora. GRAAARGH! Just thinking about the way she defeated and humiliated Siren Bomber during World War III makes me RAGE! She goes on about how she's gonna punish us for having instigated such 'evil deeds' against 9-Volt and his friends because they're with the Contras to the end, and guess what happened? She downright spoiled Siren Bomber's fun! HOW DARE SHE?!"

Purple Basilisk paused momentarily to calm himself from a hissy fit he threw halfway in his speech. "Which is why I am desperate as hell to have embarked on a personal quest to form a small band of almost all-female mercenaries, whom I shall dub the Mischievous Minions, to not only back us up, but also to get past those stubborn angels! 9-Volt's a coward just like his late dad was and we know it! Anyway, let me present you firsthand...the Trix witches! Just so you all know, they live in some of the distant prisons, like Light Rock, Omega Dimension, Andros Prison...or so I was told. Anyway, here they are now!"

Upon finishing his speech, the three young witches were prompted to show themselves in order: Icy the Witch of Ice, Darcy the Lady of Darkness, and Stormy the Queen of Storms. At first they didn't like working in the underworld, but it wasn't long before they adapted as it was required in order to keep the Mischievous Minions afloat. "And here we also have two human troublemakers from the surface...but I still don't know why I hired them. Don't get me wrong, I only did it because Boxer Bomber went above ground without my permission and convinced Ghrid Ironiklas to come join us right after he got banned from some dumb sports organization. Just because Balrog got kicked outta boxing like in the Street Fighter games doesn't mean it can be used as an excuse!"

"Hey, he was banned for no reason by those evil-hearted officials just the same as Balrog and you know it!" interrupted Boxer Bomber.

"Uuugh, why did I ever think of giving you Balrog's personality in the first place...but anyways, the girl next to Ghrid is Cheereena Vainella. Like I said before, don't get me wrong - I only hired her because I was desperate for an anti-Phosphora in our personal army."

"Um...hello!" interrupted Siren Bomber. "I've probably told you that before, master, but you're looking at the one right here, in a white flowing dress! I'm the one who can't stand her always zapping me and calling me a heartless harpy, remember?"

"You had your chance to beat her - along with her boyfriend, Pit - and you blew it, Siren!" His remark resulted in the Singing Beauty blowing raspberries at him. "But all our problems end here and now, for I've hatched up a brand new scheme to turn Game Central Station into my own personal fortress!"

Icy stepped forth and spoke up for her sisters. "Let me get this straight: you hired us all the way from our world just to take over some silly video game?"

"Not just a video game, I mean a whole world of arcade games, all of which reside in the capital of Diamond City's digital realm itself. My plan will be sooo epic, my three former masters will wish they thought of it firsthand! Of course, our first order of business is to get rid of Ralph, Vanellope, Felix, Calhoun and even the wretched Contras..."


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 Posted: Sep 5 2014, 01:32 AM
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Chapter 1: Prelude of a new era

November 11, 20XX...

On the surface world in Diamond City, the Contras woke up from the beds in their house and suited up for a peaceful walk. It had indeed been two months since they saved the Earth, and it didn't come as a surprise that they'd need some time off from their routines, like fighting generic terrorist groups or any remnants of the Red Falcon Empire. Aaron, the co-leader of the Contras, began, "Now that is a peaceful era that Diamond City...nay, our home planet Earth, deserves."

Ami, the other co-leader, nodded in agreement. "You said it, Aaron, especially after the times we cheated death so we'd defeat Red Falcon forever."

"He and his goons could try and smash our bones," stated Bill, "but they can't break our spirits nor our friends'. What matters is we pulled through not only as a team, but as a heroic family."

Lance added, "On top of that, Purple Basilisk is now cooped up in the underworld, despite his attempt to take over Blaze Bomber's Diamond Arcade World last week. Speaking of which, we're supposed to head over to the building and meet up with 9-Volt, Phoebe, White and Pink."

"Yep, Blaze told us about a special event, which is why the arcade is temporarily closed. I hope Arctic got our message before we went to bed last night."

[Alert BGM: Encounter with Vile (Mega Man Maverick Hunter X)]

But as the heroic Contras walked on, they suddenly happened upon whom they recognized as none other than...

"Magnet Bomber?!" exclaimed Bill. "No, it can't be possible. We crushed you in our efforts to free Diamond City a few months ago!"

Lance took note of the blue-armored Dastardly Bomber himself. "That's strange...I don't see any modifications on him like the Red Falcon insignia or the Super Titanium alloy on his body."

"...Die, insubordinate fools!" the fiend shouted.

Even Aaron and Ami were surprised to see him again. "Maybe this isn't the same Magnet Bomber we ran into. I remember he almost killed me and Aaron with his laser-trip mines right before we freed you two."

"It was a miracle we didn't suffer any serious injuries, even though Bill and Lance took us back to Crygor Labs for medical attention. Nevertheless, Magnet Bomber's still dangerous whether he remembers all four of us or not. We have to take him out."

[End BGM]
[Boss BGM: Vile Battle (Mega Man Maverick Hunter X)]

Magnet Bomber spoke again, "I don't know who you clowns are or what you're blabbering about, but I'll have you know there's not a better way of committing suicide than by crossing swords - or bombs, in this case - with Magnet Bomber!"

The weakest of the Five Dastardly Bombers stated his point by throwing his Magnet Bombs around, which like in Super Bomberman 2 dragged themselves towards the Contras prior to detonation. But even without their holy-powered gadgets in hand they were ready for him; they each grabbed the bombs and rushed towards him so he'd also take the blasts. Then he called forth a large mech with big spring-loaded fists for arms and jumped inside the cockpit on its head. That's when the Contras lured him away from the civilians by making him chase them to their house. And chase them he did, just before they came back out with their Contra Rifle and Bomberman Watch, and the holy-powered M16 machine guns.

"You think your silly toys can stop me?! Hah, you really gotta be joking to think you can outmatch me!"

Magnet Bomber's gloating and overconfidence, just like in the Bomberman games, proved to be his downfall as he attempted but failed miserably to punch the Contras away. They, on the other hand, did not need the Spread Gun nor any other Contra power-up to kick his butt. All that's needed were their finesse, bravery, and even Ami's Thunder Bombs for disabling the machinery. In the end, it was just as they predicted: Magnet Bomber was once again the first in his group to be defeated when his mech detonated in a large explosion, killing him instantly.

[End BGM]

"Well, that was easy..." Aaron commented. "Maybe a little too easy compared to our last encounter with him, but at least we took him out before he could do any damage."

"Still, how did he come back to life all of a sudden?" wondered Ami. "We completely defeated the Red Falcon Empire, including its three co-founders: Red Falcon, Sniper Bomber and Axe Bomber."

"Maybe Penny and her grandpa know the answer. Let's head over to the lab and see what we find from there, but Blaze Bomber will have to start the event without us."


[Overworld BGM: Flipside (Super Paper Mario)]

Elsewhere at Diamond Arcade World, 9-Volt and his three best pals, accompanied by Keyla, Patricia, Kat, Ana, Wario, Mona and even Yuffie Kisaragi, whom 9-Volt sometimes referred to as a heavenly ninja with the power of positive feelings since she's one of his guardian angels. Arctic Bomber was the last to show up for the main event as Blaze Bomber plugged in a Disneyland arcade cabinet for use as a hub between Disney characters, especially those from outside the digital realm. As far as he knew from having read an Arcade Monthly article, TobiKomi acquired permission to develop and release said arcade game worldwide after years of success on Fix-It Felix Jr. and Sugar Rush. Intended for kids, its purpose was to have up to two players explore the kingdom, interact with many animated Disney characters who either lived there or are visiting from outside the digital realm, and even play all sorts of minigames available for a chance to win tickets for prizes in store at the 2000 and Beyond section. Only one coin was required for each player to explore the kingdom as his or her customized avatar, and each session would last for 20 minutes unless the player decides to exit the park early.

Inside Game Central Station, Wreck-It Ralph and his three main allies of the "Core Four" heard about the recent arrival of the Disneyland game, not to mention the fact that there will be many characters from the Disney universe to meet, old and new. Of course, since they also qualify as Disney characters, they're obviously required to attend the event alongside the Nicelanders and the Sugar Rush racers. Fortunately, the soldiers from Hero's Duty were on guard duty to help the Surge Protector make sure there aren't any Cy-Bugs, rogue Terminator bots from Raw Thrills's Terminator Salvation, the Xenomorphs from Capcom's Alien vs. Predator and Global VR's Aliens: Extermination or even Purple Basilisk and his goons breaking in to wreak havoc. When they got inside the Disneyland game, they were more than excited to go on all sorts of rides and check out the minigames available, but their first priority was to enter the main icon of the kingdom, the Sleeping Beauty Castle, to hear an announcement from Mickey Mouse himself and the first six Disney Princesses. The point of this speech was to welcome the cast from Wreck-It Ralph, Frozen and even Sofia the First to the sanctity of Disneyland. Rancis Fluggerbutter was the first to eye Princess Sofia, let alone walk up to her, but Candlehead quickly pulled him back with Vanellope reminding him to show some respect for the newcomers since they too qualify as such.

[Interrupt BGM]

But as Mickey was halfway done announcing his speech, the kingdom became enveloped in darkness with gusty winds blowing about, and out of nowhere came a one-eyed spherical fiend with tentacles for arms, flanked by Purple Basilisk and the Chaotic Bombers! From outside the Disneyland arcade cabinet, everyone instantly recognized the beast as none other than Vaati the Wind Mage.

[Interlude BGM: Vaati's Theme (The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap)]

"So, this is the Disneyland I have been hearing about since the time I was summoned here...a peaceful kingdom just like Hyrule. Hoh hoh hoh hoh! Well, that will soon change! But my, what a lovely sight I see before my eye...surely you must be a bunch of noble maidens, if not prettier than Princess Zelda. My name is Vaati. I am the Wind Mage!"

Fa Mulan, one of the kingdom's denizens, struck at him with her sword, followed by Mushu's fire breath in spite of his small size compared to Vaati's. "OUCH! Ow, ow, ow!"

Warlock Bomber was angered by the interruption. "You will learn to respect the mighty Wind Mage when he graces you with his presence, but until you do...BREAK!" His Black Magic spell instantly turned everyone except Ralph, Vanellope, Felix, Calhoun, the Sugar Rush racers, the first six Disney Princesses and the main trio of Sofia the First, into stone.

Mosquito Bomber stepped forth to show off her part of the plan to conquer Game Central Station, much less the Disneyland arcade game. "Here are my latest inventions: the Paralyzer Ray, resembling a PSG-1 sniper rifle, and the Personalterfier!" She demonstrated her first gadget on the "Core Four" of Game Central Station, stunning them instantly. "I can set the length of time on my Paralyzer Ray's beam up to one hour, but for you, a minimum 10 minutes should be time enough. Now for my Personalterfier...let's see what I'd like to set it to, shall we?"

Trigger Bomber suggested excitedly, "Give 'em fright! That'll teach them to screw up our plans to take over Game Central Station!"

"Not those four. I meant the Disney Princesses, but nah, Fright is too good for them. How about...ah-ha! Damsel in Distress!"

[End BGM]
[Alert BGM: Vaati Reborn (The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap)]

The Insectoid Queen fired her aptly-named Personalterfier at Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, and Jasmine, turning all of them into everyday damsels in distress in front of everyone. Then Boxer Bomber gloated, "Just try and undo Mosquito's curse on them, foos! It won't do you any good, 'cause the only way is through her own gadget!"

"I'd keep my big mouth shut if I were you, Boxer," warned Warlock Bomber. "The foursome can still hear us even when they're paralyzed!"

"Ah, quit being such a worrywart, boss! They ain't gonna tell anybody what they-WHOA! Take it easy!"

"Insult me like that again, and I'll stone you too! Vaati, if you'll do the honors?"

The self-proclaimed Wind Mage replied, "I advise against ordering me around, Warlock. I'll kidnap the six princesses because I want to. Besides, there's no such thing as having too many beautiful maidens in my humble abode! That is, as long as they are helpless damsels in distress and unable to fight back at all, just the way it should be..."

Rancis and Candlehead hugged each other tightly in fright as the Chaotic Bombers glanced over to them and the other racers next, but Sofia immediately got in front to protect them (albeit much to Prince James and Princess Amber's worry). "Who are you? Why are you doing this?"

"Ohhh, such elegance for a young princess...but I have yet to decide on whether I want you as part of my personal collection too. Of course, you are more than welcome to stay here...AS MY PRISONER! HO HO HO HO HO!" With no remorse, Vaati trapped Sofia and her step-siblings in three crystal prisons and had them relocated elsewhere in what he would soon call his Palace of Winds, for he intended to transform the Sleeping Beauty Castle into his aforementioned abode. "Let it be known here and now: Disneyland belongs to the great Vaati forevermore! None dare defy me, not even your so-called heroes of Game Central Station!"

[End BGM]


"Faster than a donut! Stronger than cardboard! I am Wario-Man!!" ~Wario (from WarioWare: Touched!)

"What is Bill Rizer? It is just the name of a single entity who has been gone for centuries." ~Master Contra (from Neo Contra)

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 Posted: Sep 22 2014, 04:55 AM
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Chapter 2: Tricks and traps

[Interlude BGM: Bowser's Castle (Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story)]

"Ohhh, 'tis a wonderous funderous, wonderful funderful day for the Basilisk Dynasty!" Purple Basilisk gloated excitedly. "I've - uh, we've done the impossible, as in what we never did when we first tried to conquer Game Central Station to spite those goody-two-shoed clowns! By discovering Disneyland's existence, we've succeeded in our first step of Operation: Boss Mania. Now comes the fun part...ahem...One scaredy, two scaredy, three scaredy princesses!"

He and Vaati presented Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora before three of their summoned minions from their respective games. "Come, come now, fellow boss characters! No need to rush yourselves, 'cause there's plenty in store for everyone while Vaati decides on whom he should pick to be his lucky bride when the time is right!"

One of the boss characters, Wild Dog, eyed the princesses. "Cinderella, eh? I can already imagine myself becoming her Prince Charming!"

Cinderella gasped in fear. "How rude! Release me!"

"Too bad! By my boss's orders, you belong to me! It's much better than blowing myself up after being defeated in my game all the time! Besides, Ralph makes villainy look soft with his friendliness towards that candy kid, and so does Clyde's ridiculous Bad-Anon group! We boss characters have the right to do whatever we want, whenever we want, and however we please! Isn't that right, boys?"

The other three boss characters from Time Crisis 4 agreed with him as he glanced closer towards Cinderella. "I think I'll dub you...oh, yes: Wild Cheetah! Scream for me, my dear prisoner!"

Purple Basilisk continued his presentation of the cursed Disney Princesses in sing-song fashion, albeit off-key like with the first three. "Four scaredy, five scaredy, six scaredy princesses!"

Ariel, Belle, and Jasmine were forcibly given to the other summoned boss characters, including Flame Mammoth from Mega Man X (or rather Mega Man Maverick Hunter X on PSP). "Duh huh, huh huh huh! This one's like a sparkling jewel to me!"

"You will do well to take good care of her while I run my new-and-improved Palace of Winds," Vaati ordered Flame Mammoth.

"Oh, I will! And if any weak little blabbermouth tries to take her away, I'll stomp them into dust!"

Purple Basilisk turned to his Chaotic Bombers in triumph. "Congratulate me, my loyal minions. This magical Amulet of King Turbo is the greatest artifact we ever devised!"

Warlock Bomber added, "Don't forget that it was I who amplified its power with my Black Magic in our favor so it could summon boss characters from various games, in addition to reprogramming their AI to serve us. Then again, there're quite a number of those who weren't summoned yet they feel just the same we do and would rather riot as much as they like, even during gaming hours at the arcade centers. All we have to do is nurture their feelings towards the painfully obvious fact that all they do is get defeated by the player characters everytime, and presto!"

"Yeah yeah, I know that, but I assure you not even the six meddlesome Contras or the four Wreck-Its can stop us now! Sooner or later, we'll be picking up where Turbo failed in his campaign to bring the Game Central Station within Litwak's Arcade under his rule! And besides, summoning boss characters is ten times better than that silly little princess's precious amulet said to call in a Disney Princess to her aid anyway."

"This time, we WIN!" cheered Boxer Bomber. "But I think I'll take one of the Disney Princesses anyway as I head on over to an arcade game of my choice, 'cause I'm itchin' to challenge someone to fight over her! Ohhh yeah, this is gonna be super fun! I bet Wuss-It Ralph's gonna try and take her from me, and when he shows up in my personal domain of choice, KER-POW! Then it's bye-bye Fix-It Felix Jr. since it can't exist without its villain! And I know just how to get 'em all done...say, where's Siren? She should be here with us to celebrate our victory together!"

"She just stepped out for a bit," answered Trigger Bomber, "probably setting up a surprise goodbye present of her own with the Trix witches. I bet it's gonna make Felix cry as it spells ultimate doom for his wife Calhoun!"

"Ehh, too bad she's gonna miss out." Then Boxer turned his attention towards Ghrid. "But if by any chance I happen to lose my prisoner, we'll have another shot at those fun-spoilers, and eventually the evil corporate jerks of the NFL for destroying your dreams of becoming the most powerful football player on Earth. After all, Balrog joined Shadaloo 'cause he got banned unfairly from professional boxing and we know it! Now first thing you gotta remember: always watch out for the goody-two-shoes women who appear to be gentle and kind..."

[End BGM]


Roughly an hour since the incident, every hero in both Diamond City and the digital realm gathered up in Sugar Rush with its citizens and the Nicelanders. White and Pink, on the other hand, alerted their close friends from planet Bomber, including Team Gold - Giant Gold, Bookworm Green and Kid Blue - Cool Black and Acrobat Aqua, to teleport to Earth and help, while 9-Volt and Phoebe wasted no time calling Pit, Phosphora and Cherry with their respective magic whistles. Upon learning about the first six Disney Princesses being turned into stereotypical damsels in distress, 9-Volt freaked out.

"They even did that to Ariel, my favorite Disney Princess?! Oh no!"

Mona hushed him soothingly with a warm hug. "Shhh, it's okay, little bro. I'm going with Wario to bring her back here."

5-Volt added, "You'll be safe in Sugar Rush with Phoebe and the others while I'm safeguarding it with the Mist Dragon's help."

"Th-thanks, mom...and Mona," said 9-Volt.

Phoebe took his hand next. "C'mon, 9-Volt. Let's get you somewhere safe with the others."

Yuffie, on the other hand, was talking with Keyla and Patricia. "I'll let you guys know if something's up. Will you be alright while I'm out with Wario and Mona?"

"Of course we'll be fine, Yuffie," replied the Mistress of Bouncing Balls. "You be careful out there, okay?"

"Kat, Ana, 18-Volt, and all of the Sugar Rush racers are also safe under our watch," said Keyla.

Yuffie smiled. "Glad to hear it. No one makes a damsel-in-distress outta 9-Volt's favorite Disney Princess when I'm around, that's a promise!"

Cheerful White ran forth to catch up, his two best Bomber-pals following suit. "Hey, wait up, Yuffie!"

"We're helping out, too!" called Cool Black.

"Count me in!" Cute Pink turned over to her other friends momentarily. "You don't mind taking care of Kid Blue, right, Aqua?"

"Not at all, Pink, don't worry."

Ralph thought it over and said, "The pink Bomber-kid's right. Besides, she and her best pals are gonna need all the help they can get."

Vanellope, however, felt like showing off her glitch powers to maintain her enthusiasm. "I've learned how to use some Cherry Bombs from Candlehead and Jubileena Bing-Bing."

"I hope we don't run into any Cy-Bugs this time..." hoped Felix.

"There's worse out there than Cy-Bugs alone," stated Calhoun, "but our priority's to send those boss characters back where they belong! According to our friends from outside the Game Central Station of Diamond Arcade World, Purple Basilisk and his goons stole a lot of enemy boss AI from the respective games so they could clone them for their own sinister purposes. Our job is not only to stop them, but to also destroy the cloner and steal Mosquito Bomber's Personalterfier in order to change all the first six Disney Princesses back to normal. Okay ladies, it's make your mamas proud time!"

Cheerful White was confused at the last sentence. "...Ladies?"

Felix whispered in his friend's ear. "Don't mind that last thing she said."

"Samus Aran, eat your heart out," Wario said smugly, to himself.

"Personalterfier?" wondered Vanellope. "What a stupid name for an evil invention Mosquito Bomber came up with."

"Just a moment there, fellas," interrupted Lance. "We don't want too many well-trained heroes going to all the other arcade games at once."

"Lance's got a point," added Bill. "Sugar Rush could be left defenseless even with 9-Volt's mom safeguarding it. Needless to say, summoners need protection whenever they're working their magic to keep things safe. While Aaron and Ami head over to one of the hijacked games, Lance and I will stay here and be on guard until they come back safely. Then we can go next. Get the picture?"

"I'll help too while Arctic's out doing her thing," said Blaze Bomber. "Then again, knowing Siren Bomber's bi-polar personality and the ability to impersonate other women to trick us, we'll have to watch our backs as well."

Pit gulped at the thought of Siren Bomber stealing Phosphora's identity in order to tempt him and absorb his soul, but his girlfriend calmed him down by patting his head. "Hey, don't worry, Pit! You and I will be next to each other the entire time and I'll make sure that evil harpy doesn't try anything to get us!"

"If you ask me, she's way worse than Viridi."


[Stage BGM: It's Time for Revenge (Contra ReBirth)]

Mission 1: Contras and Dragons
With everyone - well, almost everyone - assigned to find and rescue the six Disney Princesses despite the lack of knowledge as to which games they're imprisoned at, they are left with only one option: split up and go to all the games that were probably already been taken over.
Aaron and Ami of the Contras have started things off by going to Super Contra while Bill, Lance and Blaze Bomber are on guard duty in Sugar Rush. Wreck-It Ralph, on the other hand, strives to test his bravery in Dragon's Lair, believing that one of the Disney Princesses must be there.
November 11, 20XX
1:23 PM

"Okay, so whatever happens, Ami," warned Aaron, "we can't die anywhere in Game Central Station, especially the arcade version of Super Contra."

"I know, Aaron, but even so, the only way out is to go forward. One of the Disney Princesses has to be somewhere in this game."

"Maybe...maybe not. But we'll press on anyway."

"Since we can't get any Contra power-ups for your Contra Rifle in the digital realm, we're gonna have to rely on the ones that Super Contra itself has in store."

The co-leaders of the heroic Contras jumped out of the green helicopter right after they entered the <i>Super Contra</i> arcade cabinet, starting their mission at an overtaken army base's outpost with lightning bolts flashing in the background occasionally. Immediately two football-shaped power-up blimps flew by for Aaron to shoot down, coughing up the Spread Gun for himself and the Machine Gun for Ami. Since the Contra Rifle was not designed to interact with digital power-ups, Aaron strapped it onto his back - though not before turning on its 5-hit barrier - and took the actual Spread Gun itself. Unlike the first Contra title in the arcades, all power-ups were represented by the actual rifles with different designs instead of the typical falcon-shaped icons with a different letter up front. On top of that, a currently-equipped weapon can be upgraded to its stronger form assuming its user got the same power-up twice.

"I never did understand why the Machine Gun's bullets look like mini-rockets in this game," commented Ami, turning on her Bomberman Watch's 5-hit barrier as she spoke.

"That's Konami for ya," agreed Aaron, "not that it's any surprise to us. Let's light up those scumbags and find the princess!"

The two Contras rushed forth, blasting the corrupt soldiers coming out from all over the place. They came across a tank which they easily destroyed with their digitized power-ups, blew up an enemy helicopter boss by taking out its four turrets and the exposed core, and blasted the entrance open to get inside the base. By the time they reached that point, Ami had gathered another Machine Gun power-up, making her currently-equipped weapon stronger by increasing its rate of fire. Throughout the base, the duo found the second Spread Gun power-up to convert Aaron's own gun into its traditional 5-way shot. Then they also picked up a Mega Shell, available for use only in the top-down levels, to use against a giant tank that appeared at the end, obliterating it and its 3 occupants instantly. Afterwards, they left the base to proceed into the jungle for a while, and finally into Red Falcon's hideout which consisted of two separate levels that came after defeating the skeleton boss known as the Temple of Terror. Finally after a long trek - and miraculously without taking a hit - they reached the end of the game only to find Warlock Bomber awaiting their arrival.

[End BGM]
[Boss BGM: Bloody Storm (Contra III: The Alien Wars)]

"Tough luck, Contras!" he taunted. "The Disney Princesses aren't here, but hey, feel free to get some target practice while you still live. I've reprogrammed the digital version of Red Falcon himself to obey me without fail! He may not talk much like the real one, but I bet he can't wait to dine on your corpses! Oh, and one more thing: you can't take your power-ups with you, should you happen to get out alive!"

As the Black Wizard of Destruction finished talking, he teleported out in time for the aforementioned skeletal dragon to show his ugly face along with two additional heads to back him up. He immediately spat out three fly-like mutants to circle around his core like a shield, followed by his head-like arms lunging back and forth. Because Aaron and Ami had to use a Mega Shell to clear out the aliens swarming around them earlier, they had a little tougher time dealing with the final boss of the game. Fortunately, though, they had already beaten both the arcade and NES versions a good number of times before, so therefore it didn't take much for them to destroy his arms, take out his red eyes and fly-like mutants, and finally destroy the core to make his digitized head explode like a bomb, signaling their victory. Aaron and Ami may not have been able to rescue a Disney Princess, but at the very least they restored one of the arcade games back to normal.

[End BGM]

Despite Warlock Bomber's words, the Spread Gun and Machine Gun power-ups they kept all along remained in their possessions upon leaving the game, mostly because they chose not to switch over to the Laser Beam and/or the Grenade Launcher - the latter of which pre-dated the revamped Flame Gun in the NES version of Super Contra.


[Stage BGM: Epikyur - Haunted House (Bomberman 64: The Second Attack!)]

"Okay...deep's only a game...nothing to be scared of..."

Ralph told himself again and again that Dragon's Lair is only a retro game and not Mortal Kombat-scary, but the moment he stepped inside, he found himself at a drawbridge. The rotting wood on the bridge gave way, causing him to fall through, but he clung onto the edge, kicked the purple tentacles away, and climbed up to safety. Then he got inside the castle at the end of a corridor with three doors. The room itself started to collapse, leaving him no choice but to take the exit on the right, leading him to a room with flaming ropes over a fiery pit. He almost screamed with fear, but he gulped down enough courage to swing his way through to the exit and not get burned. Next up, he found a metallic statue of a horse - a flying barding, as a matter of fact - which came to life as he sat on it, taking him for a ride of his life, causing him to shriek in panic as he steered the barding left and right to avoid crashing into the walls and flames. Then it crashed face-first on the floor, flinging Ralph out to the exit safely.

"I really don't like this game much," he complained to himself. "It's just too fast and scary for me! Oh, why did I decide to leave without Vanellope to glitch me through to Singe's lair? I need a little drink before I go on..."

When he spoke his last sentence, he saw a potion with a label "DRINK ME" next to it. Without thinking it over, he drank its contents anyway, turning him into dust instantly. Normally this would mean his death since he's not from Dragon's Lair, but every visitor is magically given five lives, meaning he is still alive with only four remaining. He found himself back in the same room, only this time he took the exit to the right instead of drinking the potion again. Next, he was in an elevator room, which began to fall down really fast to his horror.


The platform continued falling down, stopping for half a second at every ledge. "Gotta do it for the Disney Princess...just...g-g-gotta...WHOOOA!" He finally jumped off the platform onto the ledge and looked down for a bit to hear a distant crash below. Had he been a second late, he would have lost another of his extra lives. Afterwards, he entered a room where little purple goblin-like monsters, the Giddy Goons, came out to attack him. He bashed one of them with his fists, and climbed the stairs to smash two more goons before getting out of here, taking him to another room where he heard a Disney Princess calling out for help. He recognized it as Belle's, but immediately brushed it aside as a black knight appeared in front of him. It struck its sword against the checkered floor, causing electricity to stream forth in hopes of shocking Ralph. He tried his best to avoid the electricity only to accidentally stumble over and got shocked, costing him another of his five lives. He reappeared in the checkered floor room with the knight, this time gathering courage to avoid the electricity left, right, up, right, left, right and left prior to destroying the knight with an overhand smash.

"Holy Mother Hubbard, how much more abuse do I have to take before I rescue Belle?!"

Ralph entered a room where the homemade medal Vanellope made for him was magnetically drawn to the pot of gold despite the obvious lack of its metallic exterior. Then the Lizard King appeared before him with his golden club-like staff and attempted to bash him in the head. Ralph, on the other hand, valued the medal more than the short battle at hand, encouraging himself to follow the pot throughout the room to the left, then to the right five times until he reached the exit. He dodged the Lizard King's attacks and grabbed the pot to knock the creature silly before taking back his medal. Afterwards, he came across an army of Mudmen in a lava field and threw a punch only for them to not feel pain. He tried again, but they simply pounced on him, leaving him with only two lives left. Back in the same room, Ralph threw a punch that didn't work against the Mudmen, and instead decided to escape from them and jumped over the geysers until he reached the exit, taking him to a hallway with giant iron balls rolling back and forth on a halfway pipe-like ramp. It was just seconds before a huge black ball came after him. He ran down the hallway and dodged the other balls going by until he reached the gap, and jumped over it to escape with his life.

From there, he came into a cavern and fell into a barrel-like boat below on a raging underground river. Using a wooden paddle, he sailed his way around the boulders, through the rapids and away from the whirlpools, until the boat crashed into a wall, sending him flying up in the air towards a chain. He grabbed hold of it, and took the exit to the Dragon's Lair at long last.

[End BGM]
[Boss BGM: Boss Battle - Hyrule (The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds)]

Inside Singe's room full of gold and jewels, Belle, still in her traditional princess dress, was trapped inside a crystal ball, and the Dragon appeared to be asleep. Ralph caught stacks of objects which were about to topple over and avoided the half-awake Singe's flames to the left. Despite Belle being turned into a typical damsel-in-distress, she behaved somewhat like a pin-up model.

"Oh my hero, please save me! The key to the lock on this crystal ball is the key. The Dragon keeps it around his neck. To slay him, use the Magic Sword." She showed Ralph the location of the sword in a gesture similar to that of Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune, leading him to believe that Mosquito Bomber's Personalterfier also caused her to act strange too. But because she spoke aloud, Singe was now fully awake, knowing just where Ralph was hiding! As he dodged for his life left and right to avoid getting crushed by the Dragon, Belle blinked her eyes and clapped her hands in excitement As soon as Ralph reached for the Magic Sword, he pulled it out to deflect Singe's flames and hurled it into his chest, killing him in the process. He swiped the key and popped open the crystal ball to free Belle.

[Interrupt BGM]
[Victory BGM: Ending Fanfare (Super Mario Bros.)]

"Oooh, thank you for rescuing me, o courageous hero! Please take me outside where we can be together for all time..."

"Are you sure you're okay, Belle?" asked Ralph. "I think Mosquito's weird gizmo really did a number on you."

[End BGM]

Suddenly, Belle became a little flirty towards him. "Why dost thou worry? I am safe thanks to your efforts in defeating that foul beast."

While Ralph continued to ponder over the predicament at hand, he walked under a patch of bright light in the room, causing Belle to gasp in fear. He accidentally dropped her in shock, but what he eventually realized was that the Disney Princess he had rescued was an imposter. What was once Belle transformed into a flame red-scaled demon in a tattered white robe with claws on his arms.

[Resume Boss BGM]

"D'aaargh!" he cursed. "How did you know it was me?"

"Blind the Thief?! You? But I've only heard stories from my friends and..."

"Everybody's a critic, but revealing my true shape was the last mistake you'll ever make! I'm not letting you take the real Belle away from Lord Vaati!" Then Blind attacked by shooting lasers from his eyes and spitting fireballs out of his mouth. Ralph avoided these attacks and retaliated with a few heavy punches until Blind's body collapsed, but his head continued to fly around the lair spitting fireballs randomly. Eventually his body reconstructed with a new head on top, making this fight a bit tougher as Ralph will have to strive to dodge these heads. As soon as he smashed Blind's body three times, the boss exploded into dust, coughing up a large, yellow crystal prison which shattered into pieces to reveal the true Belle.

[End BGM]


[Victory BGM: Maiden Freed (The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures)]

"YES!" Ralph cheered happily. "I never thought I'd see the real you!"

The Disney Princess stood silent momentarily, opening her eyes afterwards. "Where am I? The's gone. I have been freed, haven't I?"

"Yep, that's the real you, alright. I knew something was off when the other you acted all...sultry."

"It was Blind the Thief who impersonated me to trick you, but now you have defeated him after venturing all the way through the foul Dragon's Lair. How brave! Such determination speaks well of you. You are truly a great hero."

"We'll have you and the other Disney Princesses back to normal before you know it. I promise. Did you find out where Mosquito Bomber is? She's gotta have that Personalterfier with her."

"Unfortunately, I do not know where she is hiding, but you and your friends will eventually find her as you continue freeing the rest of my fellow Disney Princesses. I believe in you."

Finally after rescuing Belle, both characters stepped into a portal which led them back outside Singe's castle at the drawbridge and left the game to return to Sugar Rush.

[End BGM]


"Faster than a donut! Stronger than cardboard! I am Wario-Man!!" ~Wario (from WarioWare: Touched!)

"What is Bill Rizer? It is just the name of a single entity who has been gone for centuries." ~Master Contra (from Neo Contra)

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Chapter 3: The search for Jasmine and Ariel

"Look guys, Ralph's back with Aaron and Ami!"

Vanellope beamed excitedly upon noticing her friends' safe return with Belle in tow, though it didn't take much for her to notice Ralph feeling a bit shaken up. "What's wrong?"

"You are NOT gonna believe what I've been through in that game..."

"Dragon's Lair is no walk in the park," said Ami.

"And not just that, but I...I...I fell for the oldest trick in the book when that one demon impersonated Belle. He even pretended to be flirty to make it look convincing!"

"Demon? What demon?"

"Blind the Thief, that's who," answered Aaron. "Only he would do something like this whenever he's holding the real maiden prisoner. Then again, Siren Bomber does just that too, but it's a different story. Getting back to the point, I've fought Blind before in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, whilst making sure I came prepared."

Ralph could not stop feeling traumatized inside. "I am never planning to go see any sultry women at this nor any other time in my life...ever."

Ami patted his back soothingly. "It's okay, Ralph. Here, why don't Aaron and I use our Lens of Truth on Belle if you still think you saved the wrong one?" She got out just that and activated its magic, pointing its lens at the Disney Princess. It showed absolutely nothing out of the ordinary, meaning that Ralph had indeed defeated Blind and rescued the real Belle. "See? She's perfectly normal, even though we still have to capture the Personalterfier, and no signs of any Playboy bunny-like behavior at all. Does that help?"

"A little bit..."

"Well, at least you managed to rescue one of the six Disney Princesses," said Bill. "Lance and I will take it from here."

"Belle, did you hear anything about where the others had been taken?" asked Lance.

"I overheard something about a man with a similar name to that of a household pet. He said he would make a 'Prince Charming' to Cinderella before taking her for himself as his...his Wild Cheetah."

"Hmm...I don't recall that, but now that you mention that one word, I think you're talking about Wild Dog."

"Yeah, that's his name."

"He must have taken her directly to Time Crisis 4. That's where Lance and I will go, and teach him a lesson while we're at it." Bill paused momentarily to turn over to Ralph. "In the meantime, try telling yourself the Disney Princesses are not stereotypical damsels in distress nor seductive. It may not be the best technique compared to using the Personalterfier to reverse its effects, but it should help a little."

Belle nodded in agreement. "He is correct. You remind me a bit of someone I know from my homeland."

"You mean the Beast?" asked Ralph.

"Mm-hmm. Both you and him are big, but thankfully not vicious inside. He nearly gave his life to save me from a pack of wolves and confessed his feelings for me while I nursed his wounds. But Gaston, an arrogant prince, harbored his jealousy towards the Beast and threatened to imprison my father if I refused his proposal in favor of the Beast."

"Bill, Lance, I think she's coming to!"

"Good job, Ralph," said Lance. "Just keep talking with her. Aaron, Ami, stay with them in case something happens while we're out. We recently got word from Yuffie before you came back; she's searching for Ariel in Knights of the Round after having looked all over Captain Commando. White, Black and Pink, on the other hand, just cleared Gauntlet but couldn't find any Disney Princesses, so they're trying Final Fight next."

"Boxer Bomber has her, while Flame Mammoth took Jasmine away, or so I also heard..." added Belle.

"Arctic Bomber's on a trail for Jasmine by entering the Area 51/Maximum Force Duo cabinet as a first," stated Blaze Bomber. "But we still don't know where Mosquito Bomber's keeping her Personalterfier, and returning to Disneyland is impossible unless the first six Disney Princesses are rescued because of an evil barrier Vaati put on the entrance. Pit and Phosphora just told us about it when they tried blasting their way in, and were last heard going into Terminator Salvation to de-program the Terminator robots' destructive methods in the hopes that they'd find another of the Disney Princesses. By the way, Bill and Lance, let me head out and take a crack at finding Mosquito herself. Calhoun's taking care of business in Hero's Duty to prevent the Cy-Bugs from escaping. Like you said, we don't want too many well-trained heroes going to all the other games simultaneously when Sugar Rush needs protection, even with 5-Volt's summon magic."

Bill and Lance thought for a moment, the former eventually saying, "You're right. We Contras do need each other alive and on duty. Be careful out there, okay?"

"Will do, fellas. I'll call you if anything comes up."

Right after Blaze took off, Ralph shifted his focus toward Belle again as she continued her story, "Even so, Gaston locked me and my father in the basement anyway and deceived the villagers into thinking the Beast was a monster..."

"Just like I was branded an outcast by my appearance alone in my own game...err, world. But then Vanellope changed my life in a good way."

"By the time I was free, I changed the Beast's life by professing my love for him when he gave his life to defeat Gaston. Just as he died, the spell over him was broken, reviving him in his true human shape, and each of his servants resumed their human forms too. That's why you remind me of him, and I believe you can return all six of us back to normal for the sake of all the good children who like the Disney Princesses, by giving back our unique personalities that were stolen. It does not always have to be the device that affected us, for the solution to undoing the curse comes from the heart..."

That's when Ralph realized that by talking to Belle, he was able to weaken the curse a little bit. But to find the answer from within the heart was another story, especially since the young who admire the Disney Princesses want to feel safe when they're not damsels in distress.

"I hope Tammy's okay," wondered Felix. "Things have been crazy in her own game ever since Vaati took over Disneyland."

"Hey, I'm sure she and her soldiers are doin' just fine!" reassured Vanellope. "You know she won't let the Cy-Bugs swarm all over the arcade with Purple Basilisk and Vaati pulling strings."

Wario, on the other hand, grew tired of waiting since he was itching for some action. "Can we go now, Mona?! I don't care if we can't save a Disney Princess, I just wanna kick some butt!"

"I suppose we could, but then again Yuffie's still out at the moment...Alright. We'll try our hand at The King of Dragons and see if Ariel's there, but we're gonna save the game anyway."

"As long as I kick some bad guy butt, I'm-a happy. I mean, Arctic's doing just that, right?"


[Stage BGM: Submarine Power Plant (Contra: Shattered Soldier)]

Mission 2: The 90s arcade games under siege
With everything planned, our heroes venture to their designated games regardless of whether a Disney Princess is held prisoner there or otherwise. Now that Blind the Thief is dead, nobody will have to worry about him impersonating the others like he did Belle. However, the saviors must still be on guard - some other boss characters are known to be deadlier than the last.
Arctic Bomber is currently cleaning up terrorism in Area 51 and Maximum Force via the duo cabinet itself, whereas Yuffie had yet to give up on her search for Ariel. Either way, Wario insists on beating up bad guys, leading Mona to believe that maybe they could help Yuffie with the search by going to a different game than the one she's in.
November 11, 20XX
1:44 PM

"There...that should be the last of those clowns in Maximum Force," said Arctic Bomber, "but STILL no sign of a friggin' Disney Princess! Hmmm, maybe Trigger Bomber and what's-his-name might know!"

Indeed the Mistress of the Cold had eyed the Trigger-Happy Maniac of the Chaotic Bombers, but the other one he's with was not affiliated with the Basilisk Dynasty. He was more of an armadillo-like combat robot - a Maverick, as a matter of fact.

"I am under strict orders to destroy anyone attempting to steal our precious cargo," stated the Maverick, whom Arctic eventually recognized from Mega Man X and the PSP remake as Armored Armadillo.

"And by 'cargo', you mean a Disney Princess. Now just one question: what the hell are you doing in this game with a maniac like Trigger? Game-jumping just to wreak havoc even when you were summoned or cloned or whatever..."

"I was sent to join the attack on the national bank because it is my calling!"

"You may have gotten past the so-called terrorists," added Trigger Bomber, "but they fight like children compared to me - I mean us! You'll never save Jasmine from Flame Mammoth...Oops!"

Armored Armadillo glared at his would-be cohort for spilling the beans, but continued anyway, "Besides, there's nothing Maverick about following orders or game-jumping to serve a new and better master. We're not in the wrong."

"Yep, spoken like a true Maverick," said Arctic Bomber, "and I'm taking you out!"

"Enough talk! Let's fight!" declared the heavily-armored Maverick, who wasted not a second attacking Arctic by curling himself into a ball and ricocheting all over the national bank's lobby, inflicting damage on her every chance he got. But he was so used to this tactic (at least according to his AI programming from the game he originated) it didn't matter if he also slammed into Trigger Bomber too.

"OW! OWWW! You're hitting me, Armored Armadillo! YEOWCH! Watch the friendly fire here! Gah, I didn't come into this game just to get smashed around by my own cohort! In fact, I don't give a crap at this point if Flame Mammoth screws up in Area 51! My transformable gun arms are hard to come by these days, you know! Ugh, I'm outta here."

Trigger Bomber had had enough just half a minute after the battle had begun. He teleported himself out, leaving Armored Armadillo to fend for himself when he stopped his attack. "Going AWOL is a capital offense, Trigger! I will deal with you after I've finished carrying out my orders to terminate this intruder."

"Terminate this!"

But try as she might, Arctic could not lay a dent on Armored Armadillo because of the extra-thick titanium armor plates all over his body. Like in Mega Man X, it was oftentimes difficult to inflict damage because he could easily block any attacks quite well with the titanium shields on his hands unless he's shooting at her. If only she had a lightning weapon of some sort, she'd be able to get around him. Wait...of course, she thought! She may not have Spark Mandrill's Electric Spark, but she noticed some live wires around the damaged electrical equipment from the impact of Armored Armadillo's rolling attack within the national bank.

"Your stubborn streak has proven to be your downfall. It's just as my new master told me when I was summoned here: you don't respect authority. You don't follow orders. I pity you."

"That was before I fully reformed myself," said Arctic, "but sadly for you, I've played a bit of Mega Man X to know your weakness to electricity. After all, if something like this works..."

Reaching for the live wires, she pretended to be struggling for her life to catch Armored Armadillo off guard, though it didn't stop him from preparing his finishing blow. Arctic grabbed the wires and launched herself right at his chest with the electricity, causing him to scream in agony, his armor pieces eventually falling off. This was due to his armor being kept attached to his body by means of electromagnets.

"No! What have you done?!"

Completely without protection, Armored Armadillo was forced to rely on the laser cannon mounted on his head along with his rolling attack, though now he could take damage even during the latter. This time, Arctic Bomber made sure to dodge his attacks and with clever timing, she shocked him again with the damaged wires, bringing him down in the end.

"It was a good fight..." With his last words spoken, Armored Armadillo exploded, signaling Arctic's victory over him. But that left just Flame Mammoth to track down in Area 51, now that the Mistress of the Cold was done with Maximum Force.

[End BGM]


Rushing over to said game, Arctic had to deal with the genetically altered soldiers and alien creatures that can generate weapons from their own flesh (much to her disgust). Since all the citizens of Game Central Station were taken prisoner at Vaati's Palace of Winds, the AI-controlled squadmates of S.T.A.A.R. (Special Tactical Advanced Alien Response) were nowhere to be seen, and thus unable to provide any assistance at this time. Fortunately though, given her knack for light-gun games, she was still able to breeze through the game's 8 levels of alien-infested terror, all the while resisting the urge to vomit at the sight of alien guts whenever she blasted these abominations. Finally, she had reached the last level of the game where Flame Mammoth awaited her with Jasmine encased in a turquoise crystallized prison.

"Geh heh heh heh! I was wondering who would show up and try to get their greedy hands on my personal jewel, but I didn't expect a fashion reject like you!"

Arctic Bomber huffed in response to the oversized robot's words. "Don't be stupid, Flame Mammoth! You don't have a chance to burn me out, and that's that."

"Buh huh, huh huh huh! There's nothing I love more than stomping weak little blabbermouths like you into dust! Ohhh yeah, you are sooo gonna get it! Stompy stompy, here it comes!"

"Oh, what's that? You're saying you wanna be frozen and blown up by me? Sure, I can arrange for that...but you'd better give Jasmine back to my pals when I'm through!"

"Gyuh huh, ha hah! You just bit off more than you can chew, little girl! I'll make sure you regret it!" Then Flame Mammoth raised his fists in the air. "POWER!"

[Boss BGM: Boss Battle (Mega Man X)]

Thus he began the battle with fireballs from his arm cannon; he also emphasized "stompy stompy" by performing his Jump Press attack in an effort to squash Arctic Bomber into oblivion. His arrogant and cocky attitude, in addition to his tendency to look down on those smaller and weaker than himself, put him on bad terms with his subordinates prior to the Maverick Rebellion in the game he originated from as one of the boss characters. Perhaps even today Mosquito Bomber and the Trix witches already hate him because of that, but he didn't care as long as he got his joy out of crushing people.

"Gettin' hot for ya?" After saying this, the oversized Maverick spewed some flammable oil from his trunk and set it ablaze with his Fire Wave, leading Arctic to douse the flames with her blizzard attack. This stunned him long enough for her to conjure up an icy blade and chopped off his trunk with it, preventing him from using his oil supply against her anymore. Then she wasted no time pelting him with her Ice Bombs and avoiding his Jump Presses until he fell over face-first.

"Aw yeah!" she shouted ecstatically. "EVERYBODY DO THE FLOP!" Arctic purposefully threw herself to the floor face-first in sync with Flame Mammoth, perhaps a little too close to him as he detonated in a large explosion, covering her in soot whilst breaking open the crystallized prison.

[End BGM]
[Victory BGM: Maiden Freed (The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures)]

"Oh, thank goodness I'm free!" cheered Jasmine. "I hereby thank you for defeating that overly arrogant fiend who just wouldn't stop calling me his personal, are you okay?"

Arctic Bomber got up on her feet, coughing up some soot. "Don't worry, I'm not that easy to blow least, not anymore."

"The black beast known as Vaati is at work as we speak. I want to help stop him and free our loved ones, let alone my beloved Aladdin and his close friends, but the damsel-in-distress curse bestowed upon me and my fellow Disney Princesses prevents us from doing so. I do know something important from Belle: sometimes the best way to remove a curse comes from the heart. Perhaps if you free all of us, it should break once and for all...Now, let us return safely."

[End BGM]


[Stage BGM: Dark World Dungeon (The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past)]

Meanwhile, Wario and Mona had no trouble reaching the Limestone Cave where Gildiss the Red Dragon laid dormant in The King of Dragons. But the dragon, thinking they have come for his precious treasure hoard, woke up and spewed flames from his mouth.

"So, you mere humans think that you can defeat the mighty Gildiss?" He spoke with a British accent. "Well, come on then! I'll charbroil your bones!"

"Think again, Smaug!" retorted Wario. "Good thing Pit gave us a couple of his gizmos, the Ore Club and Magnus Club, before he went with his girlfriend to kick some butt, anyways. Now where's that Disney Princess, Ariel?!"

"Ariel? I don't know anything about this Ariel, except for a large pile of gold I was offered by my new masters on one condition: that I make sure you never save this world!"

"I take it even you're pulled into Vaati's scheme," assumed Mona, brandishing the Magnus Club. "That settles it, then - we're taking you out!"

Before the battle could begin, a deafening roar was heard from a distance, a giant rock monster-like apparition forming before Wario and Mona's eyes. It kinetically lifted some large rocks and smashed Gildiss and his treasure hoard all over the place, sending him careening into the lava pit before he could recover. Luckily for him, he would regenerate as he is the final boss of the game, though perhaps that was for another time since Wario and Mona now had a different enemy to deal with.

[Boss BGM: VS Thardus (Metroid Prime)]

"Thardus?!" gasped Mona. "The very same Phazon-fueled rock monster from Metroid Prime? I never thought the Basilisk Dynasty could summon a boss character THAT big...!"

Thardus was originally an experiment by the Space Pirates, who titled it "Project Titan", to use Phazon to create sentient creatures out of inanimate objects. However, his increasingly violent behavior resulted in massive casualties with his body structure, composed of Phazon ore, appearing nearly invulnerable to damage. As a result, the Space Pirates had no other choice but to lock him up in a quarantine bay and suspend Project Titan indefinitely. It probably came as no surprise to Mona that he'd be too difficult for Vaati and the Basilisk Dynasty to control, given the reason for his being here in Gildiss's personal domain. Despite that the arena was not cold at all, Thardus could still send an Ultrafrigid Beam at his enemies to freeze them.

"Erm...Mona? Y-you wouldn't happen to have a Thermal Visor to help stop ya?"

"Of course, Wario. Penny and her grandpa, and Blaze Bomber all prepared for just such an occasion, in case we needed it. Thardus has seven different weak spots, but only one will show up at a time. Whatever happens, we cannot use melee attacks because of the Phazon ore on his body. We don't ever wanna become infected, much less end up suffering from 'Phazon sickness'."

"In other words, I'm glad for once Pit gave us the Ore Club and Magnus Club!"

With the Thermal Visor on, Mona located Thardus's weak spot and fired a charged shot from the Magnus Club a few times until the rock monster released enormous amounts of thermal energy as his Phazon core became exposed, overloading the Thermal Visor in the process. The redhead quickly shut it off and fired again, followed by Wario shooting his own charged shots from the Ore Club, destroying the first of Thardus's seven weak spots on his rock-hard body.

Miraculously, the lack of cold air in the Limestone Cave prevented Thardus from unleashing an ice storm to make it difficult to see him coming. But everytime one of his weak spots was destroyed, he retaliated by curling up into a ball in an attempt to crush Wario and Mona to death. Either way, he was slow enough for them to get out of the way until he uncurled himself. Then the pair repeated the process six more times, all the while trying not to get killed by Thardus's attacks as dying in an arcade game they didn't live in would mean their ultimate end. As soon as the seventh weak spot was destroyed, Thardus exploded into gravel with falling boulders piling up around the treasure hoard. Wario and Mona quickly moved out of the way, yet a large rock somehow smacked Wario in the back of his head.

[End BGM]

"Ow, that hurts! Well, not too bad, since my head's hard like a hammer..."

"Still, I hate to agree with a video game villain like Gildiss, but we've hit a dead end. Ariel isn't here at all."

"Meh. Hope Yuffie's having better luck than us anyways."


"Faster than a donut! Stronger than cardboard! I am Wario-Man!!" ~Wario (from WarioWare: Touched!)

"What is Bill Rizer? It is just the name of a single entity who has been gone for centuries." ~Master Contra (from Neo Contra)

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Chapter 4: And the search goes on

Warlock Bomber and Siren Bomber had just arrived in Sugar Rush, the former making sure to prevent 5-Volt from chasing them out by casting Stop, Silence and Osmose - in his respective order - on her. He was not taking any chances this time.

"That should give her enough time to think about her so-called strategy," he said mockingly. "Siren, you know what to do from here while I draw the Contras out."

"No sweat, Warlock," acknowledged the Singing Beauty. "Thanks to those silly-minded humans' typical ways of solving life's problems in the real world, I've got just the right present that keeps on killing. But first things first..."

"Hey, what's going on here?" asked one of the Contras, whom the Chaotic Bombers recognized as Bill. Warlock immediately made Siren invisible so she could slip by without detection until the right moment for her to "have some fun" as she put it.


Mission 3: Patching things up
Although Wario and Mona could not find Ariel in The King of Dragons, they were glad Yuffie's also on the search for Ariel, only in a different arcade game. White, Black and Pink, however, are fighting their way through the Mad Gears in Final Fight, believing that one of the Disney Princesses had to be there.
Little do they know Warlock and Siren are at work in the Sugar Rush game, the latter still carrying her unhealthy obsession with kidnapping Felix for his magic hammer and getting rid of Calhoun, all the while exploiting Phosphora's weakness.
November 11, 20XX
2:01 PM

Yuffie had little to no trouble getting past the enemies in Knights of the Round on her own, eventually making it to the end of its final level where Boxer Bomber was located. She could hear him boasting, "I offer the one and only mermaid princess Ariel from Atlantica to anyone, who can beat me! No minions, no sneaky underhanded tactics, but more importantly, no magic hammer! Ahh, fancy seeing you here again, ninja foo!"

"You better not have done anything bad to Ariel or I'll--"

"Ah ah ah, sticks and stones. Yer gonna have to beat me to da punch in this ring! I've put in some super swell moves of my own since our last encounter, like da Volatile Fists! Uhh! Uhh!" He emphasized those two words by punching his fists against each other, leaving a couple of explosions in their wake. "Oh, and fists only!"

"Well, if you insist..." She put on a pair of titanium gloves with spikes on the fists. "Found 'em while I was busting my way through Captain Commando and figured I'd need them to pierce your ultra-thick armor, even though they're normally not supposed to be in the game."

[Fight BGM: Stage 3 Boss - Dancing-Smash-Hero (Gunstar Heroes)]

"I'm gonna punch you so hard, you'll be, screw it!" Boxer Bomber charged forth anyway with his Volatile Fists, which Yuffie easily dodged by side-jumping out of the way. "AARGH! Quit movin' around so fast, coward! How can I smash you really good like that?!"

Yuffie stuck out her tongue at him. "Ninjas have finesse, not to mention reflexes!" She jumped over Boxer's rush attack and landed some punches of her own to the face, the spikes on her titanium gloves damaging his visor in the process.

"YEOWCH! I CAN'T SEE! Ugh, I'm just gonna punch around like crazy anyway till I hit ya!"

Boxer Bomber banged his fists against each other multiple times, charging up energy to unleash some sort of charge shot the size of a huge boxing glove. He let it fly just in time for Yuffie to lean backward just slightly beneath this explosive energy. Then it detonated harmlessly on the throne room's walls. The Punching Ring King did his attack two more times, followed by punching around until he tired out, missing every shot because of his tendency to smash first and think later. In fact, he hated studying his opponents' strengths and weaknesses, claiming it bored him to tears. He also did not bother to formulate any defensive maneuvers beyond simply blocking punches. Then he did one last charge like a mad bull, which Yuffie easily countered with a well-timed mega punch to the face, sending him flying all the way out of the game.

"Ha ha, man that guy sure was DUMB as bricks! Making yourself larger doesn't automatically make you invincible!"

[End BGM]
[Boss BGM: Boss Battle - Lorule (The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds)]

Just then, a trapdoor opened beneath Yuffie's feet, causing her to plummet down to a watery puddle room below where a big squid-like creature awaited her. "Erm...I think that thing is supposed to be Arrghus." She pulled out a grappling hook, believing it would substitute for the Hookshot, and pulled out some orange eye blobs attached to the creature's body, and hacked away at them with her Conformer, all the while avoiding the other blobs swinging themselves around Arrghus's body. Once they were all gone, Arrghus grew mad and flew up...and crashed down on the watery floor, rebounding itself around the walls in hopes of squashing the teen ninja.

For each swipe to the face with the Conformer, Arrghus jumped up and back down to shoot laser beams from its eye, which proved to be quite annoying given its ability to move erratically while performing this attack. Yuffie eventually caught on to its attack pattern and finished it off, her victory being signaled by its body exploding into a purple wisp. Then a green crystallized prison appeared before her, cracking itself until it shattered open to reveal Princess Ariel of Atlantica in her sea green dress.

[End BGM]
[Victory BGM: Maiden Freed (The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures)]

"I thought I'd never see the light of day again! Thank you for coming to save me," said Ariel.

"I'm glad you're not hurt," commented Yuffie, "but we still gotta get you and the other Disney Princesses back to normal pronto! I have a young friend who likes you a lot as his favorite Disney Princess and...well, he was saddened to hear you got turned into a damsel-in-distress."


", I think that makes about...we'll have to check in with the others back at the Sugar Rush game."

"I'm sure you and your friends will get us back to normal. Vaati and his minions may have turned us into helpless victims, but they didn't rob us of our memories. I'll try to think happy thoughts and see if I can't break the spell myself. After all, I am the adventurous kind of princess with an interest in human objects, mermaid or not."

That said, Yuffie used her grappling hook to get both Ariel and herself out of the watery room to exit the game. Suddenly, they stopped just at the entrance. "Hmm...I sense something's amiss in Sugar Rush. I hope the others, let alone Pit and Phosphora, have returned with the other princesses."

[End BGM]


[Stage BGM: Bowser's Castle (Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story)]

Elsewhere in the Final Fight game, the three Bomber-kids were on their way to the final level where the Mad Gear leader, Belger, was present. Throughout their search, they heard many claims from the gang members about a Disney Princess being Jessica in a fancy costume - either that, or the thugs were probably disillusioned.

"Don't believe what our boss said," stated one of the gang members that Cheerful White, Cool Black and Cute Pink defeated just now. "Dat blonde girl in a pink dress has gotta be Jessica in a princess getup, and I don't mean da one who's always getting kidnapped by dat fat dragon turtle-like thingy."

Pink turned over to her best friends momentarily. "White, you watched Sleeping Beauty with me once, remember? That guy must be talking about Princess Aurora, aka. Briar Rose!"

"You mean Jessica...oooh, I still hurt all over from yer 'toon bombs you threw at us."

Wasting no time, the Bomber-kids came all the way to Belger's penthouse and entered his office with five of his loyal enforcers alongside him: Thrasher, Sodom, Edi. E, Rolento and even Abigail (mostly known as the man with a woman's name). The corrupt cop was the first to be baffled, saying, "They sent a buncha hooligan kids after us?! I promise to end this quickly..."

"Sodom and I may be the members of Bad-Anon," added Rolento, "but we know where our loyalties lie."

"I'm not surprised Vaati's also pulled you guys into his scheme!" shouted Cool Black. "Just so he can increase his chances of becoming king of Disneyland!"

Belger couldn't help but laugh at his would-be foe's statement. "Vaati? Naaah, you're sorely mistaken. He may say he's king, but if there's anybody around here who's gonna be the true king of this Disneyland kingdom, let alone Game Central Station, it's freakin' Turbo. Forget Vaati!"

"Hee hee heh, Vaati's old news," said Thrasher. "While King Turbo's gonna control all of Disneyland, Mad Gear controls this stinkin' city as a tribute!"

Cute Pink was beyond disgusted. "Ugh! I can't believe someone would deliberately worship that lunatic infamous for crashing a RoadBlasters cabinet at Litwak's Arcade on Earth, back when TurboTime was still around! Even after he somehow survived and took over Sugar Rush by posing as King Candy, he was found out in the end and ultimately defeated. In other words, he's dead. Ralph and the good guys won."

"M. Bison may not have the guts to pay him tribute, but we do," hollered Belger. "And now that you know who's the real king, it's time for pain!"

[End BGM]
[Boss BGM: Bowser Battle (Super Mario 64)]

Thrasher and Abigail were the first to attack Cheerful White and pals, the former whistling for backup from his lackeys. The three Bomber-heroes ran away from the attacks and came back to jump on the lackeys' heads prior to blasting Thrasher and Abigail with their bombs, knocking them all out in the process. Then Edi. E stepped in, flanked by Sodom and Rolento, but he insisted that he handle them himself. Afterwards, he showed off his sheer police brutality by swinging his nightstick around and pulling out his pistol to shoot the heroes, not caring if he also hit his own guys, so long as he'd get to them. White, Black and Pink ducked beneath the bullets and grabbed ahold of Edi. E's legs until he tripped over and hit the floor face-first.

Next, Rolento jumped in and threw some hand grenades around, regardless of whether his cohorts got blown up or not. Pink spiked the thrown grenades like volleyballs, Black batted them with Edi. E's nightstick, and White caught a few others and juggled them in his hands for a bit, before throwing them back. Rolento was so shocked by their anti-grenade abilities, he didn't even bother moving out of the way when his own grenades exploded on him and Sodom. The force of the impact caused Belger, who had been hiding behind his henchmen all along like the coward he really was, to be knocked off his wheelchair and out the window with a CRASH. Just like in the game, he fell all the way down into the pavement with a loud thud, which was merely enough for his followers to run away.

"Our new friends in the Basilisk Dynasty will pay you back double-time for this insult!" cursed Rolento. "This was merely a warm-up compared to what's coming, but the Disney Princesses belong to Vaati and you know it!"

[End BGM]
[Victory BGM: Maiden Freed (The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures)]

With the Mad Gear members gone, a pink crystallized prison descended from the ceiling, shattering itself to reveal Princess Aurora.

"You've come to my aid? Did you enter this dangerous territory filled with evil-hearted men just to rescue me? And yet you all appear so young...oh, thank you! You carry my hope, as well as all of Disneyland's...but why did these men repeatedly mistake me for this Jessica character?"

"Some guys are just plain crazy," answered White.

"I know, right?" added Pink. "Some people never learn."

"Are the other princesses well, too?"

"I dunno," said Black, "but I'm sure our friends saved them just like we saved you."

"That's good to hear..." Just then, she felt something evil and gasped. "Oh, dear! There is a vile being approaching your Sugar Rush world...I can feel it in my heart."

Upon hearing those words, Pink too felt uneasy. "That means 9-Volt and his friends are in danger while we were out! They need us, NOW."

[End BGM]


[Boss BGM: The Dispossessed Eidolons (Final Fantasy IV: The After Years)]

"My wizardry senses indicate you've been laundering our master's Disney Princesses," stated Warlock Bomber, "and as punishment for defying Vaati, we're gonna wipe you out and turn Sugar Rush into a Cy-Bug hive! But I didn't come alone..."

Flanked by the Black Wizard of Destruction were three evil witches, each possessing the ability to fly and cast deadly spells on people. Icy, the Witch of Ice; Darcy, Lady of Darkness; and Stormy, the Queen of Storms. Their combined threats were merely enough to guarantee a difficult battle, but that did not stop the four Contras from calling in Ralph and Vanellope to help out. Fortunately, though, Arctic and Yuffie made it back in time alongside Wario, Mona, Ariel and Jasmine to even the odds...but neither one suspected Siren Bomber doing her own agenda due to her invisibility.

"Looks like we found you at the right place at the right time!" taunted Icy.

Ami smirked in response. "Good. Now we can make you Alfea fairy-haters leave!"

Lance took a quick glance at her and Aaron. "Careful now. You don't wanna lose your Super Contra power-ups. We're gonna need them to neutralize this Trix threat. Speaking of which, I never believed Purple Basilisk would entertain such thoughts like hiring those three witches from Winx Club."

"In short, he's desperate," said Arctic. "But if anyone around here's an ice princess, it's me! An ice princess who just so happens to be good at bowling, that is!"

"Tch. As if!" retorted Icy. "You look more like a twerp in that ugly helmet of yours!"

"Whatever happens," warned Ami, "don't let Darcy get around us with her dark magic. She's the most dangerous of the three, because one time she almost crushed Musa with a ball of compacted hover-cars! Trust me, Yumi and I saw it in one episode of Winx Club with our own eyes!"

Yuffie assured, "That's why we don't plan on letting her have her sadistic fun. Speaking of sadistic, I got a bad feeling Siren Bomber's somewhere around here. I can sense her black-hearted being, but I just can't seem to find her..."

"Oh, let's just say she's starting to have some fun," said Darcy. "Look behind you!"

"Ohhh no, we're not letting you catch us with our pants down!" retorted Ralph, who threw some punches while Vanellope glitched around to toss some Cherry Bombs at the Trix witches.

"I'll check it..." But before Mona could finish her sentence, she noticed Siren Bomber taking Phosphora's form to trick and harm 9-Volt. "Oh. No. She. ISN'T!"

Fortunately, though, Pit and the real Phosphora arrived back in Sugar Rush from their attempted search for the Disney Princess. When Mona told them what was happening, Phosphora didn't need to say anything, her righteous fury being enough to tell them Siren Bomber would get what's coming to her, let alone a lightning bolt in the mouth for stealing her identity.

"Well well well, if it isn't Miss Goody-Airhead herself," mocked the Singing Beauty. "Or should I say fake? Pit, don't listen to her! I'm the real deal!"

"You think we're gonna fall for your evil ruse again, Siren?" shouted Pit. "Fat chance!"

"And don't you dare hide behind my boyfriend either!" added Phosphora. "Besides, he'd beat your sorry butt too!"

"9-Volt's not the only one who can tell the real Lightning Flash from the fake," said Cherry. "Nobody impersonates her, EVER!"

Phoebe got in front of 9-Volt and formed a green 10-lb. (4.53 kg.) bowling ball on her hands with the power of imagination by thinking of Wii Sports Bowling and Punch-Out!!. "Bowler's Fist! HAH!!" She gripped the energy ball tight by its three finger holes and threw a hard enough punch to smash Siren Bomber's face, causing her to revert back to her original form.

"Here's a little going-away present for HARPY Bomber!" Phosphora charged up a ball lightning and threw it at Siren Bomber, but the Singing Beauty was ready for it. She pulled out a handheld vacuum cleaner-like device and absorbed the electric attack, converting it into dark lightning before firing it back at Phosphora, inflicting damage!

"How do you like my new invention Mosquito Bomber made for me?" asked Siren Bomber. "I call it the Anti-Phosphora 5000!"

"Oh no!" panicked 9-Volt. "Phosphora! PHOSPHORA!!"

"She's too weak to say anything to you anymore! You see, I'd been fuming over my defeat to that blonde bimbo, I got desperate enough to find out her weaknesses and son of a gun, it turned out to be dark lightning as well as fire - evil fire, that is!" Siren pulled out yet another nasty-looking object, a red-colored bomb with a white skull painted up front. "Oh lookie what I brought too: the Dangerous Bomb, filled with the ultra-flammable and life-threatening white phosphorus! I just LOVE it when some men out there don't need me to 'guide' around, because naturally, humans LOVE destruction. And bombs, too." Then she had a fit of evil laughter to show off her bi-polar personality some more, not to mention her bomb-happy attitude, as she lit the fuse. "This time, I WIN! That is just too perfect to overlook! 9-Volt will cry as his guardian angel is reduced to nothingness!"

Pit grew mad enough to brandish his Upperdash Arm, intent on preventing Siren Bomber from carrying out her demented desires to kill his girlfriend in front of him and his friends. "You're just as deluded as those who think death and destruction are the solution to a better world! At least not all humans are bad!" Mona backed him up with the Magnus Club while Patricia and Cherry worked their lightning and fire powers to keep Siren at bay. As for Keyla, she managed to swipe the Dangerous Bomb and throw it up in the sky really high where it exploded harmlessly. Everyone covered their eyes so the huge blinding explosion wouldn't bother them.

"Thank goodness I've been practicing my ball-throwing abilities now and then," said Keyla. "Now here's my Striker bowling ball to that harpy's face!" She slammed her black-and-purple swirled ball against Siren Bomber, followed by the backwards-dash charged shot from Pit's Upperdash Arm, causing her to drop the Anti-Phosphora 5000 which Mona smashed into pieces with a hard enough swing from the Magnus Club.

[End BGM]

9-Volt ran over to his weakened guardian angel to try to awaken her, but could not stop himself from crying sad tears, the droplets eventually falling onto the girl's face. Slowly but surely the effects of dark lightning were washed away as if a pure-hearted child's tears were the only cure. Then 9-Volt kissed Phosphora's cheek, hoping she would be back to normal. In a flash, she woke up and hugged him with a smile.

"'s okay, 9-Volt, don't cry." She kissed his cheek in return. "You know I'm not easy to get rid of, but thanks for washing the dark lightning away from me. Alright, now get behind me, 'kay? I'll take care of Siren Bomber once and for all."

"No, NO, NO!" yelled Siren Bomber. "No fair!"

"Yes, YES, YES!" blurted Phosphora, getting up with a start and charging up her lightning with her blue scarf. She tossed a barrage of lightning bolts, followed by electrical punches and kicks, and finally, her "Fastball Lightning Special" which involved throwing two ball lightnings along with an even bigger one, all of which blasted the female Chaotic Bomber to a crispy blackish-brown.

"Aaaargh! I HATE you and those other guardian angels of 9-Volt's! You ALWAYS spoil my fun, but just you wait, for one day you'll all FALL and I'll absorb Pit's soul unto myself to become immortal! And Felix's! And especially 9-Volt's!"

Phosphora scoffed at Siren's ranting. "Oh boo hoo hoo. Go drink from a milk bottle and snap a photo of yourself crying with Purple Basilisk and his stooges!"

"Stupid tree-hugging bimbo...UGH! I'll get her and Calhoun next time, and then steal 9-Volt, Felix and Pit's souls if it's the last thing I ever do...!"

With that, Siren Bomber stormed off whereas the Contras and their friends had just finished chasing Warlock Bomber and the Trix witches out of Sugar Rush, followed by Cheerful White and his two best friends returning with Princess Aurora, thus leaving only two Disney Princesses to go. While the heroes hoped for Blaze Bomber's safe return, they wasted no time coming up with a plan to find and rescue the last two.


"Faster than a donut! Stronger than cardboard! I am Wario-Man!!" ~Wario (from WarioWare: Touched!)

"What is Bill Rizer? It is just the name of a single entity who has been gone for centuries." ~Master Contra (from Neo Contra)

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Chapter 5: From cowardice to bravery

[Assurance BGM: Holding My Thoughts in My Heart (Final Fantasy VII)]

The heroes and citizens of Sugar Rush discussed their plans on where to go from here, with only Snow White and Cinderella remaining as Vaati's prisoners, all the while relieving 5-Volt of the Black Magic spells that Warlock Bomber cast upon her. The moment they brought up Time Crisis 4 and the fact that Wild Dog had Cinderella, 9-Volt was the first to raise his hand as if to volunteer for such a dangerous task.

"What?! Are you nuts?!" complained Ralph. "A kid like you wouldn't last that long, even with your guardian angels to keep you safe! I know Wild Dog; I should be the one to go and teach him some manners for obsessing over a nice Disney Princess like Cinderella."

"Hey, give 9-Volt a chance, okay?" interrupted Vanellope. "Sure, he comes off as scared of evil, but at least he sticks with his friends to the very end. I mean, I got bullied from time to time back when Turbo was in control of my game, but I never let it stop me from becoming a racer."

"She's right," said 9-Volt. "Then again, I was a little scared to the point that I couldn't get out my Twinbellows Cannon or Phosphora Bow to back you guys up...but no more! You guys taught me all you know about bravery, and I'm gonna return the favor by helping rescue Cinderella. If Bubbles can express her bravery despite being sensitive, so can I."

"But Time Crisis 4 isn't kid-friendly material!" whined Wario. "It's suicide and filled to the brim with terrorists and insect-like Terror Bites! You'll die in there!"

"Who said anything about my best friend going there all by himself?" stated Phoebe. "If he's gonna go, the least I can do is go with him. My Ball Cannon may not have any elemental properties, but its enchanted cannonballs can smash bad guys really good from a distance. Keyla, Patricia, Cherry, Yuffie and I will accompany him."

"I'll help Ralph, Vanellope, White, Pink and Phosphora find Snow White if we can," said Pit. "I'm not tired out yet, but I'm willing to bet the Trix witches have her!"

"In the meantime, us Contras will keep the Xenomorphs at bay in Aliens: Extermination," added Lance. "But, Arctic will need to stick around until Blaze comes back with the Personalterfier. By the way, 9-Volt, we need you to do us a favor: whatever happens from this point forth, be it Red Falcon's sudden resurrection from the dead or some terrorist organization plotting to recreate his legacy of war against man and Bomber alike, don't hesitate or cry. When the time comes, just act alongside Phoebe and the others. Purple Basilisk's the coward, not you or your family."

Vanellope brought up her two cents, "And besides, I'm not gonna cry anymore. We're gonna try Dance Dance Revolution X2."

But Felix began to worry more about Calhoun than the situation at hand. "I can't wait around for my wife anymore. I've gotta go over to Hero's Duty and see if she's--"

"Okay?" came Calhoun's voice. "I came back as soon as I heard news about Siren Bomber's arrival. I swear, if she did anything to hurt you, I'll grind her into the ground!"

"She only managed to scare 9-Volt, but our pals were able to chase her off."

"At least the Core Four's back together again," said Ralph. "Oh, and White, I think you and Pink might wanna stay here and look after your Bomber-pals while Felix and Calhoun give me and Vanellope a hand. You both look tired out; no offense." White and Pink nodded silently in agreement.

"Um...guys?" asked Patricia. "I don't wanna sound like I'm offending anybody, but I'm not into Disney Princesses. Well, if I were to pick one since I'd been dared to do by the rest of the Lower Birth at times...I'd say Mulan."

"Oh...I see."

"My favorite Disney Princess is Aurora," Keyla told Patricia, "because she's graceful, beautiful, sweet and kind like a good-hearted mother willing to keep her child safe from harm. That's why I became 9-Volt's guardian angel, even though I'm younger than him by about 3 or 4 years."

"And your being here at his side gave him the strength to help me and the Lower Birth turn good, mostly by talking to me. I warmed up to him in return and became one of his guardian angels too. Not only did I begin teaching you and him everything I know about balance, let alone ball-walking, you and I learned quickly not to get jealous of each other over him."

"Ball-walking?" asked Vanellope.

"It may sound easy at first, but it's really tough to master because balancing takes practice. Trust me, I know, which is why 9-Volt and Keyla are taking it slow."

"Sounds like an interesting act, nonetheless," said Phoebe. "I'd love to learn about it someday when we're done with our quest to defeat Vaati. Better yet, 9-Volt, Keyla and I can learn all about it together!"

Ami smiled. "9-Volt, Phoebe, Keyla and Patricia: the Best Bouncing Ball Buddies. So, are we all good to go from here? Aaron and I aren't licked yet just because Warlock and the Trix took away our digitized power-ups during the fight."

With their plan in motion, everybody took their leave for the assigned games, but not before Belle, Ariel and Aurora stopped 9-Volt's group for just a moment, with Aurora being the first to speak. "While we remain under the distressed damsel spell, we still believe that all the children of the world will feel extra safe as long as we live on in their hearts - boys and girls."

"However, we also want them to be brave like we are, even during such dangerous times," said Ariel. "9-Volt, since you think of me as your favorite Disney Princess, I want you to be brave in your battles against dark forces for me, okay? I'm not saying this because you're a coward, but rather that I believe helping each other from time to time, regardless of age, can make the world safe for future generations and also discourage the likes of Siren Bomber from constantly bullying people." Then the redhead raised her hands to cast a spell, encasing 9-Volt, Phoebe, Keyla, Patricia, Cherry and Yuffie in air bubbles. "The Bubble Barriers will bounce just about every attack off of you except for sharp objects, in addition to allowing you to breathe underwater. You can also bounce on dry land to reach higher ground."

"No more acting scared, just be brave and stick close to your friends, be they your age or older than you," encouraged Belle.

[End BGM]
[Reunion BGM: Victory is Near (Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones)]

9-Volt shed a couple happy tears from his eyes, feeling the three princesses' pep talk gave him and his friends plenty of morale. "Th-thank you, Ariel...Aurora...and Belle! I think you're starting to return to normal for real just by giving me advice about bravery!"

"'re probably right," smiled Ariel. "The curse is getting weaker and weaker by the minute!"

"At this rate," said Belle, "us Disney Princesses will be ready and willing to help you and all your friends return peace to Disneyland and the smiles to the faces of the people as well as good-hearted children everywhere! Just as I told Ralph, the best solution to removing a curse comes from the heart. The time will come when we princesses are all ready to free Vaati from his own torment."

"Besides, 9-Volt," Keyla reassured, "you'll always be safe and sound as long as your guardian angels are around. Still, it's good that you're finally becoming brave enough to fight alongside us. We're in this together, and that's all you need to know."

"Just the way your mom and I raised you," added Mona. "Never be afraid to help out your guardian angels every now and then. But what's more important is to help them out of bravery and kindness. Siren Bomber only wants your soul along with Pit and Felix's, because she's afraid of us and often brainwashes men into doing all her dirty work out of selfishness and malice."

"Zap that bad ol' Doggie and his goons in Time Crisis 4 with your Phosphora Bow for me!" cheered Phosphora. "I'll teleport myself to your aid if things get dicey, or when it's time to deliver the finishing blow. Yuffie?"

"Way ahead of you, Phos." The teen ninja turned over to 9-Volt and his friends. "We'll take 'em together with the power of positive feelings! 9-Volt, let's you and me and your best pals strike 'em big like bowling pins! C'mon, big smile now...that's it, just a bit more...there we go! That's the kind of face we all want you to have."

"WE'RE GONNA WRECK IT!" whooped Ralph. "No heartless forces are gonna scare our little friends anymore!"

[End BGM]


[Stage BGM: Fortress - Part 3 (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Radical Rescue)]

Mission 4: Stamping out terror
As Blaze Bomber closes in on Mosquito Bomber and her Personalterfier in Soul Calibur II, his allies set off for the other arcade games in order to free the remaining Disney Princesses.
Meanwhile, those who have tormented young kids like 9-Volt would be in for a rude awakening, for even the youth can stand up to evil. It was time he proved his mettle, but not without sticking close to his friends so neither one would get killed in the end.
November 11, 20XX
2:30 PM

"Well, I never, Blaze!" ranted Mosquito Bomber, holding her ground alongside Trigger Bomber deep inside an Egyptian tomb, one of the battle stages available in Soul Calibur II. "You think you can stop the likes of us and steal my Personalterfier now?"

"Think again!" Trigger Bomber pulled out a Gooey Bomb and stuck it to the nefarious device itself, intent on destroying it rather than relinquish it. Much like a real life ant-tank sticky bomb, or No. 74 ST Grenade, the glowing orange sphere in a blob of goo could stick to anything, even other people, its flashing gradually increasing in speed prior to detonation. "Just a part of Mosquito's little insurance policy to make sure you never return your precious Disney Princesses back to their complete, normal selves!"

"NO!" shouted Blaze Bomber, attempting to pull the Gooey Bomb out of the Personalterfier only to get it stuck to his face. "Dang it! I've gotta get it off before it blows!" He threw himself forward at the two Chaotic Bombers, who pulled out all the stops to get away, but it wasn't long before Blaze got the bomb off himself and onto Mosquito's head, still attached to the Personalterfier just as it exploded, sending her careening into a wall.

"Awww," mocked Trigger Bomber, "you guys won't be able to undo the Damsel-in-Distress curse now. You'll never get anymore Disney Princesses from us, this I swear!"

Mosquito Bomber coughed up some smoke from the explosion as she wiped herself clean. "But as your reward for coming this far just to get us, we'll grant you something else to play with. That way, see, you're not too disappointed! So long, flame boy!" She and Trigger teleported out of the game; in their place was a huge, four-legged beast with a steel mask on and a long spiky tail.

[End BGM]
[Boss BGM: Boss Battle (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Radical Rescue)]

The Helmasaur King, as the creature was called, trekked around the arena, spitting fireballs that split into three and then into four as they dispersed. Fortunately, Blaze Bomber could absorb them since he's technically a flame-based Bomberman, but to break that mask was another story. He had no bombs nor a Magic Hammer in his possession.

"Maybe if I thrust myself hard enough..." He took his own idea into consideration as he absorbed more fireballs to increase his power whilst avoiding the Helmasaur King's long mace-like tail whip. By taking in enough fire he was able to turn it against the boss by thrusting himself forward like a rocket, smashing the mask three times until it shattered, revealing the Helmasaur King's face with a large green diamond on his head. His attacks grew wilder and faster at that point; even those didn't keep Blaze Bomber from eventually destroying him by hitting his real weak spot. The creature roared in agony, dropping to the floor as he exploded into a huge wisp of purple smoke. In spite of Blaze's victory, neither of the captured Disney Princesses were here.

[End BGM]

"Well, at least we can still try to break the spell over the Disney Princesses," he said to himself, "even without the Personalterfier. I can only hope Belle's right, though..."


[Stage BGM: Hell Messenger (Contra III: The Alien Wars)]

Not far from Soul Calibur II, 9-Volt and his friends were currently making their way through Time Crisis 4, starting at the airport but without assistance from its protagonists since they too had been taken prisoner by Vaati. Luckily, though, Yuffie's with them meaning they'd be able to survive to the end, wherever Wild Dog may be hiding. But they had to take out the terrorists and the Terror Bites coming their way, all the while remembering to take cover like in the game so they wouldn't get shot. Upon making their way out to the streets, they encountered a large baboon-like robot recognized by 9-Volt and Phoebe as none other than Spark Mandrill.

"Time to get started!" The Maverick jumped down from top of a downed truck as he said his words. "Well, I most certainly didn't expect a bunch of children like you to show up. I see Wimp-It Ralph and his buddies resorted to cowardice by sending kids after me. The point is, I'm not the smartest guy around, but I have a feeling that Vaati and Purple Basilisk are right."

"I'd watch my mouth if I were you," warned Yuffie.

"Phoebe and I beat you in Mega Man X," added 9-Volt, "we can do it again in real life! At least I think so, even if we don't have Shotgun Ice..."

"Now, kids...You never thought that maybe Vaati was right and you were wrong? Those Disney Princesses belong to him and nobody else. Then again, I don't like thinking either, but maybe we can find the answer together - in battle!"

9-Volt, thinking back to his and Phoebe's training with Yuffie at Diamond Dojo in regards to using the power of imagination, thought up something cold enough to combat Spark Mandrill. Then the Ice Rod from the Zelda series appeared in his hands. With a few swings, he shot an ice beam at the large baboon, freezing him in place just as he was inches away from dash-punching the group.

"9-Volt, you just gave us an idea!" chirped Phoebe. "Like in Mega Man X, whenever Spark Mandrill is frozen by his weakness to Shotgun Ice, he'll have to break free of the ice, forcing a repeat of his action cycle in accordance to his boss AI programming. This makes him ultimately easy to defeat: freeze, wait, and repeat."

By the time the girl finished talking, Spark Mandrill broke free of the ice and threw his fist downwards to generate his Electric Spark, but 9-Volt simply froze him again. The group repeated that action until Spark Mandrill fell over to the ground, saying his last words before exploding like a bomb, "So this is what it's like..."

Afterwards, they were digitally teleported to a forest region, their Bubble Barriers still intact, fighting off more terrorists and Terror Bites - with a little help of some lightning arrows from 9-Volt's Phosphora Bow, no doubt - until they came to a nearby lake whereupon they were all pulled in by some metallic tentacles. It didn't take long to realize these tentacles belonged to Launch Octopus.

"Now, now, I can't have you bossing Wild Dog and his boys around, right?"

"You're just as Maverick as you really are!" retorted Cherry.

"Maverick?! How dare you snot-nosed brats call my artistic battle style by that name! I'll have you all know that I am an artist of underwater combat, but no one in the world has recognized that fact...not until now."

"But Purple Basilisk and Vaati recognize that?" questioned Yuffie.

Launch Octopus nodded in response. "That's right. And now I'm fighting to create an entire world that does, too! This is a very important battle for me as I have been summoned from my own game; therefore I'll show you how an artist fights!"

"Oh no, you don't!" The teen ninja bounced her way towards Launch Octopus and chopped off his tentacles with her Conformer, preventing him from pulling the group towards him in a whirlpool to drain their energy. All he could rely upon were his fish-like Homing Torpedoes. Then Yuffie blurted to her friends, "He's less of a threat now, fellas! Everybody do the pinball!"

"Just like in Kirby's Pinball Land!" chirped 9-Volt, bouncing around the lake and smashing Launch Octopus alongside Phoebe and Keyla. Patricia also bounced her way forward and shocked him really good with electricity from her hands, messing up his circuitry so much he couldn't concentrate on the battle at hand. Even Cherry got in on the action and made the best of things as fire obviously doesn't work underwater. Finally, 9-Volt charged up his Phosphora Bow and did his friends proud by dealing the final blow.

[End BGM]

As Launch Octopus floated lifelessly underwater, a glowing light began to form in the center of his body. "Ohhh, what pure elegance...Such a lovely aura! Even my explosion is beautiful..." Upon saying his last words, he closed his eyes and shed a tear just as he detonated in a big explosion, the jet stream-like force shooting 9-Volt's group out of the water and back on land. Luckily, their bouncy Bubble Barriers still remained intact. Had Spark Mandrill succeeded in popping the shields with his Electric Spark earlier, they would have had problems dealing with Launch Octopus by then.

[Boss BGM: VS Double (Mega Man X4)]

Finally after all the fighting, the kids were teleported to an overtaken military base inside a hangar where Wild Dog awaited them with his heavily-modified gun arm, now sporting a grappling hook and a tractor beam aside from the gatling gun. His sunglasses with circular lens and a brown, floor-length trenchcoat he usually wore were enough to convince the group that he is notorious for being difficult to beat in the Time Crisis games he's appeared in. For some reason, he also possessed the ability to resurrect himself back to life sometime after blowing himself up, whereas the other boss characters that were fought in the games typically stay dead after being defeated in combat.

Wild Dog threw off his trenchcoat, revealing a collared shirt and a tie, and suspenders that held up his brown trousers. "I was hoping for a serious battle with Wreck-It Ralph or perhaps these so-called Contras that Purple Basilisk told me about, not a mere child's play with wimpy kids like you. Cinderella's gonna be my Wild Cheetah, so give up now and get outta town!"

"Not anymore," retorted 9-Volt, "because she and the other Disney Princesses belong to everyone who believes in them and their bravery, personality-wise!"

"We're helping 9-Volt show evil jerks like you that he's not the same scared little boy anymore!" shouted Phoebe, readying her Ball Cannon.

"Ha ha ha ha ha!" taunted Wild Dog. "You think your self-esteem can aid you in my defeat? That's a laugh! And by the way, if anyone's bound to be the true king of this Disneyland, much less Game Central Station, it's Turbo. Vaati can have his personal dolls for all I care anyway, but I say Cinderella belongs to me!"

Seeing how tough the man was to beat, 9-Volt felt it was time he called Phosphora to his aid by blowing his cloud whistle. The lightning girl arrived with a flash, announcing out loud, "Yes, you called?"

"Yep!" said 9-Volt. "Guys, this one's on me. Phosphora and I will take care of that jerk."

"Okay," acknowledged Phoebe, "and the rest of us will stop the Terror Bites and Wild Dog's henchmen from intervening. Best of luck to us all!"

But Wild Dog wasn't intent on going down without a fight. "Hear me and fear me now: I am the most powerful warrior even the V.S.S.E. has ever known! My newly-modified gun arm will make short work of you lapdogs! Cinderella is mine...ALL MINE!" He backed up his words by using the tractor beam on his left arm to drag some heavy objects like a magnet and throw at 9-Volt and Phosphora, who were quick to get out of the way thanks to the girl's lightning teleportation. "You're good, but I'm afraid you won't be needing your bubble-like shield anymore." Wild Dog jumped around and stunned the pair long enough for him to grab 9-Volt with the tractor beam, its electricity causing his Bubble Barrier to pop and his Ice Rod to disappear as well. Phosphora, on the other hand, shook her head to regain her senses and used her long scarf as an electric whip to paralyze Wild Dog, freeing 9-Volt in the process. The boy returned fire with rapid-gunfire from his Phosphora Bow aimed directly at the terrorist's head, causing him to drop whatever heavy crates his tractor beam might have picked up. Meanwhile, Yuffie took note of 9-Volt's current situation and cast Protect and Shell on him to reduce physical and magic damage, all the while slashing the mantis-like Terror Bites with her Conformer. Cherry kept her Bubble Barrier intact by bouncing around and knocking the terrorists and the beetle-like Terror Bites away from Phoebe, Keyla and Patricia, followed by burning the mosquito-like Terror Bites with her fire magic.

Back at the fight, Wild Dog became frustrated at how an ordinary kid like 9-Volt would be able to constantly stun and zap him with the Phosphora Bow of all enchanted weapons. "Graaargh! You're just a little boy! You're supposed to fear me and others like myself! Siren Bomber traumatized you!" Realizing his tractor beam could be countered by 9-Volt and Phosphora's lightning attacks, he frequently resorted to his grappling hook and fired armor-piercing bullets from his gatling gun. But the pair was ready for it. They combined the charged-up Phosphora Bow with the ball lightning, and by firing simultaneously at Wild Dog, the electricity arced through his grappling hook all the way to his body, causing his tractor beam to overload and drag several objects toward himself like a magnet gone awry, burying him in the process. Predictably, he pulled his detonator out of the rubble and blew himself up, prompting Phosphora to get herself and 9-Volt out of range through lightning teleportation.

[End BGM]


[Victory BGM: Maiden Freed (The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures)]

With the terrorist dead and all of the Terror Bites neutralized, the remaining corrupt soldiers were forced to flee and report back to Vaati. Out of the billowing smoke came a blue crystallized prison that shattered into pieces to reveal Cinderella at last.

"Where am I? Is the foul Wild Dog gone now?"

"Cinderella!" the heroic group blurted simultaneously.

"Oh! You came here to rescue me! Such bravery and teamwork for a young boy and his female companions!"

"I just know 18-Volt is proud to hear I'm not just a scared little boy anymore," said 9-Volt, "I really had him, Mona and my mom worried."

"True," added Phosphora, "but you came through and showed us what you can do. I'm super-proud of you, little lightning bro!" She tickled and hugged him playfully.

The boy blushed at the thought as he returned the warm hug. "It was mostly you and my other guardian angels' bravery, kindness and strength that convinced me not to be so afraid anymore. Not to brag or anything."

"On top of that," joined Phoebe, "Ariel and the other Disney Princesses taught him plenty about bravery and standing up to the forces of evil."

"You've freed them from the spell cast upon them?" asked Cinderella.

"Technically, they sorta freed themselves just by talking with 9-Volt and telling him there's nothing to be afraid of," explained Yuffie. "Like Belle said, the best solution comes from the heart."

"Yes, it is true...So that means only Snow White remains a prisoner. Come, let us return to safety." After Cinderella finished expressing her gratitude, Phosphora gestured for everyone to hold each other's hands as she teleported them and herself out of the game with a lightning flash, and back to Sugar Rush where they awaited Ralph's group's safe return with Snow White.

[End BGM]


"Faster than a donut! Stronger than cardboard! I am Wario-Man!!" ~Wario (from WarioWare: Touched!)

"What is Bill Rizer? It is just the name of a single entity who has been gone for centuries." ~Master Contra (from Neo Contra)

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Chapter 6: A brief history of darkness

[Interlude BGM: Sector 1 (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)]

Somewhere on the other side of Earth in reality lies a decommissioned island base - and an artificial one as a matter of fact - off the coast of Bangkok, Thailand. This island was once built and intended for use as Purple Basilisk's base of operations during the aftermath of the Alien Wars, but due to Bill and Lance's intervention at his other base in Vietnam, the island became decommissioned and shut down, including but not limited to, its automated defense system. In short, everything seemed empty...until now.

Over the past two months following the end of World War III and Red Falcon's reign of terror on Earth, the only occupant on this island was none other than a humanoid alien soldier, who called himself Yellow Cobra. Although not much was known about him, he worked for Red Falcon as Second Lieutenant (whereas Purple Basilisk was ranked First Lieutenant); he led his men during the assault which Arctic Bomber herself unleashed against them in her blind rage as a reaction to the US soldiers of Delta Force getting killed (including Sergeants Mad Dog and Scorpion) while assisting the Contras, on Galuga Island. Only Yellow Cobra survived, but was left for dead. A few of his surviving comrades evacuated him to the decommissioned island base off the coast of Thailand, whereupon they recreated him as a cyborg. Yellow Cobra in return brought in a dead warrior, a human serial killer no doubt, who was once a hunter, then poacher, and now freelance terrorist with a penchant for killing every living animal he saw in the most unethical ways possible. On top of that, the evil middle-aged man was not above killing people he deemed as oppressors to his personal vendetta, be they park rangers or otherwise. He was incarcerated twice, but when World War III broke out, he saw the opportunity to break out an literally turned traitor to all the people of Earth by joining the Red Falcon Empire as an excuse to kill the Contras.

When last they crossed swords - or rather guns in his case - with him, he was on the verge of wiping out the Yoshis on Dinosaur Land in what he deemed as the greatest hunt in the universe, but it didn't take much for the Contras to pinpoint his exact whereabouts with Penny and Blaze's help, and eventually shut him down by destroying his illegally-modified weapons and anything he'd use to make his escape (including a stolen stealth helicopter he once modified to teleport him in and out of the underworld to evade capture). Apparently the Contras taught the Yoshis how to defend themselves and their home during their 3-day vacation after defeating Red Falcon and before the evil poacher arrived. His real name was unknown to everyone, for he insisted that he be referred to as Swampster the Terrible ever since the day he took his vengeance upon the unnaturally ravenous grizzly bear that killed his father during a hunt. Even so, he wasn't satisfied, for he wanted more glory than ever to be the greatest hunter in the world, his own motivations driving him to madness. He would then sell his services to those who are willing to pay him a hefty fee, be it a canned hunt, assassination on a target of choice, or flat-out poaching in general.

After the attack on Galuga Island to take out the last remaining Dastardly Bomber, Brain Bomber, Swampster too was left for dead like Yellow Cobra, only he had to have an alien cell injected within to save his life. He lives on forevermore as part-human, part-alien and is described by the Contras as "one sick traitorous bastard who may as well as Sniper Bomber's long-lost son."

"Whoa...where am I, and why do I feel so different all of a sudden?"

"You're in what used to be one of Purple Basilisk's two island bases," answered Yellow Cobra, "but I own it now. In fact, I own you, so you better be willing to do as I say, or I'll send you back to hell."

"What happened to Lords Red Falcon, Sniper Bomber and Axe Bomber, anyway?"

"Dead, thanks to the insipid Contras and their friends. Fortunately, Sniper and Axe aren't too difficult to revive along with Volcano to bring back the Hate Bombers, but it will require venturing to a deeper section in the underworld to find something valuable that we can use to compensate for the loss of Dracula's Crimson Stone. Furthermore, transferring all operations to the underworld is an absolute must if we're to avoid an easy detection, which is why I've managed to recruit plenty of Earth's worst kinds of scum from the existing terrorist groups that pale in comparison to the Red Falcon Empire. It is fortunate that Lord Red Falcon's ambitions served as a magnet to attract them into recreating his legacy of war against the planet even after World War III had ended."

"In other words, it wasn't too difficult to bring 'em in. Heh heh, this is gonna be one helluva campaign, but I say our first order of business is to get revenge on the Contras, and I know just where they live in. And I'm gonna do it my way if I have to..."

"That's fine by me, something to keep them occupied while our preparations to rebuild the Red Falcon Empire are being completed. Legends indicate that no living thing on the surface, be it human or animal, could ever survive the evil realm's hostile environment for more than an hour, so I've implanted into each of our men, including yourself, a dose of Red Falcon's alien DNA in order to keep them alive indefinitely. There used to be the castle of the lord of hell known as Pandaemonium, but it is no more, thanks to the insufferable Contras' endeavors in our supreme master's defeat. Our best bet is to use a certain arcade cabinet said to have been banished forever to the underworld since 1981 as a portal to the realm we refer to as Polybius, located in the underworld's forbidden temple called Nethertainment, home to all the worst video games to have ever been created by money-hungry humans...or, so the Internet points out to us. It will, however, be our new base of operations due to its rather unpleasant environment rendering all non-demons dead in an hour."

"Ahhh, I've heard of Polybius once. Stories about how it had the power to derezz the human mind with its various psychological effects, causing all kinds of weak-willed victims to suffer from amnesia, night terrors and a tendency to stop playing all video games. It existed in Portland, Oregon in the US for only about a month in 1981, but now it's said to be long gone."

Yellow Cobra grinned maliciously. "Hmm hmm hmm...gone to them, but not to us! Historians these days had since claimed it to be part of a secret government experiment to brainwash the players with its subliminal messages, but enough history talk. Speaking of subliminal messages, even the Contras wouldn't dare to step in to Polybius without risking death upon themselves! We can revive the Hate Bombers there with its power, but it will be more difficult and time-consuming to do the same for Lord Red Falcon as the Crimson Stone is no more."

"Well, ain't that somethin'! No point in me standin' around any longer now that you told me about our plans, right? I'm so gonna have a lotta fun obliterating the Contras right on their home turf...but what about Purple Baslisk and his self-titled dynasty?"

Yellow Cobra scoffed in response. "Bah! That petty manchild couldn't conquer his way out of a paper bag if it gave him a snakebite to the nose! As such, he is of no use to us when all he wants is to run things his way rather than follow in Lord Red Falcon's footsteps, especially since he at one point committed mutiny against our empire. In short, terminate him and his minions if necessary. But it matters little if you get lucky or not, just as long as you don't come begging me for mercy. You'll get no sympathy."

Swampster had a smug look on his face, as though the last sentence didn't faze him one bit. "Hah, I never believed in that weakling term to begin with anyway."

"Well, what are you waiting for?! Get out there and stop the Contras!"


Nethertainment was indeed strictly forbidden to all the residents of the underworld, including criminals who would dwell there to avoid getting caught by the overworld authorities. Polybius and TurboTime were among the first games to have been banished there and Video Game Nightmare (located beneath Phoebe's old home, Video Game Dream) as well, then came the following games that were flat-out bad in general (be they arcade or home console), such fine examples including:

Atari 2600
E.T. the Extra Terrestrial
Pac-Man (based on Namco's titular arcade classic at first glance)
Squeeze Box (one of the unlicensed low-quality games said to have contributed to the Video Game Crash)

Action 52
Cheetahmen II
Captain Planet and the Planeteers
Any unlicensed game made by Color Dreams and/or Wisdom Tree

Phillips CD-i
Hotel Mario
Zelda: Wand of Gamelon
Link: The Faces of Evil
Zelda's Adventure

The list of video games banished to both Nethertainment and Video Game Nightmare also included Rise of the Robots, Plumbers Don't Wear Ties on 3DO, Superman on Nintendo 64, Bomberman: Act Zero on X-Box 360, and even the games that were developed by Data Design Interactive (i.e. Ninjabread Man). TurboTime may not have been marked as a bad video game, but the reason it was banished was because of its main character's tendency to crash any racing game that he felt to have "stolen his thunder", which at one point led him to turning Atari Games' RoadBlasters into a wasteland by deliberately crashing it at Litwak's Arcade, leading both the game and his own to be put out of order for good. When the game was later brought to attention in Video Game Dream, Phoebe's father, the benevolent king, kept a close eye on it to see if the story was true. It didn't take longer than a day for him to banish TurboTime to Video Game Nightmare when he noticed Turbo game-jumping into an Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off Road arcade cabinet and crashing it from within.

To this day, even a game character who died outside their own game can be descended to the Polybius cabinet within Nethertainment in the underworld if they had been bad their whole lives. No innocent soul would dare imagine how horrifying it would be, like one time when Vanellope's rightful position was restored after the Cy-Bug incident at Litwak's Arcade, she jokingly sentenced the Sugar Rush racers who had been mean to her to be executed, sending them (especially Taffyta) bawling in tears. Rumor has it that whenever a troublemaker dies inside their own game, they would get a quick view of Polybius before regenerating in the digital realm, its brief tour being enough to show them what would happen if they don't change their ways prior to dying outside their game. So far, Turbo was the first game character ever to have ended up in Polybius after dying at Diet Cola Mountain in Sugar Rush due to having ruined both his own game and RoadBlasters at Litwak's Arcade back in 1987 and surviving to take over the candy go-kart racing game by stealing Vanellope's throne (all the while disguising himself as King Candy to conceal his real intentions). Needless to say, Polybius was so unbearable that just about nobody - as in nobody in the digital realm - would ever want to go there should they happen to perish outside their own game(s), not even game villains like M. Bison from Street Fighter, Willy from Double Dragon, and perhaps the Shredder from Konami's two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade installments. However, there are quite a few villains who simply don't care what happens as long as they feel they have the power to rule over all, such as Shao Kahn from Midway's Mortal Kombat franchise...or, so the residents of both Game Central Stations in Litwak's Arcade and Blaze Bomber's Diamond Arcade World have witnessed.

[End BGM]


Right after the Cy-Bug incident was neutralized along with Turbo's reign in Sugar Rush, the Core Four devised a plan to deter video game villains from going down the same path Turbo did (which was a bit ironic as Ralph is a villain himself in Fix-It Felix Jr.). The felon who caused trouble outside his or her own game during and/or after hours would be given three choices: remain in the game but go super easy on the players for up to 6 months without ever giving a slight increase in difficulty; go straight to the Fungeon in Sugar Rush in glitch-proof chains after hours for up to 6 months; or be magically transformed into his or her chibified self in the shape of a bowling pin to be put in Sugar Rush's bowling alley called Sugar Bowl-O-Rama, on the opposite end of the lane alongside the other pins. The felon(s) would then be bowled over by the kids' bowling ball-sized gumballs time after time in a Bowl Over event similar to that of ten-pin bowling for up to 3 months to serve out their sentence. It may even take place during a game session as a bonus chance for extra time in the next race, assuming the player won first place in the last one.

Ralph, Vanellope, Felix and Calhoun made it clear after Purple Basilisk summoned Vaati to take over Disneyland and turn the first six Disney Princesses into stereotypical damsels in distress, that as soon as they and their allies finish changing the princesses back to normal and defeating Vaati to save Disneyland, Vanellope would sentence the Basilisk Dynasty and the video game villains who sold out to its leader to be magically transformed into bowling pins for all the innocent children and the princesses to bowl over at Sugar Bowl-O-Rama whenever the namesake event is in session, as a divine punishment for disgracing the aforementioned maidens' well-respected image with Mosquito Bomber's Personalterfier. Only Vanellope had the ability to change the chibified wrongdoers back to normal, provided they truthfully confess to the evils they wrought upon the innocent. She kept it all in mind as she helped Ralph and co. in their mission to rescue Snow White...


"Faster than a donut! Stronger than cardboard! I am Wario-Man!!" ~Wario (from WarioWare: Touched!)

"What is Bill Rizer? It is just the name of a single entity who has been gone for centuries." ~Master Contra (from Neo Contra)

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Chapter 7: Penetrating Vaati's dark winds

[Interlude BGM: Bowser's Castle (Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story)]

"D'aaarrgh...stupid snipers...AGH, QUIT SNIPING ME! Can't you see I'm not your main threat?! I knew I should have played Tetris instead of Call of Duty: Black Ops II on my computer!"

Purple Basilisk was making use of his time while Vaati ran the aptly-named Palace of Winds in Disneyland, mainly by playing what the "hardcore gamers" were playing these days on the PC - if not all of them. He had the door to his room in the underworld hideout locked so no one would disturb him, but little did ke know that even a door lock could not keep Vaati out.

"Basilisk! BASILISK!" boomed the all-too-familiar voice.


Geez, you scream everytime you die, said one of the players on Purple Basilisk's headset. We're just here to defeat you fair and square without having to put up with any childish whining. This is exactly why underaged kids shouldn't be playing M-rated games at all.

Yeah, said the other player's voice. I mean, c'mon! Don't you wanna defeat this "stupid sniper" who, I might add, is just that good at owning you?


"It's my co-worker, you'll have to excuse me..." Then Purple Basilisk took off his headset momentarily and covered the mic so nobody could hear him. "VAATI, DRINK YOUR SHADOW JUICE OR SOMETHING! I'M BUSY!"

"EXCUSE ME?!" The self-proclaimed Wind Mage broke open the locked door with his gusty winds, causing the Internet connection to be terminated, whilst leading the opponents to believe Purple Basilisk could not take losing and disconnected on purpose.

"Sigh...Yes, yes, what is it?!"

"While you were busy procrastinating in this Call of Duty you keep blabbering about lately, a certain group of children had been contributing to Game Central Station's success in crashing my soon-to-be wedding party! They are probably already rescuing the last of the imprisoned Disney Princesses at this very moment! You know full well I can't kidnap a beautiful maiden that catches my fancy if she is not a damsel-in-distress; you saw what Mulan and her dragon pet did to me earlier!"

"Let me guess: it's 9-Volt and three of his troublesome best friends, especially Phoebe. Bah, they're barely even worth our time!"

"Easy for you to say, considering their recent talk about bravery this and bravery that, according to recent reports from our minions! I thought your subordinate Mosquito Bomber did a good job turning the Disney Princesses into damsels-in-distress!"

"So did I, unless..."

Vaati paused for a moment to think this through, and continued, "Her invention must still have bugs for all we know. Such irony for someone who calls herself the Insectoid Queen! And as for those four pesky kids, their sudden bravery reminds me too much of the four insufferable Links to overlook any longer! Your summoned minions have failed to hold on to the Disney Princesses, so I'll have to handle this problem myself! When I'm through, they will beg me to become their true king of Disneyland, or they'll never see their little friends again!!"

Then Boxer Bomber showed up to join the conversation, eager enough to bring out a back-up plan of his own despite his loss to Yuffie. "Fear not, Vaati! I've come prepared to deal with those foos who think they can win! Betcha they can't beat us at football, if you know what I mean..."

"Or chess, in my case," interrupted Warlock Bomber, having teleported in with Boxer. "We may have lost the first six Disney Princesses to them, but we still hold the others prisoner...along with Princesses Sofia and Amber and Prince James of Enchancia. My intellect on the ancient game of kings is far beyond the reaches of parasites like the Contras and their friends, for not once have I ever lost to a single soul, let alone a Grandmaster."

Boxer was not convinced one bit as he detested the idea of strategizing, preferring to use brawn as a means to crushing his foes. "You're gonna challenge them to that one game where all you do is move these little pieces around on a board?"

Warlock chuckled sinisterly. "Yes...but not in the way anybody would expect..."

[End BGM]


Ralph and his friends had a little trouble getting Snow White back because of the Trix witches that held her prisoner just as Pit predicted, but luckily it didn't take much for them to save her and the rest of Dance Dance Revolution X2 even when Phosphora had to answer 9-Volt's call through the sound of his cloud whistle. Still, Pit had a feeling that the fight against the witches was a bit too easy, as if they wanted him and his allies to think they freed Game Central Station with only Disneyland left to get inside...

An hour had since passed, for all the heroes needed a well-deserved rest in order to be prepped for the final part of their campaign in Disneyland: to penetrate Vaati's Palace of Winds while the Contras return to the real world and uncover a portal to the underworld with the combined help of Penny's technology and Ashley's magic. Yuffie would accompany Aaron, Ami, Bill, Lance, Arctic and Blaze in case they need her White Magic support during their mission to get into Purple Basilisk's hideout, and destroy the cloner to prevent him from summoning anymore boss characters to wreak havoc upon Game Central Station. As for Wario and Mona, they returned Pit's Magnus Club and Ore Club, stating they no longer needed either one since the six Disney Princesses were already rescued. In the meantime, it was all up to Ralph, Vanellope, Felix and Calhoun to lead their group towards Disneyland's freedom from Vaati's cruel grasp. But just moments after their plan went into motion, Vaati appeared out of nowhere and blew a gusty wind at everyone, giving him ample time to kidnap none other than 9-Volt, Phoebe, White and Pink!

[Alert BGM: Vaati's Theme (The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords)]

"Hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh! Surprised to see me? Ah, what do we--OW! OUCH!" Vaati was quickly interrupted by a painful zap to a couple of his tentacles, causing him to wince in agony. He held on to the kidnapped youngsters as tightly as he could while swinging his tentacles around until the source of his pain came off: 9-Volt's Phosphora Bow and Twinbellows Cannon along with his two whistles for calling Phosphora and/or Cherry, and Phoebe's Ball Cannon. "So, I take it their measly toys were enchanted with magic, eh?"

"It's Chi magic," said Cherry, "and evil monsters like you can't touch it!"

"It matters little. Your pint-sized heroes have done enough damage to my wedding ceremony! They're brave enough, but they're still too young to grasp my unstoppable might! You will bring all the original six Disney Princesses to my domain, or you'll never see your precious friends again!"

"GET YOUR BIG SLIMY TENTACLES OFF MY BEST BOUNCING BALL BUDDIES AND THEIR BOMBER-PALS!" yelled Patricia, ready to launch a powerful lightning strike when Vaati deflected it away with a tornado-like shield around his body.

"Your Best Bouncing Ball Buddies? AH, HA HA HA HA! Big talk for a silly child! The deal still stands: give me what's rightfully mine, or say goodbye to 9-Volt, Phoebe, White and Pink!"

[End BGM]

Patricia growled at Vaati's remark as he flew away, but Keyla calmed her down by placing a hand on her shoulder. "Don't let your anger get the best of you, Patricia. I know how awful bad it feels like to lose your friends."

"I know that, but--"

"We'll get them back together, don't worry."

Suddenly, Kat and Ana walked by and picked up 9-Volt's weapons. "We'll come save 9-Volt and his best friends," said Kat, brandishing the Twinbellows Cannon despite its weight.

"I'll hold his Phosphora Bow for him and show what Kat and I can really do as ninjas-in-training," added Ana.

Then came Mona. "I'll hold on to 9-Volt's whistles and Phoebe's Ball Cannon."

[Briefing BGM: Beware the Forest's Mushrooms (Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars)]

At first she was against the idea of Kat and Ana fighting Vaati's forces, but remembering the times they had tangled with some demons at Diamond Dojo in the past, she decided to let them tag along on one condition: that she supervise them as they help Wario, Ralph, Vanellope, Felix and Calhoun defeat Vaati, while everyone else focuses on freeing all the citizens of Disneyland who, according to the princesses, had been stoned by Warlock Bomber's Black Magic. The Contras were also told of what happened; thus they gave Ralph's group an entire supply of about 50 Gold Needles, which may not be enough to free everyone but at least increase the chances of purifying Disneyland of Vaati's dark forces.

"I'll accompany Pit and Phosphora while you save my son," 5-Volt told Mona. "Don't forget to call me if you're in trouble."

The redhead nodded with a reassuring smile. "Will do, ma'am. With all the original six Disney Princesses back to normal, we've got Vaati right where we want him!"

Then Calhoun instructed Pit and Phosphora, "Like Blaze Bomber said before he left with his fellow Contras, despite losing the Personalterfier, we were lucky its damsel-in-distress curse wasn't very powerful. Now, while we escort Ariel, Aurora and Belle in our mission to save Sofia, James and Amber of Enchancia along with 9-Volt, Phoebe, White and Pink of planets Earth and Bomber, you two will need to lead the others and find the four heroes of Alien vs. Predator as well as fellow S.T.A.A.R. members Lieutenant Stephanie Grant and Sergeant Major Marcus Bradley from Area 51. I'm sure they'll offer support once you un-stone them with these Gold Needles, but just to be on the safe side, tell them I sent you!"

"You mean you know these guys?" asked Pit.

"Of course I do. It's a rare sight to see what these light gun games before mine were like back in the day, for me at least."

"Isn't Alien vs. Predator a beat-'em-up?"

Phosphora answered for Calhoun, "It is, but more importantly, we have our orders. We'll meet Calhoun's group at the castle throne if we can. Kat, Ana, be real careful and save 9-Volt for us. That goes double for his best pals, 'kay?"

Kat and Ana saluted the Lightning Flash, acknowledging simultaneously, "Yes, ma'am!"

Pit, however, had something else in mind. "Oh, by the way, our Contra buddies told me to give you these before they returned to the real world to find Purple Basilisk's underworld hideout." He handed over four golden bracelets, each bearing a familiar symbol from the Zelda games. "Penny sent these Goron's Bracelets here after she heard we'd freed all the original six Disney Princesses and thought 9-Volt, Phoebe, White and Pink could make use of them because they're young...but then Vaati just HAD to ruin our moment, so you're gonna have to take over from here. Anyways...who's gonna wear the Goron's Bracelets?"

"How about me and Cool Black?" suggested Acrobat Aqua.

"No. I want you with me and Phosphora because we'll need support from your Bomberman-ish powers and stuff."


"Hey, no fret, Aqua," chirped Cool Black. "We'll all have saved everyone before you know it."

Belle stepped in for the two Bomber-kids. "I think you should just give Black and Aqua these bracelets anyway. Kat and Ana can wear the other two."

"Hooray!" cheered Aqua.

Pit shrugged, but obliged with Belle's request anyway and gave the Goron's Bracelets to the young Bombermen, whereas Kat and Ana put on the other two themselves. "Just a quick question: why aren't you three gonna accompany Snow White, Cinderella and Jasmine?"

"Because my husband and daughter, along with Belle and Aurora's loved ones, were turned to stone at the throne room in the Sleeping Beauty Castle," explained Ariel. "My father and my friends, including Scuttle, are safe back in Atlantica, but who knows for how long? That's why Belle, Aurora and I are going with Ralph instead. After all, I am 9-Volt's favorite Disney Princess, right?"

Pit blushed at the thought. "Heh. Good point."

"And besides, I have a pair of Power Bracelets to wear whenever I'm not in my mermaid form. That way, I still possess my Atlantean strength and endurance even on land."

Phosphora giggled. "I see why 9-Volt prefers you as his favorite above all others. You're like a power princess!"

Ariel grinned in response. "Yep! You learn a lot growing up in Atlantica from not only Scuttle for his knowledge of human objects, but also some newer princesses throughout Disneyland like Rapunzel. I have to be able to protect my family too, ever since the time I helped Prince Eric by holding off Ursula the Sea Witch to the best of my abilities long enough for him to defeat her. This may surprise you, but he actually used the splintered tip of a shipwreck as a spear! In short, we saved each other and...well, you could say we not only make a good couple, but also a good team."

"Like father, like daughter, that's for sure."

Then Pit wondered, "Wait, so if you're married to Prince Eric, doesn't that make him a king and you a queen? Then again, I only watched The Little Mermaid once, so..."

Ariel nodded. "Naturally, but I'm still classified as a Disney Princess for traditional reasons. So, Tammy, are we all set to go?"

"You bet we are," confirmed the sergeant. "Alright, ladies, the kitten whispers and tickle fights stop now. Let's head on to the Palace of Winds and kick Vaati out!"

But meanwhile, Rancis was worried that he and his fellow Sugar Rush racers might be next to get kidnapped as part of the ransom. "What if Vaati comes back while you're out?"

"We won't let him destroy our sugary world," assured Candlehead. "I'll stay with you the entire time for Vanellope's sake, even if Vaati snatches me away."

[End BGM]


Mission 5: Palace of Winds
The original six Disney Princesses were free at last, which just leaves everyone else in Disneyland to save. But to do that, Ralph must lead Vanellope, Felix, Calhoun, Wario, Mona, Kat and Ana in to Vaati's fortress while Pit and Phosphora's group do their part to keep the outer defenses busy. In the meantime, the Contras are doing their part to save Game Central Station and Disneyland by finding a way to get into Purple Basilisk's underworld hideout, at least before it's too late.
Aside from the four young heroes of Diamond City, Vaati also imprisoned Sofia, James and Amber of Enchancia somewhere in the castle.
November 11, 20XX
4:00 PM

[Intro BGM: Welcome to Hell (Castlevania the Adventure ReBirth)]

All set to go first, Ralph and his cohorts marched their way into the overtaken Disneyland to face Vaati's minions...

[End BGM]
[Stage BGM: Reincarnated Soul (Castlevania the Adventure ReBirth)]

"Here we go, fellas!" whooped Vanellope. "Let's wreck 'em up!"

"Wait a second..." Mona wondered, eyeing the presence of shadowy creatures. "Is it me, or did Purple Basilisk also summon the Heartless from Kingdom Hearts?"

Wario noticed some familiar monsters from the Legend of Zelda series. "There's also Moblins, Stalfos, Lizalfos, fire-breathing Dinolfos, Wizzrobes, ReDeads, Gibdos and Darknuts - all just itchin' to be smashed by good ol' Wario!"

But before the heroes could attack, the ReDeads paralyzed them with ear-piercing, bone-chilling shrieks, allowing the Gibdos to grab hold of them. They were quick to break free before the Gibdos could choke them to death, and Kat retaliated by using 9-Volt's Twinbellows Cannon (which, thanks to the Goron's Bracelet, was now easier for her to wield) to burn the thin, white cloth they were wrapped in, similar to their real-life mummified counterparts, revealing them as the ReDeads like in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Then Wario did his trademark body slam to mow down the undead creatures, followed by Mona crushing their remains with a well-timed charged shot from Phoebe's Ball Cannon.

"Ha ha! Right in the kisser!" boasted Wario. "Men fight with fists, and women fight with cannonballs! Though I did expect an explosion or two..."

"The Ball Cannon's charged shots are non-explosive unlike all the other cannons in Kid Icarus: Uprising," explained Mona, "but like Phoebe said, they can smash the enemies like bowling pins!"

"Oh well. I bet you gonna strike Siren Bomber really good the next time we see her!"

"My thoughts exactly, Wario. If she tries anything to hurt 9-Volt and Phoebe, she's asking for a big cannonball to the face."

But then Ralph interrupted, "Hate to ruin your moment, but we've got more monsters incoming!"

"Yeah, and my cherry bombs can only blast so much of them at once!" shouted Vanellope.

"Not to worry, kiddo!" assured Wario. "It's wrecking time for those jerks! Kat, Ana, you know what to do!"

Without saying a word to acknowledge Wario's instructions, Kat and Ana went in and timed their charged shots from 9-Volt's Twinbellows Cannon and Phosphora Bow, followed by their cross-slash technique via the katanas to mow down hordes of monsters, all the while destroying the Darknuts' suits of armor to reveal their under-armor chain mail, weakening them in the process. But true to the Twilight Princess incarnations, the Darknuts grew faster to compensate for the loss of their armor, thus requiring the girls to make use of spin attacks and back slices, thereafter killing them. The Heartless, Lizalfos and Dinolfos joined the fight to avenge the fallen Darknuts only for Ralph and Vanellope to make short work of them.

The Stalfos and Wizzrobes took advantage of the battle at hand by going for the three Disney Princesses. Ariel, however, was ready for it as she pulled out a rapier and chipped in to defend Aurora and Belle, having picked it out from her treasure grotto in Atlantica ahead of time. Apparently Scuttle, her seagull friend, forewarned her of Vaati's eventual appearance in Disneyland, similar to the time he warned her about Ursula being disguised as a human female named "Vanessa." Despite all that, Ariel and the other Disney Princesses were unprepared for Mosquito Bomber's Personalterfier and fell under the damsel-in-distress curse until they were rescued. The Stalfos cackled at Ariel's attempt to fight them in a dress and high heels, even brushing off her rapier, but not a moment too soon did they eat their words when she utilized swordplay to block their strikes and cut them to piles of bones when they dropped their guard, indicating to the Core Four and their non-Disney allies that she knew swordplay when she was a mermaid. The Wizzrobes fired magical bolts of energy from their hands as a retaliation effort, hurting Ariel a bit but not bad compared to the stronger spells they were about to cast next. Calhoun quickly took note of this and blew the Wizzrobes to bits with her assault rifle's built-in grenade launcher as its secondary fire, followed by Felix repairing Ariel's damaged rapier with his magic hammer.

[End BGM]
[Fight BGM: Mini-Boss Battle (The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask)]

Now outgunned, the Moblins fled the battle in panic, their morale having decreased sharply since the heroes showed them what for. All of a sudden, they reappeared aboard a pirate ship on a vast lake near the Palace of Winds, assisting a group of Stalfos in manning the cannons while a lone Darknut took the role of the ship's captain, thus regaining their opportunity to attack again by blasting Ralph's group with exploding cannonballs, inflicting considerable damage.

"OUCH!" winced Kat. "That hurts, y'know!"

"Ariel, Aurora, Belle, your dresses!" panicked Ana.

The Disney Princesses, however, weren't too worried. "Don't worry, Ana," said Belle, "we can always get them cleaned up with Tinker Bell's pixie dust, if we do rescue her at all."

Ariel had an idea. "We'll just have to beat these monsters at their own game. My longtime friend Scuttle taught me lots of human words, like ratsnmasher and feeny-meeny, in order to beat the pirates that kidnapped Sebastian one time, and that was long before I even met Prince Eric in person."

"Vaati's Palace of Winds isn't complete as of yet, therefore we still have a chance to get there by ship before it rises to the skies."

At that point, Wario predicted a song in order that typically spoke of the current situation. "Yeah yeah, no need to bust out a song or two like many Disney Princess movies do."

"Wario, don't be rude," snapped Mona. "If they want to sing about it as we move along, then let them do the singing."

"Aye, basura...okay, okay, they can sing while we help them take the blasted ship, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna love every bits and pieces of it!"


On board the pirate ship, one of the Moblins was berating his cohorts in between the cannon fire. "Ohh, you idiots! We not supposed to bomb Disney Princesses! Vaati get mad if he see them dirty!"

"Well, what were we supposed to do about it?!" complained one of the Stalfos. "They're not scared anymore!"

"Blow up interlopers, but do princesses no harm!"

"Too late, sire! They've already boarded the ship!"

"D'oh! Now we gotta protect our captain, so listen: set up all cannons and fire away! If they on ship that way, they get blown up!"

The Stalfos knew the counter-response would run the risk of destroying the pirate ship, but he acknowledged the order regardless. "Understood. Okay, maties, load the cannons and fire on my mark!" Just as the monsters were ready to light the fuses, Kat and Ana fired some charged shots inside the cannons to detonate the explosive balls prematurely, killing the Moblins and Stalfos within range.

"Excellent-a!" cheered Wario, punching some other monsters away. "Now that's demolition derby, only it's on a pirate ship."

As soon as the battle aboard the pirate ship erupted, the Darknut captain literally jumped into action to attack Felix and Calhoun who were in front of the three Disney Princesses. Vanellope, on the other hand, thought she saw something crawling inside the ship through an open cabin door, and glitched herself in with Ralph behind her. Perhaps that something is holding a prisoner or two below deck, they thought.

"Tammy, we're surrounded!" worried Felix.

"I know, but stay behind me!" Calhoun unloaded a few grenades at the Moblins and Stalfos until she ran out, prompting her to switch back to her rifle's primary fire. "Good Mod, they just keep bringing in reinforcements! Mona, do something about these monster generators near the cabin door! Ariel, see if you can find a pile of cannonballs for that ratsnmasher or whatever you and Scuttle call it!"

"Say no more, Sarge!" The two redheads moved into position and awaited the signal from Calhoun. When she counted up to 3 with her fingers, Ariel wasted not a second giving Mona a clear shot at the monster generators by shoving the cannonballs forward. "As my friends on the surface would say, LET'S BOWL!" Then she went for the other two piles and did the same, forcing the monsters to run away from Aurora and Belle as they got bowled over. The Darknut captain, now viewing Ariel as a threat, rushed in for the kill only to have his large sword swatted away by her hands, indicating again her Atlantean strength. He bellowed like a Norse god and lifted his shield to use as a hammer, but Aurora got out a magic wand that one of her "aunts", the Three Good Fairies, gave her sometime ago and cast a magic spell, stripping the Darknut of his armor by breaking it into pieces instantly. Now in his chain mail, he tossed the shield aside and unsheathed a small sword to finish the fight. Ariel took note of Aurora's assistance and parried the Darknut's attacks in time for the titular Sleeping Beauty to stun him with a different spell. Finally, she grabbed the monster by the arm and threw him overboard, decreasing the Moblins and Stalfos' morale sharply once again.

[End BGM]

After thanking Aurora for helping out a fellow Disney Princess, Ariel put her rapier back in its scabbard and picked up a cannonball from the floor, holding it underneath her shoulder. "That big ball might make a great addition to my treasure grotto."

"You're weird, Ariel, you know that?" retorted Wario. "What 9-Volt sees in you, I'll never understand."

"It's because he likes her for her curiosity and interest in human objects, Wario," said Mona, "so that along with her adventurous personality makes her his favorite Disney Princess. You've seen how curious I was with your microgames and treasure-hunting, remember?"

"But still--"

"If she wants to bring something back to her grotto in Atlantica, let her do so. Besides, I don't hear you complaining when I tagged along on some of your adventures."

"I agree with Mona," said Aurora. "Just let me cast a quick spell to remove all the gunpowder, so it doesn't explode on anyone." The pink princess did so with her magic wand, and Ariel thanked her again.

"Guess it's safe to say this ship is ours to use," commented Belle. "That is, if Ralph and Vanellope come back alive..."


[Alert BGM: Encounter with Vile (Mega Man Maverick Hunter X)]

Somewhere below deck, Ralph and Vanellope found their way around by using the lit fuse on the racer's cherry bomb as a torch. She wore a Peace Ring on her index finger, the very same ring from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages, to keep it and any other toon bombs shaped perfectly like a ball (big or small) from exploding in her hands. Sooner or later, they saw a large mechanical spider nestling itself next to a pair of crystallized prisons.

"Giant spiders..." mumbled Ralph. "Why'd it have to be giant spiders?"

[End BGM]
[Boss BGM: Vile Battle (Mega Man Maverick Hunter X)]

That spider, known in Mega Man X as Bospider, woke up and crawled through one of the four metal rails to the ceiling. It released mini spider robots and created a random path down its rails to attack the father-and-daughter duo. Vanellope used the light from her cherry bomb's fuse to spot Bospider's movement and glitched herself and Ralph out of the way, crushing the mini spider robots in the process. As soon as Bospider landed on the floor, the red core on its abdomen opened up, leaving it vulnerable for about two seconds. Since neither one had its weakness, the Shotgun Ice, Ralph punched the red core as hard as possible while Vanellope did a powerful stomp, followed by pelting Bospider with her cherry bombs until it closed its weak spot and crawled up the rails again.

Bospider grew faster as its life energy was taken off by half, spitting out more mini spider robots and rushing down its randomly-created paths, catching Ralph and Vanellope off guard a few times. Fortunately, they caught on to the increased speed of its attack path and finished it off with a synchronized hip drop. When the robot's life energy was gone, it rolled over onto its back and tucked its legs to its body before shining brightly, signaling an impending explosion. That's when Ralph and Vanellope realized a little too late that they were inside the powder room all along; they panicked and grabbed the big crystals, but were unable to get out in time as Bospider exploded, setting off a chain reaction that destroyed the entire pirate ship.

[End BGM]


In spite of the massive explosion, the heroes were sent flying and crash-landed inside the Palace of Winds. Miraculously, they were unharmed along with the 9-Volt and Phoebe's Skyworld-enchanted weapons, and Ariel's cannonball. The moment they recovered, they saw the crystallized prisons cracking like glass upon hitting the ground and broke open, revealing Princess Amber and Prince James.

[Victory BGM: Zelda's Theme (The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures)]

"Oooh...where are we now?" asked the groggy twins. Amber and James shook their heads to regain consciousness and took note of the successful rescue.

Felix replied with his own question, "Amber? James? What happened to you when Vaati took over?"

"That egotistical creep put me and James inside these crystal prisons and shoved us below the pirate ship where that big ugly spider was, that's what happened!"

"Whoa, whoa, there!" chastised Wario. "Slow down, girl! In case you haven't noticed, we just heroically saved your lives!"

"If there's one thing I hate more than frogs, failure and even messy things that happen upon my dresses, it's giant spiders and ghosts!"

"You'll have to excuse Amber," said James. "She's been through a lot lately ever since Vaati ruined our first meeting with Mickey Mouse and friends, but she's not bad once you get to know her. You have to help us free Sofia! We've just overheard a sudden change in Vaati's plans: he wants to make her his bride instead, claiming her radiance brings him back memories of some other princess named...uh, what did he call her again? Zelda?"

"He'll kidnap any beautiful maiden, young or grown-up, that catches his fancy," Kat muttered in disgust.

"And now he took poor 9-Volt and our three best pals, all because we rescued the Disney Princesses and turned them back to normal!" whined Ana. "The nerve of that big jerk, stealing OUR 9-Volt just for expressing his bravery! Can you believe that, James?"

"Sorry to hear what he did to your friends. Maybe they're in his throne room or something, but Amber and I do know this: some purple guy with a snake-like head--"

"Purple Basilisk!" Ralph interrupted.

James nodded and continued, "That's his name - he's recently arranged for his followers to challenge you guys to duel in their own styles of combat!"

Amber warned also, "Boxer Bomber's going to trash you at this American football, while Warlock Bomber and Siren Bomber want to end your quest in chess. I usually don't tell anyone this, but James and I care too much about Sofia to let anything bad happen to her!"

"Not to worry, fellas!" chirped Vanellope. "We won't let them destroy our buds while we still live!"

[End BGM]

With the first leg of their path to Vaati's throne cleared, Ralph and co. move on to the next section of the Palace of Winds.


"Faster than a donut! Stronger than cardboard! I am Wario-Man!!" ~Wario (from WarioWare: Touched!)

"What is Bill Rizer? It is just the name of a single entity who has been gone for centuries." ~Master Contra (from Neo Contra)

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Chapter 8: Playing with the big boys

Mission 6: Game time at Vaati's palace
Amber and James of Enchancia had warned Ralph's team of the upcoming dangers they must face in order to rescue their half-sister, Princess Sofia, along with 9-Volt and his three best friends. If they can defeat Vaati, save Disneyland and expose whatever secrets the Basilisk Dynasty may have had in store for quite some time, everything will be fine.
Or, so the folks from both worlds hoped...
November 11, 20XX
4:30 PM

[Intro BGM: Welcome to Hell (Castlevania the Adventure ReBirth)]

The heroes of Diamond City and Game Central Station march on to the interior of the Palace of Winds, now aware of the new dangers ahead...

[End BGM]
[Stage BGM: Ripple Red (Kirby: Triple Deluxe)]

"They'll be arriving here soon enough," announced Boxer Bomber, "and remember, guys: I'm the team captain of what they'll see as the last football game of their very lives! The reason? It's quite obvious..." Then he pulled out a futuristic-looking football, filled with some kind of dangerous substance inside. "Exploding footballs, that's what! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ah, here they are now!"

"What are you jerks planning?!" demanded Wario. "If you so much as lay a hand on MY little employee and his pals right under my nose..."

"Nothing yet, but we will should you refuse my challenge. You're playing football against my team...Atari Games' Tournament CyberBall 2072, that is!"

"You mean THE CyberBall? I haven't played it in--"

"Some other time, Wario, if you please," hushed Mona. "It doesn't look like Boxer's fooling around this time...but doesn't Midway technically own the rights even though Warner Bros. Studios took over?"

Trigger Bomber joined, "You're right for once: the captain of Team Basilisk isn't taking anymore chances. That's why we're gonna blow you away - literally! Normally we'd be playing with robots, but Boxer and I prefer what we're doing right now. So! Here are the rules, in case some of you are new: well, it's just like football, except we're all using high-explosive footballs. The 'downs', instead of the usual 1 to 4, consist of its temperature, ranging from cool to warm, to hot, and to critical. And when it becomes critical, you'd better throw it away or..."

"KA-BLOOEY!" emphasized Boxer Bomber and Ghrid in unison.

"Whichever team has the most points after the clock hits zero wins, so if you win, your friends are free...but if you lose..."

"You have to pledge eternal loyalty to Siren Bomber and the Trix witches, while the good girls in your group serve as Vaati's maids!" boasted Mosquito Bomber. "Only way you're gonna defuse my exploding footballs, resetting it from its current state back to 'cool', is by crossing the 50-yard line or by change of possession, whether through touchdown, interception or fumble!"

Then Ghrid said, "Your team against ours, 7-on-7. That's Boxer, Trigger, Mosquito, me, and the Trix witches."

"Ready for Round 2, twerps?" taunted Icy. "Darcy, Stormy and I have prepared ourselves big time for this! So, what's your team gonna be?"

"If we have to put up with your exploding footballs, then I'll be the captain," answered Ralph. "My teammates are Vanellope, Felix, Calhoun, Wario, Mona and...aaand..."

Mona, also having borrowed Phoebe's wing whistle, got it out and blew it as loud as possible, calling Pit over to assist. "Sorry to keep you waiting," he answered. "We just did our part of the mission to save everyone! So what's the scoop?"

"We have to beat these clowns in that evilly-dangerous football game called CyberBall 2072," said Calhoun. "They're using high-explosive footballs!"

Pit gasped. "Well, that's no fun! But not to worry; we'll beat 'em at their own game and save 9-Volt!"

"We don't know if they really have 9-Volt and his friends prisoner in this area. But we will try anyway."

In the meantime, the Trix witches simply floated away, calling in three Stalfos to take their place, albeit much to Ghrid and Cheereena's concern. "Hey, what are you doing? I thought you were gonna help us out!"

"Sorry to disappoint you, Ghrid," retorted Icy with a smirk, "but the truth is, your girlfriend annoys the heck out of us with all her boasting, even before we broke into Disneyland. Bottom line, seeing how you're all bark and no bite, we don't mind watching just the two of you lose."

"HUH?! But...but...oh, I knew this wasn't gonna work out in the long run!"

"Like, my thoughts exactly," agreed Cheereena. "I say we get the heck outta here while we still can!"

"Oh no, you're not!" denied Darcy. "You're staying here until you get blown away! Better yet..." She snapped her fingers, signaling a Stalfos to grab the vain cheerleader and toss her onto the field alongside Ghrid in its place.

"But I only know cheerleading! I dunno how to play football!"

And thus began the dangerous game of football between the opposing teams. But the heroes had to make it quick since there's no telling how much more time they have until Vaati discovers a way to turn the Disney Princesses into damsels in distress again, or so Felix worried. As soon as the exploding ball landed in Pit's hands, he flew forward only for Stormy to send him down with a bolt of lightning. "Ah, ah," she said, "no flying allowed!" Thus was the angel boy forced to run forth, fortunately backed up by his teammates. He got up to the 35 yard line when Trigger and Mosquito tackled him. The exploding ball, still in its "cool" state, was now in Ralph's hands, but he had to set up a play as he is the team captain. They tried a long pass in shotgun formation, but that didn't help much when Stormy struck the ball from outside the playing field, putting it in its "warm" condition.

"Hey! That's cheating!" accused Wario.

"Sticks and stones, fatso." Stormy stuck out her tongue, leading to a bonk on the head from Ariel's cannonball.

"Stick that!" retorted the redheaded princess, as Ralph's team had to call a timeout in order for Mona to summon 5-Volt and Phosphora to prevent the Trix witches from pulling any cheap stunts. After they were called in, Pit felt safe enough to continue helping his friends win the football game and rescue the prisoners. When the game resumed, Team Wreck-Its tried the shotgun formation again, this time with no outside interruptions. Ralph, possessing the will of a team captain despite his first time playing football for as long as he could remember, made sure his teammates were open before tossing the explosive football to Mona, who in return ducked underneath for Ghrid and Cheereena to accidentally crash into each other, eventually resulting in a touchdown and the following 2-point conversion. Now it was Team Basilisk's turn on the offense, but unfortunately for them, Boxer's brutal tactics could only get him and his teammates so far before the ball would end up in its critical condition. In an attempt to weasel his way out of getting blown to pieces, he called a timeout and asked Phosphora to come over here for a "cup of tea." She had a feeling he was up to something sneaky, but played along anyway so as to fool him right back. Nobody dared blast Pit and the others with a high-explosive football on her watch!

"Uh...Boxer?" asked Ghrid. "I thought you said not to..."

"Yeah, I know that, but at times like this you just gotta pretend you don't hate goody-two-shoes bimbos like her. Watch and learn! would you like some lumps on your tea?"

Phosphora eyed him pouring a bit of rat poison on the tea behind his back. "Why sure. Maybe two oughta do it," she said sarcastically, keeping an eye on the exploding ball Boxer Bomber he was still holding. "And how many lumps do you want?"

"Just one's fine by me..." He was so busy preparing his sneaky underhanded tactic, he did not notice her balling up her fists for an electric punch.

"One lump, comin' up!" And KA-POW! She rocketed her fist directly into Boxer Bomber's face, leaving a big crack all over his visor!

"ORRRLGH!!" Upon grunting in pain, he was sent flying until he hit the ground, causing the football to detonate in a big explosion, blowing him to pieces and destroying the poisoned tea simultaneously. This sent Ghrid and Cheereena into a wide state of panic.

"I knew this wouldn't work! I KNEW IT!" cried Ghrid. "That's it, we're leaving the underworld! I don't care what happens to that blasted dynasty!"

"Like, for sure! I heard there's a agricultural group way up in the skies that's way less stinky than the underworld! I say we join them!"

"Hear that, guys? Oh, we're gonna join the Forces of Nature, alright! At least they care about us...and that organization of yours is gonna be blown away big time!" Then Ghrid eyed the Trix witches accusingly. "Put my Cheereena on bad terms, will ya?"

Pit interrupted, "That spoiled brat doesn't give a care what happens as long as she gets her way and demands everyone to respect nature through the threat of force! Phosphora and I were able to see the truth after I set her free!"

"You and your silly girlfriend ain't gonna do nothing! Just you wait till the Reset Bombs come raining down some day to give you a big blast for me and MY girlfriend!" Upon sticking out their tongues one last time, the incompetent duo made a run for it and stole one of Mosquito Bomber's gadgets for getting out of Game Central Station, resulting in Team Wreck-Its' victory. But as Calhoun surmised, there weren't any prisoners in sight at all, until Amber and James brought up a suggestion that perhaps Sofia and the others are held prisoner by Warlock Bomber. On the other hand, now that Boxer Bomber had been killed once again, Trigger Bomber and Mosquito Bomber decided it was time to disperse, whilst the Trix witches flew on over to a different area in Vaati's Palace of Winds.

[End BGM]


"...And they failed, dismally," Icy finished explaining in her report to Warlock Bomber and Siren Bomber.

"Somehow, I knew Ghrid and Cheereena were bound to fail in the long run. It matters little now."

"I told Purple Basilisk the only anti-Phosphora around here is ME," muttered Siren Bomber, her eyes twitching left and right uncontrollably, "but nooo! He says 'No! You had your chance and you blew it!' And just thinking about that airhead and her boyfriend gets me all bomb-happy enough to blow them to kingdom come! Ohhh, I can already feel their presence by the minute!" Without warning she took off her helmet for no reason whatsoever, revealing her human-like face in its entirety beyond her emerald green eyes, her blonde hair being twice as long as Arctic Bomber's when let down, and her smile a crazed, vicious one with pink lipstick. If that weren't enough, she made a big jump towards Ralph's group stopping short just to see Pit and Phosphora once more.

[Alert BGM: Mean Girls Rule (Winx Club)]

"HIIIII, PITTAE!!" The self-proclaimed Singing Beauty's smile was indeed twisted beyond comprehension. "YOU HERE FOR SOME BOOM BOOMS?!"

"Uhm...boom booms?" asked the nervous angel boy.

"What's the deal with her, and who is she, anyway?" wondered Princess Amber.

"She scares me..." gulped Prince James.

"I don't quite recall her not wearing her helmet," noted Phosphora, "but if you must know, she's Siren Bomber and is a manipulative she-devil not worthy of Pit's time!"


"Siren, may I remind you that we're to force them into a deadly game of Chess Kombat-" Before Warlock Bomber could finish his sentence, he was rudely interrupted.

"SCREW CHESS! I've got boom booms on my mind that'll blow their socks off BIG time! Boom boom boom boom BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!" She pulled out a bunch of bombs with lit fuses, juggled them around and threw them one by one at Ralph's group, forcing everyone to run for cover. "I always get my way...ALWAYS!! And if Pit and Felix won't come with me, I'LL GO BOOM BOOM ALL OVER THEM TOO!!" Then she threw her bowling ball-sized explosives some more, kissing each and every one of them while she was at it. "ME LOVE BOOM BOOMS!!!"

"I swear, this is NOT my idea for a game of dodgeball!" whined Ralph.

[End BGM]

Siren Bomber, on the other hand, called forth a large group of monsters and brainwashed victims, all led by a one-eyed Hinox, to commence the assault while she hid herself behind them to deal with Pit and Phosphora personally. If that weren't bad enough Warlock Bomber's plan was disrupted beyond control, he was called by Purple Basilisk to return to him and Vaati at once. Very few could only make out a few words due to the loud explosions all over the place, something about attending to a magic amulet...

"I told him before that he never gave me any knowledge about Enchancia and its magic when he created me..." Right before Warlock teleported out against his will, he cast Reflect on Siren Bomber to protect her against magic attacks in spite of knowing Pit and Phosphora's powers didn't fall underneath Black Magic privileges to begin with. In just a few seconds after interpreting a little of what he was talking about, Pit was able to relay that information to his allies: Vaati most certainly is holding Princess Sofia prisoner after all.

Although the battle appeared to be a lose-lose situation for the good guys early on, a loud crash in a wall was heard. The other team that went to free the denizens of Disneyland had arrived in the nick of time to rendezvous with Ralph's; Keyla and Patricia came rushing in at high speed whilst keeping themselves balanced on two big cannonballs that rolled by. Apparently Keyla had been practicing her ball-balancing skills with the young Mistress of Bouncing Balls from time to time and - much to everyone's surprise, including 9-Volt - both girls from different worlds but on the same planet Earth, managed to put the abilities to good use by running on top of a cannonball. They gave "bowl over" a whole new meaning by knocking the monsters away while Keyla cast a magic spell to undo the brainwashing effects of Siren Bomber's singing voice on the innocent victims. As soon as the young girls reached the four crystallized prisons, they jumped off the cannonballs in time for the big crystals to be smashed into pieces, sending 9-Volt and his three best pals flying towards the "chessboard." Pit and Phosphora kept Siren Bomber at bay long enough for 5-Volt to summon Titan, who gingerly caught the four kids and set them on the floor next to her. Then he punched the large Hinox out of the arena before returning to Feymarch, home of the Eidolons.

"Great job, everyone!" commended Calhoun. "Ralph, Vanellope, Felix and I will go on ahead and stop Vaati. I just got word from Penny and her grandfather that the Contras are close to Purple Basilisk's underworld hideout by now; they had to tangle with some creep named Swampster the Terrible along the way."

Wario and Mona gasped at the sound of the evil-hearted poacher's name. "THE Swampster who deliberately joined Red Falcon's evil posse? He's alive?!" exclaimed Wario.

"I thought Arctic Bomber killed him on Galuga Island in the real world during World War III!" added Mona.

"Apparently someone who was supposed to be dead too must have brought both himself and the traitor back to life - someone named Yellow Cobra...But let the Contras deal with them. The rest of you stay put and get rid of Siren Bomber and the Trix witches! Let's move, people!"

"Not a prob!" whooped Wario. "We'll bust up any reinforcements they call in!"


[Reunion BGM: Ahead on Our Way (Final Fantasy VII)]

Meanwhile, 5-Volt was tending to 9-Volt, Phoebe, Cheerful White and Cute Pink with a group hug. "Are you kids okay? Oh, we were so worried!"

Mona, Kat and Ana handed 9-Volt and Phoebe back their Chi-enchanted belongings, though one might indicate Phoebe was lucky she didn't lose her wing whistle for calling Pit. Keyla and Patricia, on the other hand, spent the next few minutes cuddling 9-Volt. "See, Patricia?" Keyla told the Freakshow kid. "I told you we'd get our friends back."

"I know. Thanks for helping me get what I wanted...The Best Bouncing Ball Buddies are back together again!" Patricia turned over to 9-Volt and hugged him again. "It's okay, we're right here for you."

"I didn't know you could balance on a ball that isn't light or bouncy," he said.

"Me neither," added Phoebe. "But I gotta say, that was pretty amazing!"

Patricia giggled happily in response. "Isn't it obvious? You learn a lot about different kinds of balls and how they work when your specialty is ball-walking. All we took was our creativity in order to help rescue you guys. To tell you the truth, the only hard part was getting the cannonballs rolling without hurting ourselves..."

"So in other words, you combined Keyla's bowling skills with your ball-walking into one incredible feat, right?"

"Exactly! You never know if something works unless you try."

[Interrupt BGM]
[Boss BGM: The Dispossessed Eidolons (Final Fantasy IV: The After Years)]

While the kids were chatting, the Trix witches floated by. "My, what a touching reunion," interrupted Icy. "But enough mush...we've waited long enough for this moment, Winx Club or otherwise! Darcy, whaddya say we have some fun while Siren Bomber's busy roughing up angel twerp and his dorky girlfriend?"

"It'll be my pleasure. Wave of Confusion!" Darcy created multiple clones of herself, followed by Shadow Hand, summoning a hand made out of shadows from each copy to grab the kids. 5-Volt, on the other hand, summoned Ramuh, an Eidolon who resembled an old man carrying a staff. He cast his signature attack, called Judgment Bolt, taking out Darcy's clones in order to lessen the effects of her Shadow Hand, stunning her momentarily as well. Stormy retaliated by spinning around to create a tornado, shouting "Dark Cloud!" in the process, and released some energy balls from the tornado to counteract Ramuh's Judgment Bolt, forcing him to retreat back to Feymarch before any possible mortal damage could befall him; should the Eidolon die in battle, the person who summoned them would perish as well.

"How do you like my tornadoes?" taunted Stormy. "Oh, I know what to throw at you next: Twister Fury!" She created a strong black gust to blow 5-Volt away.

"Sooner or later, your magic will run out, giving us an easier time to defeat the likes of you!" blurted Icy with a cackle, casting Ice Spiral to materialize a series of glowing green icicles to throw at 9-Volt's mother while she was down. The Nintendo kid, however, couldn't stand to see his mom get busted up like that, and fired a charged shot from his Phosphora Bow aimed at Icy's hair, messing it up in a crazy style whilst neutralizing her Ice Spiral attack. When Patricia took note of that, she threw herself at Darcy and Stormy, grabbed their hairs and shocked them hard, resulting in the same outcome as Icy's.

"HOW DARE YOU?!" shrieked the Witch of Ice, rushing towards 9-Volt's group for another cold spell to cast upon, but Phoebe flattened her face with a charged shot from her Ball Cannon. Darcy was about to cast Dark Chaos, which would have released purple waves that make the affected victims fight against each other had Keyla not intervened by flapping her wings rapidly, the strong gusts making it too difficult for the Trix witches to fly around.

Just as Mosquito Bomber and Trigger Bomber returned for another go-around, Cheerful White and Cute Pink saw their chance and grabbed Darcy and Stormy by the hair, swung them around a-la Super Mario 64 and launched them at the two Chaotic Bombers, knocking them all out instantly. Finally, Cherry ran behind Icy and set her rear end ablaze with a fireball toss.

"YEOWCH! OW OW OW OW OWWW!" The Witch of Ice took off running in a vain attempt to put out the fire, the gusts from Keyla's wings still preventing her from flying out of here, not knowing that just running around only makes the fire worse. 9-Volt brought an end to the confrontation with a charged shot from his Twinbellows Cannon, singeing half her outfit and her blue hair. "!" she bawled, just as the flames went out and Keyla stopped flapping her wings.

"Ooooohh..." groaned Trigger Bomber, doubled up in pain on top of Darcy whereas Stormy laid face-first beside Mosquito Bomber. "...Daddy, is it time for target practice at the shooting range...owww, my head..."

"Trigger...get...OFF!" grunted Darcy, attempting to push the Chaotic Bomber off of her but to no avail. "Siren, we leave the rest of this to you...blugh..."

While the Trix witches were eventually defeated, Siren Bomber was holding her ground, still crazy about blowing up two of her most hated enemies. What made this fight tougher was her tendency to hypnotize enemy reinforcements into pounding Pit and Phosphora for her, but even that didn't scare them into giving up despite taking some hits. "Gaaah, does she REALLY have to kiss a bomb everytime she's gonna throw it?!" Pit complained to Phosphora.

"She's bi-polar and has a bomb fetish, what did you expect?" The thunder girl caught one of the bombs thrown at her and spiked it back like a volleyball, inflicting damage upon Siren Bomber. Pit did the same for the other bomb, only he kicked it back as though it were a soccer ball.

"OWW! WHY YOU NO GET BOOM BOOM?!" Siren screamed frantically, running around like a hyperactive schoolgirl and tossing even more bombs around, completely ignoring the burning damage the bomb blasts were doing to both her hair and white flowing dress. "BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!" At this, Pit and Phosphora responded by flying up close and kicking her back and forth twice.

"Boy, do I love rhythm games!" commented Pit. "Let's you and me give her the final show-stopper!"

"I'm with you, Pit!" whooped Phosphora. "On three!"

"YOU'RE GONNA DIE, CLOWNS, CUZ HERE COMES A BIG BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!" The crazed Chaotic Bomber ran off to get her spare Dangerous Bomb ready and came back for a suicidal attack, for she knew it was just a matter of time before she lost again. But, Pit and Phosphora were not afraid to take the risk, as they didn't plan on letting her obliterate them like she almost did back in the Sugar Rush game.

Thus they shouted in unison, charging up their own shots as they went, "One...two...three! KA-POW! HOCUS, HOCUS, HOCUS!" The dynamic duo of Skyworld flew in, threw a flurry of punches and kicks, and finished up by combining their charged shots with each other for the "final show-stopper", flying out of harm's way just before the combined attacks set off the Dangerous Bomb, this time killing Siren Bomber in a white phosphorous explosion.

[End BGM]


[Victory BGM: Joyous Occasion (Mario & Luigi: Dream Team)]

"WOO-HOO! May the light from our hearts vanquish this horrible night!" cheered Pit. "I've always wanted to say that."

"Tee hee hee, you're silly in a good way, you know that?" Phosphora gave him a playful noogie on the head. "Still, she had it coming for threatening our friends."

"I'll say. Hey, James! Amber! You can come out now, she's gone for good."

The two royal twins of Enchancia walked up to the pair. "Finally, we don't have to put up with her bomb-happy attitude anymore," said James. "She was seriously starting to creep me out."

"Me too," agreed Amber, "It sure was brutal."

Everyone else gathered around, starting with Cherry, Keyla and Patricia. "I really like your style of combat, Phosphora," chirped the Mistress of Bouncing Balls. "Not to mention your lightning powers!"

"She and Pit go way back, trust me," said Cherry. "Well, at least shortly after he defeated Hades mano a mano..."

[End BGM]

Mosquito Bomber, Trigger Bomber and the three Trix witches, all defeated and humiliated, gave up and teleported back to Purple Basilisk's underworld hideout, leaving Warlock Bomber and their master, and even Vaati to fend for themselves as their grasp on Disneyland weakened. Only the aforementioned trio stood between the Core Four of Game Central Station and the pure-hearted Princess Sofia of Enchancia.


"Faster than a donut! Stronger than cardboard! I am Wario-Man!!" ~Wario (from WarioWare: Touched!)

"What is Bill Rizer? It is just the name of a single entity who has been gone for centuries." ~Master Contra (from Neo Contra)

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Chapter 9: Return to sender

[Interlude BGM: Bowser Attacks (Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time)]

"Now, my dear little princess, your precious Amulet of Avalor is mine!" beckoned Vaati, having released Sofia from the crystal prison for just such an occasion. "ALL--"

"STOP THE WEDDING!" came Ralph's voice.

"WHAT?! Who dares--" The Wind Mage was interrupted by Vanellope's cherry bomb to his face. "AAARGH!!"

"Yup, I knew it..." muttered Warlock Bomber. "By deliberately defying my orders, Siren Bomber allowed them to ruin my chance of humiliating them in Mortal Kombat's version of chess."

"So she went bomb-happy on everyone, big deal!" whined Purple Basilisk. "At least she was able to soften them up a bit! Ahh, so we meet again, Ralphie boy. You finally caught us just as we're about to take the Amulet of Avalor out of Princess Sofia's possession. Warlock, if you will do the honors?"

"But we already tried that the first time and my own Black Magic nearly killed us when it got reflected!"


[End BGM]

"Okay, you're the boss...FLARE!" The moment Warlock's incredibly powerful Black Magic spell came to encircle Sofia, her Amulet activated a force field around her body all by itself, encasing her within a transparent, purple bouncy ball; thus the evil spell was bounced back with little effort at the Chaotic Bomber. Not even his own Reflect spell could stop the deflected Flare from inflicting large amounts of damage upon him. "GWARGH! Now, see what I tried to tell you? You never gave me any knowledge about Enchancian magic! For all we know, this amulet could be some kind of MacGuffin of goody two-shoes proportions! I'm out of ideas, boss!"

Purple Basilisk gasped in awe. "It''s like I don't even know you anymore!"

"D'uuugh, this bites! I'm sick of being in a plan to steal a human child's stupid amulet anyway. We already pirated its magic just so we could have the power to summon video game bosses, but apparently to you that's not enough? I'm outta here, and as for you meddlers, we shall meet again. If you'll all excuse me, I'm going to teleport back to the underworld and brush up on my chess skills."

[Alert BGM: Here Comes Trouble! (Banjo-Tooie)]

"If Turbo were here right now, you wouldn't be thinking about running off on me!" But it was too late; his best creation out of the five Chaotic Bombers had just taken off on him. "Ooohh...great. Oh well, I don't need him! I still got Vaati to back me up, and we'll let Sofia go on one condition: that you bring me the best cheat codes that you can find to use with Call of Duty: Black Ops II! Have you any slightest idea how stupid hard it really is to score some kills when a couple of snipers just keeps on owning you every chance they get?! Not to mention occasionally dealing with the ultimate evil curse known in online gaming as lag?!"

Upon hearing Turbo's name, Ralph's crew gasped in surprise. "Wait, TURBO of all people is back?!" exclaimed Calhoun.

"Okay, you got me. You're close, but lucky for you he's do you say...fully revived. We kept you busy dealing with the Disney Princess fiasco so nobody would suspect my intentions to restore a real master I can look up to. Turbo feels the same I do, and will help me run the Basilisk Dynasty my way, my rules. Now, the cheat codes if you please?"

"No, stinkin', way," denied Ralph.

"Do it NOW, lag-worshipper!" Then Purple Basilisk put on a derpy-looking act. "Oooh, lookit me! I snipes Mister Dorkenstein like a wimpy camper of a scrub fer no reason cuz I choose not to run up ta him like a man, while unleashing the Evil Lag Curse of Doom on him to makes myself look powerful! Uh-duuuurrrr!" Vanellope couldn't help but roll on her back in fits of laughter upon hearing Purple Basilisk's whining.

"Now I see why you're 100 times less threatening after the Contras and their friends banished you to the underworld! Your combat skills are so bad it made my brain numb!"

"D'oooowwaarrrgh...! I'll have you know that I am the most undisputed leader of the Basilisk Dynasty, and you're just a little SMARTY! The cheat codes now, or the Amulet of Avalor goes bye-bye!"

The snarky little racer stuck out her tongue in rebuttal. "Forget it, cheeseball!"

[End BGM]
[Final battle BGM: Format X (Contra: Hard Corps)]

"Fine by me...Vaati, they're all yours." Then the inept dictator muttered to himself, "Oooh, I swear to Mihaele, I'm supposed to be the one who catches opponents with their pants down, not those egotistical scrubs..."

"I have no desire to rescue you, but as Princess Sofia reminds me of Princess Zelda's sheer beauty, I am compelled to obey. Ralph, Vanellope, Felix and Calhoun! Hear my name and tremble, for I am the Great Wind Sorcerer Vaati! I shall make the princess of Enchancia my bride, whether you like it or not!"

"Over our derezzed bodies!" shouted Felix.

"Puny little man! What hope do you have when all your hammer does is repair silly trinkets and knickknacks?"

Purple Basilisk, on the other hand, got inside a mecha suit, a miniaturized version of the Power Loader from the Alien series, let alone Capcom's Alien vs. Predator. "Okay punks, time to get wrecked really good!"

"You think you can beat us with that piece of junk?" Calhoun snorted. "Don't make me laugh!"

The head of the Basilisk Dynasty rushed forth in his personal-sized mecha suit, starting things off with what he called his Ultimate Uppercut. Similar to that of Donkey Kong's Giant Punch in the Super Smash Bros. installments, the humanoid basilisk charged up his suit's claws to full power in order to deal extra damage. Calhoun leaned backwards out of the way and returned fire with her assault rifle, followed by a flurry of kicks similar to Chun Li's Lightning Kick.

"OW! AAACK! I was blocking that! BLOCKING!" The kicks were much too fast for him to react in time, leading him to call his next attack the Headache Maker; he performed a mid-air split while doing a downward punch with both his mecha suit's claws balled up. Calhoun blocked it with her assault rifle but not without getting it damaged in the process, prompting Felix to repair it with his magic hammer. "You know, if they'd have just let me WIN in the first place instead of spamming their trashy tactics left and right throughout my ENTIRE session, I would've had more time to make sure this stupid battle suit of a Power Loader works properly! Idiotic melee mechanics...!"

"What's he complaining about?" Felix asked Calhoun, obvious it was his first time hearing about online gaming.

"I don't know, but I can tell he's trying to weasel his way out of losing the battle. We'll just need to keep him occupied some more, while Ralph and Vanellope are dealing with Vaati."

Purple Basilisk tried again by attacking with roundhouse kicks, headbutts, karate chops and a backhand, all of which Calhoun countered with melee swings from her assault rifle. He got mad again and went for what he called the Soaring Axe Kick, an upward kick followed by an axe kick similar to Kirby's Final Cutter. After finally hurting Calhoun and Felix a bit, he followed through with a Feint Jump by flipping off the ground and then performing a divekick while surrounded by a purple aura to damage his opponents some more. "Yes...YES! AH HA HA HA HA HA HAH! I feel the power! Boy, it must suck to be you, don't it?"

"GANG WAY!!" came a pair of familiar voices, followed by motorcycle noises. It was Wario and Mona, now on the Wario Bike, rushing on in to the rescue. "Penny found the right time to teleport the motorcycle here so we can take 'em down!" explained Mona.

"Oh no, no...No no no no no..." But try as he might to get behind Vaati's whirlwind, his mecha suit was unable to block the impending strike from the Wario Bike, followed by a powerful swing from the Magnus Club that Mona still held in her possession on Pit's behalf, destroying the suit in the process. "GAH! That's it, I'm outta here!" With that, he teleported out of Disneyland and back to the underworld out of cowardice, leaving Vaati to fend for himself.

"That coward won't be getting far while the Contras are still in his underworld hideout," announced Mona, "although I am sure they should have defeated the remnants of Red Falcon's butchers by now. Wait a that what I think it is?" She got off the motorbike to take a closer look and noticed something unusual floating from atop the throne.

"It's a Black Orb," called Sofia. "Mr. Basilisk and his men stole it from some other world on the way here so Mr. Vaati can use it to amplify his power. That's why Disneyland is covered in darkness!"

"They must have used the cloner to siphon it from Capcom's Magic Sword!" deduced Ralph, hurling some Bomb Flowers into the whirlwind at the right time to damage Vaati.

"Impudent mortal! As long as I wield the Black Orb, I can recover myself quicker than you can harm me. It is the talisman of evil power and with it, you too could have eternal life and control of Disneyland as a god. Do not deny your destiny..."

"Deny this!" shouted Felix. "Mona, let me borrow Pit's Magnus Club!"

"But Felix, it's much too big and heavy for you--"

"No time to explain!" He took the big sword-like weapon, gripped it tightly as he could and with all his might he bellowed like an Amazon warrior as he took a swing at the Black Orb. Ralph and Vanellope kept Vaati occupied long enough for the hero of Fix-It Felix Jr. to deliver the crushing blow, destroying the orb and removing all sources of darkness from Disneyland in just minutes, freeing every denizen in the process.

[End BGM]

"GWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHH!!!" wailed Vaati. "What have you done?! Without the Black Orb, I cannot amplify my power to keep this world under my rule..."

Then Sofia did her part to end his reign of terror by bringing the first six Disney Princesses to her side with the Amulet of Avalor, and all of them raised their hands as if to chant a powerful spell. "We want you out of our kingdom, Vaati...NOW!" That said, Sofia cast swung her magic wand first and combined its energy with the other princesses' magic, banishing the wind sorcerer from Disneyland and Game Central Station at long last.

"My fading...and I never got a single beautiful maiden for myself......"


[Ending BGM: Staff Roll (Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (SNES))]

Before the end of the day Vaati's evil was no more, whereas the six Contras fought hard to stop Yellow Cobra and Swampster the Terrible from using the power of the banished Polybius arcade cabinet within Nethertainment to resurrect Red Falcon. Although they could not prevent Sniper Bomber, Axe Bomber and Volcano Bomber's return from the dead in time, they were at the very least able to banish these villains into the dreaded realm itself and destroyed the cabinet, severing its connection between the real world and the so-called arcade game. Of course, they wouldn't be surprised if Red Falcon's loyal commanders found a way back, nor would they be astounded if more than one Polybius cabinet existed; thus made it clear to their friends in Diamond City and Game Central Station that they would travel the world more often to thwart any terrorist organization attempting to pay tribute to His Ugliness...

As for Purple Basilisk, he and his remaining Chaotic Bombers were caught trying to transfer Turbo's consciousness into Game Central Station through the cloner and the pirated Amulet of King Turbo. Pit, Phosphora, Keyla, Patricia and Cherry took them to Sugar Rush to determine their punishment while 9-Volt, Phoebe, Cheerful White and Cute Pink destroyed the evil machines, restoring order to all the arcade and console games whose boss AI had been siphoned for Purple Basilisk's selfish gain. But, the inept dictator and his followers weren't the only ones facing trial; Wild Dog from Time Crisis 4 was found guilty on two counts of kidnapping Cinderella and intentionally conspiring with the Basilisk Dynasty to conquer Game Central Station. Since he and Ralph are fellow bad guys from their own games, Wild Dog was sentenced to 3 months of going ultra easy on the players, regardless of the game's current settings. Should he be caught increasing his own difficulty even a slightest bit, he would have to join Purple Basilisk and the Chaotic Bombers along with the Mad Gear gang from Final Fight in magic forms of the bowling pins at Sugar Bowl-O-Rama for the kids to bowl over with bowling ball-sized gumballs. Because the Mad Gears and their six leaders sold out to Purple Basilisk and kidnapped Princess Aurora (regardless of whether they mistook her for Cody Travers's girlfriend Jessica), the Final Fight cabinet at Blaze Bomber's Diamond Arcade World had to be put "out of order" for the time being.

To ensure the people of Diamond City there's nothing wrong with the game at all, Penny simply taped a sign which said: The enemies in Final Fight are currently in time out for three months for conspiring with Purple Basilisk and Vaati, serving time at a bowling alley in Sugar Rush as part of its bonus game.

"Wait! I implore you, change us back to normal!" begged Purple Basilisk. "I thought you said we're going to the Fungeon, not get transformed into bowling pins!"

"How come my Black Magic isn't working?!" panicked Warlock Bomber, also caught just as he started brushing up on his chess skills.

Even the Trix witches were magically turned into bowling pins. "It's gotta be that Disney magic what's stopping it, Warlock..." replied Icy. "And it wasn't bad enough we got our butts kicked and our hair messed up by a bunch of dorky kids!"

"Th-this is brutality!" cried Mosquito Bomber.

"Please, Your Highnesses...HAVE MERCY!" whined Trigger Bomber.

Vanellope blew raspberries in response. "Wrong-amundo, g'doi! This isn't a brutality...this is an attitude re-adjustment!"

The Trix witches could only wonder what was to come, with Stormy thinking aloud, "...Attitude re-adjustment?"

"Step aside, Vanellope, and let the Bowling Queen knock 'em for a loop," announced Arctic Bomber, stepping up to the lane.

"That won't be necessary, Arctic," interrupted Ami with a pat to the shoulder. "We've done so much for the Disney Princesses and their new friends, so let them return the favor."


"Arctic, let them give the Basilisk Dynasty an attitude re-adjustment for turning them into stereotypical damsels-in-distress," I insisted.

The Mistress of the Cold groaned in defeat. "Fine, party poopers."

Sofia, James and Amber admired what Sugar Rush had in store for people of all ages. "Now that I think about it, I'm starting to like this place," said James. "Boom goes the cannon!"

"Trust me, you're gonna love what Game Central Station has to offer," said Gloyd Orangeboar.

"Once the girls are done with these clowns over there, we'll give you a tour around Sugar Rush," added Rancis.

"It's the best game in the arcade, if you ask me!" chirped Jubileena Bing-Bing.

In the meantime, Vanellope activated the peppermint candy bumpers on both sides of the lane. "All set!"

Princess Ariel, still in her sea green ball gown, was standing next to Sofia to give encouragement. Prior to the ceremony, she went to her treasure cove in Atlantica as a mermaid to store away her cannonball along with the other human objects she had been admiring for so long. "Go get 'em, sweetie," she gave support to the young princess-in-training of Enchancia.

"I will try my best!" Sofia beamed with a bright-white smile, picking out a grape gumball that matched the color of her dress.

"I don't know what's more annoying," Darcy moaned on the other end of the lane to Purple Basilisk, Icy, Stormy, Warlock, Trigger and Mosquito, "the nosy Alfea fairies, or an 8-year-old brat who relies on that stupid amulet of hers a lot."

"Be quiet!" Sofia scolded with a stern look on her face like a mother punishing a naughty kid. Thinking back to a bowling session she and James observed in Enchancia during the Tri-Kingdom Picnic to teach him the meaning of good sportsmanship, she held the ball with both hands albeit the lack of three finger holes as opposed to an actual bowling ball. She took aim and four steps forward, and released the ball straight at the "pins", knocking them all down for a strike on her very first try! The crowd cheered for her, and she blew kisses in return one by one.

And the Core Four of Game Central Station couldn't be any happier to see their new friend free of Vaati's tyranny.


(Ending Credits)
Wreck-It Ralph -- JOHN C. REILLY
Vanellope von Schweetz -- SARAH SILVERMAN
Fix-It Felix Jr. -- JACK MCBRAYER
Sergeant Calhoun -- JANE LYNCH
Aaron (me) -- MYSELF
Bill Rizer -- BOB BUCHHOLZ
Blaze Bomber -- SCOTT MENVILLE
Arctic Bomber -- GREY DELISLE
Cheerful White -- TARA STRONG
Purple Basilisk -- STEVEN JAY BLUM
Warlock Bomber -- JOHN DIMAGGIO
Boxer Bomber -- BOB CARTER
Trigger Bomber -- DONALD BROWN
Mosquito Bomber -- LAUREN TOM
Stormy -- SUZY MYRES
Phosphora -- KARI WAHLGREN
Patricia -- AMY BIRNBAUM
Penny Crygor -- JANICE KAWAYE
Cinderella -- JENNIFER HALE
Princess Aurora -- KATE HIGGINS
Princess Ariel -- JODI BENSON
Princess Jasmine -- LINDA LARKIN
Acrobat Aqua -- RACHEL LILLIS
Bookworm Green -- SAMUEL VINCENT
Giant Gold -- TONY SAMPSON
Taffyta Muttonfudge -- MINDY KALING
Candlehead -- KATIE LOWES
Rancis Fluggerbutter -- JAMIE ELMAN
Jubileena Bing-Bing -- JOSIE TRINIDAD
Gloyd Orangeboar -- BRYCE PAPENBROOK
Ghrid "Brutus" Ironiklas -- DARAN NORRIS
Cheereena "Hail Mary" Vainella -- KATE HIGGINS
Yellow Cobra -- MICHAEL DOBSON
Swampster the Terrible -- MICHAEL MCCONNOHIE
Blind the Thief -- PAUL DOBSON
Flame Mammoth -- GERALD MATTHEWS
Launch Octopus -- JONATHAN LOVE
Spark Mandrill -- RANDY BROSOSKY
Armored Armadillo -- NOAH UMHOLTZ
Magnet Bomber -- MICHAEL DOBSON

[End BGM]
[End Credits]

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