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> My review on Super C
 Posted: Jul 2 2008, 10:07 PM
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From "Great Games with Aaron and Ami-chan!" at GOC...

Super C

Me: "Welcome back to Great Games with Aaron and Ami-chan, everyone!"
Ami: "Today, we'll be reviewing Super C on the NES/Famicom, also known as Super Contra in Japan."
Wario: "And I'll be helping out as this review's special guest!"
Me: "You behave yourself, mister. And no cheating!"
Wario: "Oh, stop worrying! You're lookin' at the new Wario! "
(He clears his throat to get the audience's attention)
Wario: "Now, some of you may or may not have heard of this, but the reason why Super Contra was shortened to Super C in the US version, was that Konami wanted to avoid any accidental references to the so-called 'Iran-Contra' scandal. This is also explained at the Museum section in Contra 4 on the Nintendo DS."
Ami: "Aaron and I forgot to tell you in our last review, that the NES/Famicom versions of Contra and Super C are unlockables in Contra 4. To unlock Contra, defeat 4 challenges in Challenge mode. For Super C, complete 4 more challenges, equaling a total of 8 out of 40 total challenges cleared. The rest of the unlockables for completing said challenges will be explained later in our future review on Contra 4 on the Nintendo DS."
Me: "Anyway, on with the storyline. In the Japanese version, it takes place in 2634, a year directly after Bill and Lance destroyed Red Falcon. However, the alien warmonger himself had returned, and ordered his alien troops to take control of the GX Army in South America. Despite the fact that Bill and Lance are forced to take down their former comrades-in-arms, they still set out to destroy Red Falcon once again."
Ami: "Said storyline is the same in the Japanese and US versions of the arcade Super Contra, just like the Japanese storyline for Contra (aka. Gryzor) was used in Japanese and US versions of the arcade Contra."
Me: "As for the US version of Super C on the NES, it differs, although the gameplay is just about the same as the Japanese version itself. In said US version, it takes place in 1990, three years after Bill and Lance (aka. Mad Dog and Scorpion) gave Red Falcon a heart attack with lead. They were on vacation with their native lovelies on a Rio beach, but what they didn't know was that Red Falcon didn't just flee with his pointed tail between his legs."
Wario: "Instead, he tactically retreated to pick up some reinforcements for a second attempt at conquering Earth. First in line was second-in-command Jagger Froid, a demented alien from the Black Hole Galaxy, who dishes out punishment with a laser-sharp tongue (you'll see him at the end of stage 6 after destroying an alien hydra monster). Next came a giant mechanical spider-like tank--seen in the middle of stage 3--called the Babalu Destructoid Mechanism. However, I can't help but wonder how it was able to disintegrate the innocent solar system of Tralala if it can't even stand up to two guys with friggin' guns."
Ami: "The biggest step in Red Falcon's plan was to send thousands of his alien warrriors to take control of the US soldiers at Fort Firestorm. And brainwash the soldiers he did."
Me: "Now that you got the gist of the storyline (seen in the manual for Super C), let's talk about the game. As you can clearly see, it's just about the same as Contra, except it's easier, in my opinion."
Wario: "The weapons are the same, but the Flame Gun just happened to get an improvement--no longer a swirly fireball thingy, but a big fireball that explodes on contact with the ground, ceiling, wall, or even enemies. It's not auto-fire like the Machine Gun, but you can charge up the Flame Gun by holding the B button. Release it a second later, and it shoots out a bigger fireball that gives out a bigger explosion."
Me: "The 'Konami Code' is no longer intact for Super C, meaning that you don't get 30 lives, but 10 lives instead. The 10 lives code goes like this: Right, Left, Down, Up, A, B, and Start. For 2 players, press Select first, then do the code."
Ami: "One thing Aaron and I forgot to mention in our previous review, is that when it comes to 2 players, both players occupy the same screen. If one of you is lagging behind, the screen will refuse to scroll, until both of you get moving. Teamwork is a must, because if one of you goofs around, it's likely that both of you will get decimated, much less an enemy soldier that happens to run into you. When it comes to side-scrolling levels, which require you to go up instead of right, both of you must work as a team. If one of you keeps jumping upwards, while the other guy is just standing around, he or she will fall off and lose a life."
Wario: "Here's a feature for the Contra games that wasn't used in the two arcade Contras: you can steal a life reserve from your partner. If you're outta lives, and your partner still has lives left, feel free to press A to come back. However, try not to do it so much, as this can tick off your partner. Believe me, I've tried that so many times with Mona, since I suck at Contra. She was starting to get a little peeved..."
Me: "Unfortunately, if your partner only has one life left, and you're outta lives, this feature won't work. So in short, you can come back only if he or she has more than one life left."
Ami: "The pseudo-3D levels are replaced with overhead levels for Super C, which people can recognize from other games, like Ikari Warriors, or Smash TV. When you're in an overhead level, you can't jump or crouch; you just gotta shoot as you move until you reach the boss."
Me: "In the arcade version, which has 5 levels instead of 8 (like in the NES Super Contra/Super C), the jump button uses a Mega Shell--which looks like a big bullet--to destroy all on-screen enemies in overhead stages. You can only carry one Mega Shell at a time, so once you pick it up, use it or lose it."
Ami: "Once you finish the whole game, you'll see a helicopter flying off in the sky, while the credits roll. After that, you're sent back to stage 1, and just like the first Contra on the NES, things are a bit harder than before. If you're playing the arcade version, you'll see Bill and Lance waiting on a jeep, cheering as their allied helicopter arrives to pick them up. After that, Game Over...just like the arcade Contra."
Wario: "So...what score do you guys give for both versions?"
Me: "In my opinion, Super C is easier than Contra, but still good, so I'm giving it an 8 outta 10. For the arcade, it's shorter, yet harder than the NES/Famicom Super C, so it deserves a score of about a 7."
Ami: "The NES/Famicom Super Contra deserves a 7, while the arcade gets a 6, due to its intense difficulty and shorter than said NES/Famicom version."
Wario: "I'm giving both the arcade and NES versions a 7."

Me: "Now that we're done talking about Super C, let's talk about the Contra games that were changed to 'Probotector' in Europe."
Ami: "You see, the German laws strictly forbade games having guys with guns, meaning that Konami had to replace all humanoid characters--including the protagonists--with robots. Also, they had to change the name of this game to something less violent. As a result, Contra was officially known as Probotector.
Wario: "This went on until the PS-X days, in which Konami kept the name 'Contra', and left the humanoid characters as is. Here's a run-down on the games that had their names changed..."

Super C
Operation C
Contra III: The Alien Wars
Contra: Hard Corps
Contra: The Alien Wars (GB version)

Probotector II: Return of the Evil Forces
Probotector (GB version)
Super Probotector: Alien Rebels
Probotector (Genesis/Megadrive version)
Probotector II (GB version)

Wario: "That's all we have to say, so see ya! Oh, and Super C is now available for download on the Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console at 500 Wii Points."
Me: "Tune in next time to see our review on Contra III: The Alien Wars for the SNES/Super Famicom!"
Ami: "Bye-bye boo!"


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