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> My HHPAY Roleplay!, Featuring Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato
 Posted: Jul 16 2009, 08:59 AM
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Nick:Hey Christy,Where's Yumi?
Joe:Listen Nick,
Nick:(notices Yumi is a baby) What happened to My Girlfriend! You better tell me Joe!! mad.gif
Joe:Okay Nick,Yumi was hit by a Baby Ray gun created by Dr.Crotex!
Nick:What?!? that drity Mad Sciencest! I'm so gonna Beat up him and Get Revenge on him for Changing My Girlfriend into a Baby! mad.gif
(in darkland)
Dr.Crotex:Muahahaha! at last My Baby Ray Gun worked I did it I turned Yumi of Puffy Ami Yumi into a Baby! Muhahahaha
(back in the real world)
Nick:Yumi,Speak to me! Come on say something!
Yumi:Nick!!!(hugs him)
Nick:Yumi,Who did this To You?
Yumi:Doktor Crotex He's a Big Meanie!
Joe:Uhhh Nick,Crotex minnions are comng this Way!
Nick:Oh No,Yumi!
Nick:Hang on!(grabs Baby Yumi)Gotcha!
Kevin:What are those Things?
Joe:I don't know must be Creatures that Crotex Created!
Dr.Crotex:Your Girlfriend is coming with me!
Nick:(steps infront of Yumi)Stay away from Her! She's My Girlfriend! I love her as a Sister No matter whatever Happens I'm there for Her!!!
Dr.Crotex:Your first one to protect Your Girlfriend! Ha Fool Once Ami and Yumi are Babies they won't be able to fight!
Joe:No! I won't Let You do that to Ami!
Joe:Stay away from My Girlfriend! Super Shock Wave!!(send a shock wave that causes him to drop the Baby Ray Gun)
Dr.Crotex:Noo!!!(runs away)
Joe:Ha! that's what happens when You mess with Joe Jonas! You okay,Ami?
Ami:Yeah,I'm fine...
Nick:(uses the Ray gun to change Yumi back to Normal)
Yumi:Nick,You saved me! Your the best Boyfriend EVER!!!(hugs Him)
Nick:Your Welcome.
Joe:Good You and Ami are safe.
Kevin:Let's tell the others what happened.
Nick:Sounds good.

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