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Sep 14 2015, 03:10 AM

Nick 90's shows are coming back in a new upcoming channel, The Splat! biggrin.gif

I'm very very excited to relive my 90's childhood with that channel!

This news kindof made me have tears of joy.....really!

Finally Nick did something right!
Oct 3 2013, 06:04 PM
Our awesome Book Author and the Games like Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon etc. Tom Clancy has passed away at age 66. His family said the cause of death is unknown until further notice.

I do like his works alot.

Rest In Peace Tom Clancy sad.gif
Jul 3 2013, 08:25 PM
My opinion about Gay marriage is, I absolutely believe Gays have Constitutional rights to marry each other. I really hate it when Religious fanatics acting like Pharisees on them that Gays should be oppressed. There's nothing in the Constitution that said you're supposed to be Straight to have rights. Even though I don't believe in Gay Marriage system in my religious views as Christian, BUT I respect Gays Points of Views and Beliefs on Gay Marriage.

If you feel Gays are inferior, what is it about Gay people what boils you up so bad? If it's the bible, you're letting the bible dominate your life choices which is called sin-consciousness which that God does NOT want you to have. Because of Jesus, Even Gays can be forgiven! So please don't look down on Gays or Lesbians as they're workers of Satan. They're not! So please don't act like a Pharisee on Gays and Lesbians if you ever meet them. Another point is, God have every single human being on this planet Free Will of Choice. Depending what choices they make is up to God. I know he isn't angry with us sinners because of what Jesus christ did on the cross! Even sins of Homosexuality is already wrathed upon in Jesus's body and put away! I myself am NOT better than Gays and Lesbians. We're ALL sinners no matter what sinful deeds we do. Even my Uncle Chris is Gay...........So what? That's because he's Gay doesn't mean he deserves to have his life miserable. I still love my uncle because we grew up together well in the 1990's. God Accepts us no matter what! That I believe is true faith in Jesus Christ by believing what he did for us on the cross, no matter what sins we commit, how often or how worse it is, they're ALL Forgiven because of Jesus and God is not demanding righteousness from us anymore. God declare we are righteous because of Jesus becoming sin for us!

So please don't be a Pharisee against Gays like they used to against Witches, Indians, Blacks, Women and other strange people.

All Men and Women are Created Equal and We do have God Given Unalienable Rights! God never seeks to Oppress!
Mar 5 2013, 09:02 PM

Please watch and I hope you like this video, Ben. I'm trying to use your methods.
Oct 9 2012, 07:46 PM
I go for Gary Johnson!

Here's why

1. He ran the business well from 1974 to 1999 and it got better after he left it.
2. He ran Governer of New Mexico from 1995 to 2003, he made 14 tax cuts, never raised one and made 750 vetos against wasteful spending more than 49 governers combined and balanced the budget well in new mexico ^^ make it one of the four balanced budgeted states. He was nicknamed governer veto and reviewed "best job creator".
3. He endorsed ron paul in 2008.
4. When he ran Republican in 2012, on his last debate, he was asked, who would you pick for Vice President if elected, he said Dr. Ron Paul without hesitation.
5. He's a Libertarian which is a real good party for us.
6. He said Ron Paul rEVOLution isn't a Fluke, It's the Future

His Plans:

-Abolish the IRS
-Bring The Troops home
-Protect Internet Rights
-Balance the Federal Budget
-Eliminate Income Tax and corporate taxes
-Stop Military Interventions
-Repeal the Patriot Act
-Protect our Bill of Rights and Consititution rights
-Increase the quality and quanity of american jobs and industries
-Stop the wasteful spending!
-Legalize, Tax and Regulate Marjuina like Alcohol (even I don't like those)
-End the failed program of War on Drugs to make streets safer

His Message:

"Be Libertarian With Me For One Election, LIVE FREE!"
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