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Oct 30 2009, 01:33 PM
Ok let's start with cartoon network:
Dexter's laboratory: Dial M for Monkey - Barbequor link
Cow & Chicken: bufallo gals link
no smoking link
Powerpuff girls: See me, feel me, gnomey link to part 1
Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi: Surfs up aka Tsunami AmiYumilink

Loney tunes and merrie melodies:
-Hittin' the Trail to Hallelujah Land link

-Sunday Go to Meetin' Timelink
-Clean Pastureslink
-Uncle Tom's Bungalowlink
-Jungle Jitterslink
-The Isle Of Pingo Pongolink
-All This and Rabbit Stew
-Coal Black and De Sebben Dwarfs
<embed src = width = "450" height = "360" allowscriptaccess = "always" allowfullscreen = "true" flashvars = "width = 450 & volume = 50 & displayclick = none & fullscreen = true & file = "/>

-Tin Pan Alley Catslink
-Angel Pusslink
-Goldilocks and the Jivin' Bearslink
These are under an unoffical ban:
-Hiawatha´s Rabbit Hunt
-Bugs Bunny Bond Rally: Any Bonds Today?
-What´s Cooking Doc?
-Bugs Bunny Nips The Nips
-Herr Meets Hare
-A Feather In His Hare
-Mississippi Hare
-Frigid Hare
-Which Is Witch
-Bushy Hare
-Horse Hare
-tokio jokio
-the ducktators
-Duffy the commando
-Confederate Honey
-Injun Trouble
-Hocus Pocus Pow Wow

MGM cartoons:
Tom & jerry - His mouse friday
Blitz wolf
Uncle Tom's Cabana
Half-Pint Pygmy
Not officaly banned:
red hot riding hood
who killed who?

Der fuhrer's face
hanuted house
trader mickey

You're a sap, mr. jap
spinach fer britain

scrub me mama with a boogie beat
Litlle black sambo

If you wish i can post links to this cartoons. if you know any other please post!
Oct 8 2009, 07:46 PM
What do you think of this episode?
It is one of my favorites and very funny.
here is the link to the translated version:
Aug 12 2009, 09:36 AM
I made a hi hi puffy wikia site. the site is still in editing and everyone that wants to help by making it can help me:
Jul 21 2009, 02:51 PM
This is the only episode with no information on the internet. has anyone seen it.
It seems that people didn't like it.
Jul 13 2009, 11:38 AM
Here are the links to the episodes I uploaded or found. Some are still coming. These are meant for people who don't have any episodes and they want to see them. If you have the english versions of some episodes or even an un-english version of some I don't haave, then upload them and post the link
Oh and some episisodes could have souns problems. if you find one then please inform me, and I'll fix that


Collect All 5!


Talent Suckers version

Ole! Portugesse version

Mini-Puffs version

Ami's Secret

Taffy Trouble version

Dance A-Go-Go

Ami Goes Bad

Robo-Pop version

Metal Mental


In The Cards

Team Teen

Opera Yumi

Save The Farm

Pen Pal

Surf's Up version

Stupid Cupids

Brat Attack version

Kaz Almighty


Spaced Out

Yumi Saves Kaz

Rock N Roe


Treasure Map version

Kaz vs. Katz(coming soon)

Bad Manager

The Amazing Kaz-Am (coming soon)


Lights, Camera, Danger

Fan Clubs version

Cat Nap


Eye Sore (coming soon)

Mean Machine version

Sea Sick
spanish version

Koi Fish

Arbor Day

Ami Ami

Visiting Hours

Kitty Kontest

Chow Down

Hungry Yumi version

The Oddyguard

Song Sung Bad

Helping Hand version

Neat Freak

Hypno Kaz

In Harmony's Way

Time Off version

Home Insecurity version

Uninvited version

Camping Caper

Cell Block Rock

Ami Yumi 3000

The Ride Stuff


Ski Sick My Webpage

Claw and Order

Janice Jealous

Domo version

Yumi Goes Solo version

Cat Feud version

Super Zero

Artist Ami


Run, Cat, Run

Driving School

Record Breakers

Rock Lobsters

Phantom of Rock


Soap Box Derby

Talent Suckers Return

Prisoners of Yoyovia

Secret Origin

Legend of Mei Pie

Under the Hood

Movie Madness version

Stop the Presses

Hired Help

Puffy B.C. version


Agent Y

Manga Madness version

Junior Tapeworm


The Golden Fleas

The Golden Fleas 2




A Grave Mistake

Motor Psycho Mamas

Oldie AmiYumi

Trouble With Mimes

Jungle Prom (coming soon)

Truth or Dare

Sumo Kaz

Tooth Decay version

Gridiron Maidens the german version, the translated version coming soon

Sound Off

Small Stuff version

BC Road Trip

Puffynauts varsion

Evil AmiYumi varsion

Butterscotch japanese version

Big Waldo

Disco Capers version

House Unkeeping version

Number, Please japanese version

Manga Madness II

Julie AmiYumi

It's Alive!

I hope someday all episodes will be online, but till that
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